Guys, I need help.

Here’s the story: Two years ago, my fiancé was assaulted by two men while walking home from work.They not only robbed him, but they knocked him out and beat him almost to death. Before they fled the scene, they curb stomped him, which broke all of his front teeth. They found the people who did this to him, but they were from Minnesota. And in order to file charges for battery, my fiancé would’ve had to fly out there, get a lawyer and go to court THERE.  I guess he would’ve had to contact the police over there, not necessarily go over there, but I’m not sure how all of that works. It was going to be a big legal mess. He didn’t have the money to do any of that. So, over the two years, his teeth have slowly decayed and he hasn’t been able to afford to get them fixed. It’s become hard for him to get or even keep a job because of how his teeth look. People judge him. He can’t save money to get his teeth fixed. He can’t afford insurance. He’s had numerous infections and abscesses in his jaw and hospitals aren’t helping him find a dentist or anything. He’s losing weight because it hurts for him to even eat.

Two days ago, one of his front teeth fell out. He’s been hurting every day. And I don’t know where to take him or what to do because I don’t have much money either.

Does anyone know of something I can do? Or somewhere I can take him?