Earth 38 [Barry Allen Imagine]

You are a hero from Earth 38, the same as Supergirl, and work with her frequently due to your similar powers. One day a speedster shows up to National City and takes off with Kara. You, being the great friend that you are, have to go and save her…

Warnings: None

I hope y’all enjoy reading my FIRST FREAKING WRITING! I know it’s not much… and doesn’t seem too much like an imagine… but there will be more parts! I promise! Don’t be mads!

btw (S/H/N) stands for superhero name ;)


The window shatters as Kara Danvers, otherwise known as the infamous Supergirl, plummets to the ground 20 floors below. I feel the need to jump through and save her with my own powers, but I can’t with everyone watching. Within about one second, a red blur goes up the side of the building, takes Kara, and leaves towards the desert just outside the city. I nod to Winn, as he helps frequently with our superhero endeavors, and head up to the roof. I quickly strip out of my work clothes and into my superhero suit. I leap from the building in the direction of the kidnapper. My white cape flows in the wind as I spot a man in red standing next to Kara.

I look closer to see that Kara is, on fire? The man in red tries to motion to put it out but decides not to touch Kara as the fire had spread to her upper chest. Kara sighs at the inconvenience and leaps into the air joining my side. Leaving her civilian clothes behind

“(Y/N)! Did you see that?” Kara stares in disbelief.

“Yeah, everything happened so quick! Even for me!” I say this because I have been training with Kara. About a year ago, I found out that the DEO was the home operations for all things Supergirl. Naturally, I went to them to try and contain and control my powers. They were very similar to Kara’s so getting along with her wasn’t very hard to do. I just wasn’t a Kryptonian and my power supply was unknown.

We decide to head back into the city. Just as we go I spot the blur on the ground, somehow keeping up with our speed. I pull Kara down to the ground with me as we stop right in the man’s path.

He stops with a slide and looks towards the both of us with confusion. His scarlet red suit covers him from head to toe with gold accents in the seams. A lighting bolt plastered in the center of his chest.

“Wait? Who are you two?” The mysterious man asks.

“We could be asking you the same question,” I say with a hint of sass. He turns his head with a small smirk on his face and a glimmer in his eyes.

“I’m the Flash.” Kara and I turn to each other in confusion. The Flash? “I’m the fastest man alive?”

“The who now?” Kara blurts out. The corner of my lip turns up into a smirk. Oh, Kara. The Flash just shakes it off and speaks again.

“Now that I introduced myself, why don’t you two do the same?”

“I’m Supergirl and this is (S/H/N)!” She points to herself and I and puts on a signature smile and rests her hands on her hips.

“The who now?” The Flash retorts. I try to stifle a laugh as Kara’s face shows the crinkle between her brows that she absolutely hates. He shoots off more questions regarding weird names neither of us had heard before. Green Arrow? Black Canary? Firestorm? Each question answered with a no. The Flash then sighs and takes off his mask revealing his tousled brunette hair and bright emerald eyes. A sudden look of distress spreads across his face.

“I’m Barry Allen, and I think I’m on the wrong Earth.”

I love going into the olicity tag and seeing these sob story protests, seeing people defend a bully who insulted my post in her post, and taking no issue with the fact that she started the drama and its not the first time she’s done this (with me) and seeing y'all say “it’s unacceptable to drive someone off of a tumblr” even though that was purely that persons prerogative. No one told her she had to run off of Tumblr. She’s not in danger. She used her “power” with her high status and popularity in the fandom to talk about my post negatively and with superiority and I called her out on being a bully about it and she made herself the victim. You guys need to stop being so biased. Anyone can see she started it and brought it on herself. This ain’t about being negative or positive about Arrow/olicity, this ain’t about a bubble, it’s about a popular olicity blogger trying to talk smack about me and when I was woman enough to @ her and tell her to take her issues with me to my face instead of to her thousands of followers, she acted like she was innocent and decided to run.

It’s about y'all excusing bullying. No matter how many ship polls and SOTYs this fandom wins, I maintain that I’ve seen a lot of ugly from y'all among ppl who don’t agree with you. You can’t claim to be against hate but at the same time allow a popular blogger to get away with talking about someone else in the fandom. This is not the first time she’s done this to me. I’ve spoken to this blogger in the past about being a passive aggressive bully on my post and she apologized for it. So the fact that she all of a sudden doesn’t know how to speak to me when she has an issue with me is interesting. And seeing y'all pretend like she’s not in the wrong once again passive aggressively attacking my post behind my back and act like people like me are the bad guys for defending myself is hilarity and hypocrisy at its prime.

if shiro had a twitter he’d be That Asshole who has like 10k+ followers and like -10 posts. word just gets around that the takashi shirogane is finally on some kind of social media and everyone scrambles to follow Him, The Garrison Golden Boy, only to find the 1 tweet he has says nothing but

“haha matt tripped up the stairs today”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been a long time follower of your cute pocket-sized bts artworks! Every time I see them, they make me smile x). I was wondering if I could request a pocket-sized Jimin from the 'Spring Day' MV trailer where he's wearing the cute ear-covering beanie? If you can't or you're completely swamped, I completely understand! Hope to see more of these cute characters in the future. Will be here supporting you, Fighting!

Hmm I’ll try to do it if I have time since I’m having reading week right now ahhh!! (I can sorta imagine an animation to go with it… not sure if I can execute it tho eh)