Studio BentStuff, the publishers of the Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania, the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX companion book that releases today in Japan have posted a summary of the content included in the book. Thanks to SkyKeybladeHero for translating it, you can read it below.


A book that fans long expected for, let’s turn back to the story of the whole Kingdom Hearts series up to the present day.

“Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania” on sale!

Since the release of Kingdom Hearts in 2002, in over 10 years the series has reached the amazing number of 20,000,000 copies sold. Along with the newest title, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX’s release on October 2nd, the Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania (Compilation/Writing by Studio BentStuff – Planning/Production by Square Enix) will also be released. It summarizes the various events that took place throughout the whole series. Let’s present you its contents.

· Character File

The main character’s, such as Sora, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey and Master Xehanort, visuals and actions in each game they first appeared will be presented. It is explained, and made easy to understand, what they were doing in which title.

· World Guide

The many worlds Sora traveled to during his adventure will be presented alongside its dwelling characters. Since Sora’s actions in each of those worlds are also depicted, you can recall the story for each title.

· Main Story Playback

KHI, KH CoM, KHII, KH Days, KH coded, KH BbS, KH 3D. These 7 title’s main stories were compiled following the time flow each of them took place in the series. We take a very good look back at the unfolding of the battle between the Keyblade Wielders of Light and Master Xehanort.

· Art Gallery

Starting with Mr. Tetsuya Nomura’s hand drawings, you’ll find an enormous amount of concept arts created for each of the titles. The illustrations published in 182mm x 257mm are quite impressive to see.

· Secret Movies Collection

All the secret movies which everyone expected to see after clearing each title had their content published at once. In this section, you can take a look once more at all the foreshadowing scattered all around them.

· A Poster!

In one side, there is the “Character Correlation Diagram”, which explains the relation between the characters. In the other, “Xehanort’s Actions Report”; this summarizes the actions of Master Xehanort and his vessels. Each of them will help everyone to understand better the complicated plot of the series.

Furthermore, there are many things such as the “Keyblade Illustrated Encyclopedia” which lines up all the Keyblades that appear in each title; the “Enemy Encyclopedia” which gathers all Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eaters; also many other projects and plans that fans can’t miss, such as messages from Mr. Tetsuya Nomura.

In preparation to the upcoming title, Kindom Hearts III, the climax of the series, please use this book to review all the events of The Kingdom HeartsSeries.

Release Date: October 2nd, 2014.

Price: 2.900 yens + Taxes

Size: 182mm x 257mm

Number of pages: 256 fully colored pages + poster

Supervised and Published by: Square Enix

Compiled and Written by: Studio BentStuff

Thanks to @ArikaMiz a new photo of the book has also surfaced, you can view it above.

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