Happy Halloween

official halloween costume for my ocs even if Odd Cat is naked =v with some ocs of my friends ♥ ooooh i’m sorry if the costume ideas i found for your ocs are not good… and i can not do everyone… lack of time

to avoid confusion Dolly is a witch, Sara is Cinderella, Odd Cat is Cheshire Cat, Lucille is Alice, Benz is a diabolical mermaid, Abraham is a pirate, Penhaligan is a vampire, Penelope is a french marquise, Fortuna is a mummy and Salem same.

Dolly Corleone @fnafmangl

Odd Cat @fnafmangl

Sarah Della Donna @eliana55226838

Lucille Lux @hoobins

Benz @poprockpop

Abraham Catabra @fnafmangl

Penhaligan @penhooligans @devilsroost

Penelope @miss-mossball

Fortuna the gypsy witch @fnafmangl

Salem @animal-guardian


The GodFather theme song


some doodles of the Devil’s familia fhghghfhd I had so much fun doing it ♥ the devilfather YAY mamma mia =“’’D

a mafioso life is so dangerous for a child fhghgjgjs protected piccolo Abraham! Oooo I have to develop more my alternative universe batim and cuphead.

                                    "Gangsta Toons AU”

The Odd Cat @fnafmangl

Abraham Catabra @fnafmangl

Benz @poprockpop

Salem/Shiver the cat @animal-guardian

Draw @fnafmangl

Cuphead © Studio MDHR

Gangsta Toons @fnafmangl