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portgas d ace for ☾ ☆ ☠ ✿ ♡ ☼

☾ - sleep headcanon

i think he’s kinda like Zoro, he naps a lot (because of his narcolepsy) and ends up not sleeping a lot at night. he snores. he’s also a cuddler

☆ - happy headcanon

his favorite food is smoked meat, when he’s sad he thinks of Luffy, and he collects newspaper clippings about the Straw Hats and Luffy and brags about them to the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

when Ace gets angry he tries to find an isolated place to vent because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but he has so much anger inside that wherever he ends up venting is usually completely destroyed

✿ - Sex headcanon

i think he’s like.. graysexual (maaaaaayyybe leaning towards heterosexual?? or hetero romantic?? idk). it takes him a long time to form close bonds with people and he’s really not the kind of guy to have a one night stand with anyone. i think he’d be really shy about sex, because he’s never really.. been with or around women (besides Makino, who i headcanon he had a crush on as a kid, and Dadan) and he spent pretty much ALL OF HIS LIFE UP UNTIL HE WAS 17 FIGHTING ANIMALS IN A FOREST. did they even tell him about the birds and the bees??? sheesh

i don’t think he’d be very good at sex at first either, especially since he’d be super shy and worrying about how well he was doing (he’s so unsure about himself and his self worth), and i think he’d be the kind of guy who would never have sex unless he was absolutely sure he wanted to be with this woman for a long period of time. Ace doesn’t want to be his dad, who left him and his mom. he’d want to be a good father to any potential offspring, ESPECIALLY since they’d be the grandchildren of the Pirate King and he knows how terrible it is for the whole world to hate you for who you’re related to. he would definitely be a doting father and try to always be there for his children and his partner

also, i think he’d be the same way to a male partner. he seems like the kind of guy to associate sex with love and he wouldn’t really want to show vulnerability to someone he wasn’t sure he’d want to be with. 

once he gets comfortable i think he’d get really into sex, but he’d always be concerned about his partner’s comfort

♡ - romantic headcanon

he’d be super shy and confused and not know what to do AT ALL (again, RAISED IN A FOREST FIGHTING ANIMALS FOR 17 YEARS). but if he did find a romantic attraction for someone, he’d be really dorky about it. always trying to show how much he liked this person, always worrying about how much they like him (again, low self worth), and he’d be kinda embarrassed and flustered about it all but really dorky and sweet.

☼ - appearance headcanon

ehhh Ace’s decision to get WB’s tattoo on his back and Sabo’s mark on his arm were obviously tributes to those respective people, but they were also things that reminded him that he was loved, and no matter what those tattoos would always be there, reminding him that he’s not alone and that people want him to be around and that he has people who love him.

Ace likes shorts a lot, and boots because they’re better for running around in rough terrain… uhh… Ace was once embarrassed over his freckles but then he learned that he got them from his mom and now he’s really proud of them. his hat was a gift from Dadan and Luffy for his brithday

holy crap this got long