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Hélène is a slut
Anatole’s sister
Married to Pierre


I’m sORRY D: bUT I might have just popped in my Due South dvd just to make ALL the screenshots of Fraser’s face in this specific scene because asfdghfjkglh;jk'lkjhgfd ?? ??? ?

AM I the ONLY ONE who can’t get over his sparkly eyes and pouty lips and his shiny, slightly whimsical lock of hair and his eyelashes and jUST HIS WHOLE FCKIN FACE-

I just.. This is not even OK. I can’t stop gazing at his luminous beauty, like.. he is basically radiating with pretty. just- uGH. HOW IS THIS MAN EVEN REAL?


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barnes & noble: not quite in the way you think

Steve Rogers has his art, Sam Wilson would like to say he’s got music but let’s be real, Sam’s thing is stress-baking, Natasha has cross-stitching and nobody dares to say anything about that, since everyone values their balls and Bucky….

Well, Bucky decided to go for writing.

Specifically, Bucky started by writing fan fiction.

There’s this television show that Bucky gets hooked on, all about this Mountie who found himself in Chicago, has a smartass pet husky with a yen for donuts and pizza (of course, reminding him of Clint and his damn pizza dog) and is partnered with a long-suffering police detective who generally tries to keep all of them out of trouble.  

The detective fails spectacularly, like about 99% of the time and Bucky totally feels his pain.  All of his pain. 

But since this is a television show, all of the shenanigans generally end in bad guys getting put away, the husky happily getting his donut and the Mountie being generally ridiculously gorgeous and adorable and the show very clear in the subtext of the detective being hopelessly in love with the idiot.

Being as he’s also in love with an idealistic, trouble-prone little shit a.k.a. Steven Grant Rogers, Bucky feels all of this guy’s pain.  So, so much.

So the fan fiction is pretty much catharsis.

Also, Bucky happens to be good at it.

What he doesn’t expect is that one of the Great Horde of Barnes Niblings™ lets him know that the Mountie is a real person. 

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Time is On My Side - Part 3

Word Count: 1898

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You really think Doc Benton took Sam?” You asked Dean. He was speeding down the road back to Erie, Pennsylvania, breaking every traffic law you could think of. You didn’t want to make matters worse but you had to address it.

“Yes, Y/N.” Dean snapped. “Who else would have taken him?”

“The demon who holds your contract.” You answered quietly, unsure how he’d take it. He clenched his jaw and gripped the wheel tighter. “Look, I’m sorry. But someone had to bring it up.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I know. I thought it too. But for now I’m going with Doc Benton because I can’t handle the alternative.”


Sam’s eyes were taped open and his arms and legs were strapped down to an operating table with leather restraints. Two other restraints were wrapped around his head and chest. He looked around nervously, trying to find a way out. “You can relax. It’s all gonna be ok.” Doc Benton reassured him. “Ain’t nothing gonna happen here that you got worry about, Sammy. Your chances of coming out of this procedure alive? Very, very high.”

“How do you know my name?” Sam gasped, struggling against the restraints.

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holy fuck you guys

so, because of the ~evul~ plans of the of the rival band, jem gets stuck at the statue of liberty after the last boat’s left when she has a concert to get to

& the new thing this ep is everyone trying to find out her real name, because there’s a reward out for it, so this guy agrees to ferry her across if he can “have her secret”

so they get across and jem’s like, “you wanna see my other face? you wanna see it?” and he’s like “RIGHT NOW”

and she uses her holographic earrings–

–to PULL OFF HER OWN GODDAMN FACE SCOOBY DOO STYLE, AND REVEAL HIS FACE UNDERNEATH IT. she then proceeds to growl menacingly, in his OWN VOICE, “so, whaddaya gonna do with all that loot?”

his reaction is to start shrieking, “SHE’S ME, SHE’S ME! SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!” in pure unadulterated existential horror and flail so badly he falls backwards into the river

this being an 80s cartoon for small children, she does, of course, throw him a life preserver ring–

–while leaving him with an image that will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his small, bitter life.

she then transforms BACK into jem and walks away without batting an eyelash. stone fucking cold.


Benton Fraser, his woobie face: a retrospective

because nobody does lonely suffering quite as prettily well as Fraser does

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I have been dying to meet Levi for about a year and a half now and I got to do so on Sunday the 20th 2014 at Mayhem Fest Chicago! The tickets were even a graduation present from my parents and It was also my first time going to Mayhem and it was amazing! So, I told my mom (who came with me) that I had to see Miss May I play or I’d die and yea lmfao but we got to see them perform and it was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen! My neck still hurts from head banging so much but I had no regrets after! So before they performed their last song Levi told the crowd that he would be taking pictures and signing things by their tent so I instantly told my mom I have to meet Levi! And after their performance I dragged my mom to the line to meet him. And oh my god was I lucky, Miss May I’s merch guy told a few people behind us that, that’s where the line has to end. And when I was in front of him I asked him for a picture and to sign my back pack which he gladly did and oh my fucking god he was the sweetest! But also before I left so others could meet him I asked for one more hug and he accepted even though he said he was really sweaty but I didn’t care because I just got to meet one of my favourite singers! Overall that day was amazing and I couldn’t keep a smile off my face.