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Because BuckyNat ended because Bucky was being a creep and erased her memories of him.

no. he didn’t. flat out, full stop, bucky didn’t TOUCH her memories or what was left of them (and that is what people have a problem with but i’ll get to that.) natasha was brainwashed and had her memories erased at the behest of leo novokov, who did it entirely to get at bucky. THAT is the major problem with black widow hunt, because it forces natasha into being a plot device to give bucky angst and the narrative only ever focuses on his pain and we have not once since it ended had nats pov from losing her memories. 

there is no buckynat shipper out there who enjoys this arc or who thinks it was in anyway an okay thing to do to natasha. 

but hey, back to the memories, people have issues with bucky making a decision for natasha. and do not get me wrong, i do too, but i hold the writing accountable more so than i ever do the character. because its NOT out of character for bucky to say no, stay out of her head, she’s suffered enough because of me. THE PROBLEM is that even with maria + steve having other options the narrative makes bucky the sole deciding factor even tho he’s in no state of mind to be making the decision. (and lmao how bad does this make look people who are supposed to be friends with natasha look since NO ONE TELL SHER A GODDAMN THING? APPARENTLY? if bucky was ‘being a creep’ then so was literally everyone else in the aftermath.) 

logically, in a narrative that isn’t being written to give bucky another thing to feel guilty over, maria and steve + co go to NATASHA and explain the situation. but they DON’T and that is not a ~bucky is being creepy and gross~ thing it’s a brubaker was leaving the fucking company and no one wanted to touch that mess afterwords and apparently hasn’t since thing. it’s on marvel + the writers for not giving natasha her agency and letting her make her own goddamn medical decisions. 

so, like, again, no, bucky did not erase her memories. he made a decision made while in a poor fucking state of mind and the narrative never saw fit to correct that and hasn’t since.