Right Hand Man
  • aaron burr:i have a ton of experience and i have lots of military strategies and suggestions on how we can improve our armies to defeat the british
  • washington:um ok
  • hamilton:yo i have my ego and like four friends
  • washington:YOU'RE HIRED!

Don’t Mess With Rukhsana,

On the night of the 27th of September, 2009, three heavily armed terrorists forced their way into the home of eighteen year old Rukhsana Kausar in Kashmir, India.  The home was inhabited by her, her mother and father, brother, and uncle, all of whom were bashed over the head by the terrorists as they barged their way into the home.  Rukhsana hid under her bed, knowing that the terrorists had been looking for her, as she had been kidnapped mere months before and ransomed.

The terrorists demanded the family produce Rukhsana, and began savagely beating her father when she refused to come out of hiding.  What Rukhsana did next was what the terrorists least expected.  Seemly out of nowhere, Rukhsana charged the terrorists, burying an ax in the skull of the lead terrorist who commanded the group.  As the terrorist staggered from his wound, she grabbed his AK-47 (most likely an AKM) and shot him, then wounded another terrorist.  Her brother seized another rifle, and a raging gunfight ensued.  Eventually, the two siblings drove off the terrorists.

As it turns out, the lead terrorist killed by Rukhsana was identified as Abu Osama, a commander of the Islamic militant group Laskar-E-Taiba, the group which was responsible for the Mumbai attacks a year before.

For her bravery, Rukhsana was awarded the National Bravery Award by Indian government. After the attack, Rukhsana was forced to move into a high security police colony after several failed reprisal attacks involving assault rifles, grenades, and an improvised explosive device. Today, she is married with two children, and works as a police constable in her hometown.