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Io ho la gioia di essere una Serpeverde *non sono la ragazza di prima* La lettera di benvenuto è stata davvero molto bella. Non siamo stronzi quanto si crede 😄

Piton è un Serpeverde ed è l'uomo più coraggioso di tutta la saga secondo Harry Potter, i Serpeverde sono persone altezzose ma non cattive.


My two drawings (with copics) about the fantastic chromochaotic’s fanfiction: Benvenuto (/^3^)/ 

<<With that, Marco began strumming. Just once, his eyes slipped over towards Jean again, before they closed and he started singing. And, Jean wasn’t an expert. But he was pretty sure Marco was good… Really good.

Marco let himself fall into the song, nodding his head as he sang along to a quick beat, his voice making the words ripple and glide through the air.

“Non senti che tremo mentre canto, nascondo questa stupida allegria quando mi guardi.”

The lower notes made his tone break just a tad, but Jean was more entranced by the way Marco’s words shivered just rightwith vibrato on the higher notes. At one point it sounded as though the song had ended, although Marco simply took the time to shift on the bench, facing more towards Jean, and then continued wringing out bright chords and strings of emotion-wrought words.

“Non senti che tremo mentre canto? È il segno di un’ estate che vorrei potesse non finire mai.”

Eventually, the song did draw to a close, and Marco let his voice trail off just as his fingers fell against the guitar strings one last time. However, the circle of artists continued working away at their easels.

“Keep going,” Ymir grunted from behind her stand. Her posture eased slightly, though, when Marco plucked a mix of low, soothing notes once again.

The pace of this song was much slower, but the most marked difference was the way Marco presented it: he sang with his gaze focused on Jean, eyes happy as he delivered the lyrics with a warm smile.

Jean couldn’t help but return it, leaning forward as Marco’s voice sounded more full and lovely in this song’s range.

“Vorrei donare il tuo sorriso alla luna, perché di notte chi la guarda possa pensare a te.”

Jean, maybe, got a little lost listening to Marco this time. The melody was just so serene and calming, before it swept upward into the heartfelt chorus. And while Marco sometimes had to close his eyes and simply concentrate on the song, the rest of the time his gaze met Jean’s, practically sparkling with happiness.>>

-Benvenuto, chapter 4: affascinante-

<<In that exact millisecond when he’d stood, he and Marco had made eye contact. And there must have been something heated in his gaze because Marco had just seemed to know what was coming; when Jean strode over and practically swept Marco into his arms, the other man was ready, eyes sliding shut right when Jean’s lips sealed over his.>> 

-Benvenuto, chapter 6: baciami-

-“Ok, non lo puoi nascondere, riconosco una cotta e tu hai una cotta. È una cosa stupenda. Non riesci a concentrarti, vero? Salti ogni volta che squilla il telefono, controlli le e-mail 100 volte al giorno e vorresti saper scrivere canzoni. Senti il bisogno di nominarla in qulsiasi discorso che fai. È uguale per tutti, ed è capitato proprio a te!”


-“Benvenuto nel mio mondo stronzo!”

—  La verità è che non gli piaci abbastanza