So I’m on the episode where Dean is talking about how god and his angels don’t exist and Sam is weird for praying everyday and all I can think right now is “I prayed to you, Cas! Every night!” And I want to die


“What’re you trying to say, Winchester?” you asked, the toe of your boot digging into the dirt. Your arms were covered in blood and your jaw ached from getting slugged by a vamp. You were exhausted, but it’s safe to say you wouldn’t even be breathing if it weren’t for Dean.

“I got a call from Missouri about some weird weather patterns and a few missing people. We could check it out.” He was trying to sound casual, but his eye’s were on your lips, hanging off every word.

You pushed your fingers through your hair. You didn’t have a lot of hunting friends left, not many that were alive, anyway. 

“It’s only a few hours until sunrise. Want to come back then and we can hit the road?”

He nodded, a smile stretching across his face, one he couldn’t hide even under the dim streetlights. “I’ll see ya then.” 


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I’m thinking about starting my own demon exorcising business, but instead of Latin incantations, I’d be using lame jokes. Someone could call me to exorcise a demon from their kid, wife, boyfriend etc. and I would just start telling bad puns and demon would be like ‘whaT IS THIS SHIT? NO PLease stop!!1! WHAT THE FUCK?? I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT. fuck THIS I’M OUT. GOOD FUCKING BYE!!’

God, I’d be so good at that.