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I don't get how anyone could be on a show with Amy Poehler and not always talk about how awesome she is.



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Benjamin Wyatt

Got Ben twice!  Okay, lemme see if I can narrow it down to five…

  • I absolutely love that he’s a total nerd.  I saw someone say on here that Ben wasn’t the stereotypical nerd that you usually see on TV and I completely agree.  He’s a totally normal, functioning person, who just happens to enjoy things like comic books, superheroes, and sci-fi/fantasy.
  • I love how much he’s allowing Pawnee to fit into his life.  I believe that he probably hasn’t felt like he’s had a home that has truly felt like home since his pre-mayor Partridge days. I’m glad he could finally get past his first impressions of Pawnee to let it charm him.
  • I love how he started out: As Mean Ben, the fascist hard-ass.  He was obviously cynical and hardened by his job, but that never, never equaled that he didn’t care.  And that was demonstrated on the first day he arrived.
  • And I really love that who he is now, the not-quite-as-hard-ass is absolutely still totally in character as the person he came to Pawnee as.  Sure, Leslie helped him overcome the cynicism a little, but that shy, geeky, enthusiastic person was always under there, even before Pawnee and I think it’s a testament to an extremely well-rounded character that we can tell that.
  • And my absolute favorite thing about Ben is that well-rounded personality.  He’s quiet, reserved, and guarded. He doesn’t make friends easily, but the friends he does make mean a lot to him.  Underneath that quiet, aloof exterior, he’s happy, enthusiastic, hilarious, dedicated, passionate, and a whole host of other things that you can easily see if you’re lucky enough to get close to him.

That whole last point could easily be a couple thousand words if I don’t stop myself there.  It was actually pretty hard to not make this entire post about that one comment; I feel like there are potentially more than five things I love about him in that one bullet!

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top 5 Ann moments

  1. When she got really really psyched about self defense class. That is my favorite Ann moment of all time. “Plus her daughter was having sex way too young.”
  2. When her response to not hearing what the guy at the singles dating thing was to just laugh. I do that all the time. 
  3. When she laid down everything Chris did wrong in their relationship.
  4. “I have to move, right? Yeah. I’m gonna leave the country. Bye, everybody! Bye!”
  5. A tie between The Fight and Smallest Park, because sometimes being a good friend means telling your bestie when she’s wrong. True, it was due to alcohol and also littered with harshness in The Fight, but sometimes Leslie needs to hear it. 
  6. When she ships Ben and Leslie. Any time that happens.
  7. “And that friend is me.”

Oh god I want to add more. PERKINS FEELINGS.

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Leslie Knope, Shirley Bennett

I gotta be honest – I don’t have any substantial Shirley feelings. I think she tends to be a good friend but the religious thing ebbs on the side of grating and idk, I don’t have five things I love about her to talk about. Probably the only character I could talk about at length is Britta, though I could scrape together reasons to love Troy or Abed.

BUT LESLIE. Here. Get ready for this.

  1. She has so much genuine passion for her town and her job and the people around her. Its infectious and makes me wish I had a connection to my hometown. She is just an intensely passionate person and I love that. She’s not afraid to love something strongly and loudly and she wants everyone to know just how much she loves it. It might be Pawnee or waffles or idea binders, but she absolutely loves it and wants you to, too.
  2. She does have an innate need to do good for people. She’s in public service specifically because she wants to do good for her town, and that’s so rare. She tends to give people the benefit of the doubt and thinks people are great, even if they’re yelling at her. She still wants to help them. Tom can ruin her entire campaign meeting and she’ll still care that his company went under. She just has such a big heart and wants to stretch it to everyone.
  3. I suppose this goes hand-in-hand, but she’s insanely loyal to her friends and would do absolutely anything for them. She manages to make friends out of people like Ron and April, and she’ll go to bat for them any day of the week. Ann’s her best friend and absolute favorite person, and she has no problems telling Ann how beautiful she is or how much she loves her. And if she can’t be with Ben, she still wants to be friends with Ben, because their friendship is the most important thing to her, even if they can’t date.
  4. She’s still incredibly human and I adore that she gets away from herself. Whether its with enthusiasm or anger, she goes extreme without thinking. But she’ll own up to it in the end. She takes her mistakes and grows from them and becomes an even better person on the other side.
  5. She isn’t afraid to dream big and believes that even her wildest dreams are possible; she really believes in herself. And the great thing is that it doesn’t stop her from believing in others. She truly believes in herself so much that she puts the same kind of faith on people around her, and she loves what she’s achieving so much that she assumes other people want in on it, too. And that isn’t always right, but her intentions are always good.
  6. Also everything else about her. The end, by Caity.

Ah, I got two for her.

  1. Her weirdness. I just really like the moments where she says or does something that is just plain WEIRD. Her Pawnee mural, Janet Snakehole, her insisting on representing the moon. She gets really into her weird little things.
  2. How much she genuinely cares for the upbeat people in her life – obviously she loves Andy, but she also really cares about Leslie and complains about her a lot but ultimately wants her to be happy.
  3. Her relationship with Ron; the two people least likely to make friends with others have one of the sweetest friendships on the show.
  4. I like how perceptive she is – she doesn’t talk a lot but she observes everything.
  5. Her clothing totally counts because I’ve bought things similar to what she wears and they’ve ended up being some of my favorite things to wear. Most notably, she is why I bought a yellow cardigan, and I wear it all the time now.

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What did the future Mr. Leslie Knope and Leslie Knope get each other for Christmas?

Leslie probably got Ben some kind of rare Star Wars or comic book memorabilia that had to get shipped form Japan after she spend an entire night staying up in the bidding war in ebay.

Ben probably got her something thoughtful, maybe like a new watch or a History Channel dvd set or some books or something. Simple but thoughtful and useful to her.

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Burt & Virginia (just rewatching RH)

UGH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I love that they’re fully aware of the mistakes they made as kids but they’ve grown to love each other so much and have no resentment and UGH they’re just SO IN LOVE. And they’ve been together since they were teenagers but still find each other so amusing and so delightful. They just have so much fun being together and being parents/grandparents. I love it.

  1. This is kind of similar to my Andy Dwyer feelings, but Burt is always so genuinely enthused about things and it’s delightful.
  2. He just really really loves Virginia.
  3. I feel like he sees life as a million opportunities to amuse himself and he does so as much as he can.
  4. Just something about the way he talks is insanely endearing to me; I can’t put my finger on it.
  5. Even though he gives Jimmy a hard time, he really really wants Jimmy to love him.