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I'm gonna ask it...RFA+Saeran finding out GASP that MC hadn't eaten all day. It's for no particular reason. She was just alone all day and got herself distracted so she forgot (lol I'm guilty of this sometimes). Haha. Thanks! I love your imagines so far:)

so basically, if RFA+Saeran were real people in my life? lollll :’) 


  • Chef Yoosung is sad and disappointed
  • And he is absolutely determined to give you a love for food
  • He starts looking through tons of online recipes even after you reassure him it was an accident
  • “Yoosung I just forgot to eat I’m fine”
  • “No! I’ll find something that you’ll love so much that you’ll look forward to eating!!”
  • He puts on his kimchi-making apron and makes you watch him cook
  • He’s a good teacher though, and teaches you how to put things in your ramen for a fast but interesting meal
  • “You really like my mom’s panchan, right? I’ll ask her how to make it so I can make it for you”
  • What a sweet boy


  • She’s worried about your health but she really isn’t one to talk 
  • “I thought you took your lunch break, MC”
  • “Oh. I did but I got kinda distracted.”
  • “MC…”
  • i’m not mad. i’m just disappointed.
  • She starts making it a point to eat her meals with you, whether that be at home or at the cafe or just takeout
  • seriously, mc how did you manage this. you co-own a CAFE for god’s sake


  • Jumin comes home late, as he is oft to do
  • Idle talk is usually part of your evening, especially on nights like this when dinner is long past
  • He talks about his day, and he asks you:
  • “What did you have for dinner?”
  • You’re about to answer, but after thinking about it you realize that you completely skipped dinner
  • and lunch… and breakfast too…
  • He wastes no time in calling up the chef, waking him up and promising to recompense whatever amount was necessary
  • He also asks Assistant Kang to book a nutritionist for you, despite your protests


  • He is only mildly concerned, as he is prone to skipping meals himself
  • Although his are more due to business/necessity
  • And he hates seeing you do it since you mean much more to him than he does to himself
  • He offers you Honey Buddha Chips and Dr. Pepper, since it’s the only food he really has
  • But the next day, the fridge is stuffed with sandwiches that he made himself
  • Any kind of sandwich you could possibly imagine
  • You’re grateful for the gesture but you bring him some sandwiches to make sure he eats too ~~


  • It’s late evening when you realize you’re hungry
  • Zen is shocked and worried when you both realize you haven’t eaten anything
  • “Oh no MC I’ve been a bad influence on you”
  • He panics further when he finds that his fridge only has beer and water
  • He brings back some bboongobbang from the truck outside and won’t stop worrying over you
  • “Is everything okay? Are you having… body issues?”
  • You laugh, which doesn’t ease his concern
  • “MC, you know you look perfect just the way you are, right?”
  • “Zen, I’m fine. I just forget to eat sometimes if I’m all alone here.”
  • He looks like his heart breaks even more, if possible
  • “You’re lonely here??”
  • He calls his director and calls in sick for the next day
  • And he goes grocery shopping and takes you on the best dinner date you’ve ever had


  • He’s definitely concerned when he realizes you haven’t eaten anything all day
  • But we all know this tsundere motherfucker shows love in enigmatic ways
  • He starts making little bento-style meals for you
  • And leaves post-its on cabinets or on the bathroom mirror reminding you to eat
  • He knows that you’re just forgetful
  • But he also gets so frustrated 
  • “It’s the easiest thing! Just… sustain yourself!!”
  • … He shouts to his pillow, and never ever to your face

I’ve been thinking of a Cooking Show AU for a while. Hope you enjoy these Cooking Show AU headcanons of mine! (Just gonna include all the neutral characters + Royal families!)


Corrin - Enjoys eating the food that everyone has prepared. Their cooking is decent.

Felicia - She helps Jakob handle the dishes. She’s broken some of them while they were filming. (They eventually made an episode dedicated to all the bloopers. A good majority have Felicia somewhere in the frame.)

Jakob - Aside from handling all the dishes, Jakob is also the cameraman. Usually cooks appetizers.

Mozu - Makes a lot of dishes that remind her of home. While they’re simple, they’re quite delicious.

Kaze - Dices vegetables at Sanic speed. It’s a miracle he hasn’t cut his fingers yet.

Izana - His dishes look as beautiful as he does. Most of his dishes are healthy ones. Adds an elegant flair to everything he cooks.

Silas - His cooking ranges from “Okay” to “Are you Sully?” Good at making stuff with wheat in it.

Azura - She prefers to make drinks instead. Very calm, even when somebody sets something on fire.


Ryoma - Never uses lobster. Never.

Hinoka - Her ramen and onigiri are pretty good! She enjoys putting filling in her onigiri.

Takumi - Swift when cutting fish for sushi. Never understands why some of the cast snicker when he uses pineapple.

Sakura - Always makes bento with very adorable designs. Everything turns out cutesy. Almost too cute to eat.


Xander - Constantly competes with Ryoma for Corrin’s favor. Mainly cooks Nohrian dishes and is a bit nervous to make something he hasn’t made before.

Camilla - Always has praise for everyone’s cooking. Is absolutely ruthless in cooking competitions.

Leo - Prefers to make food that have tomatoes in them. Always has criticism for just about everyone’s cooking.

Elise - Exclusively makes desserts. Nobody can beat her when making desserts.


Last week my daughter has graduated from from junior high school and the entrance ceremony of her high school she will be held on 8th April. So I will make bento again in mid-April and upload it. Don’t miss it! This bento is the second from the last. It is consisting of Chicken Karaage (deep-fried chicken), sweet thick omelette, and sautéed Aralia Sprout. Do you know Aralia sprout? We call it “Taranome (たらのめ)” and often eat such edible wild plants as Araia sprout, Japanese butterbur sprout and bracken, as it has been believed that their bitterness excrete waste materials accumulated during winter from the body.

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs 2017 Character Profile and Q&A

i’m so excited for this new anime! the visuals look great and i can’t wait uwu

(i’m not an active part of bungou fandom, but i saw this on twitter and i decided to try my hand at it! also can someone please let this grandma know how to put this all under a read more, that would be much appreciated)


Our spring is still young and a little painful! The return of Bungou Seishun Graffitti! 

Nakajima Atsushi
A very normal high school student except for the fact that his white hair stands out. He became a member of the Armed School Council (as an assistant) due to certain reasons and helps solve fights at school. According to Dazai, he’s “a man of love and justice”.

Dazai Osamu
A mysterious young man who’s tall and has disheveled hair. He’s the secretary of the Armed Student Council, but never does any paperwork. His hobby is committing suicide. Because he keeps going in and out of the hospital, his real age is unknown.

Oda Sakunosuke
A student teacher who was assigned to the school. It seems like he’s acquainted with Dazai, but the details are a mystery. His usual breakfast is Canadian bacon and scrambled eggs. His favorite food is mixed curry.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke
Known as “Prince of the Infirmary”. He wears a frilly piece of cloth around his neck, but even he doesn’t know what it’s called. Since he coughs often, he’s frequently in the infirmary.

Nakahara Chuuya
A delinquent transfer student who wears a black hat and knows about Dazai’s past. His hat was confiscated on the first day of his transfer because it was against the school’s dress code. Short.

Sakaguchi Ango
A prefect who’s trademark is his glasses. He doubts if Atsushi’s white hair is natural. Known as “Professor[-like] Glasses”.


Question 1 - Please introduce yourself.

Atsushi: My name is Nakajima Atsushi. Other than the fact that my white hair stands out, I’m just another normal high schooler. I became a member of the Armed Student Council because of certain reasons. My favorite food is chazuke! Being alive is such a wonderful thing. It’s another new day after you sleep and wake up, and you get to eat! 

… Um, my hair is actually natural?

Dazai: Introduce myself? A self introduction… what do you want to know about me? My name? It’s Dazai Osamu. I’m the secretary of the Armed Student Council, though paperwork is rather annoying. I spend my days looking for good ways to commit suicide. Since I’m always in and out of the hospital, I’ve had to repeat the school year for a number of times… 

Hmm? What is it? So… you’re curious about my age. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Akutagawa: I am Akutagawa. I am a mere high school student who learns at school and lives on the streets. I suffer from a respiratorial disease, so I unwittingly spend half of my time at the school infirmary. I know more about the arrangement of the medicine cabinet than the school nurse. I am greatly troubled by the fact that someone has started calling me by the nickname “Prince of the Infirmary”. I would like to ruthlessly get rid of useless hindrances and people who create needless havoc, but at this point in time there are no such people for me to get rid of at school.

… That frilly thing on my lapel? I know not of it’s name.

Chuuya: Aa? Why the hell do I have to introduce myself. It’s damn annoying. 

… Ugh! Fine! I just gotta do it, right?! I’m Nakahara Chuuya. It pains me to say this, but I have something like an unfortunate acquintance with that asshole Dazai. That hat that I like… is at home right now. Like hell I’m letting the school confiscate it because it goes against the dress code!

My height…? If you treasure your life then you sure as hell better not say any more than that.

Ango: I’m Sakaguchi Ango from Class 3B. My height is 178cm, and my weight is 62kg. I am currently appointed as a school prefect. It seems like the recent transfer student has a very striking hair color. He claims that it’s natural, but whether or not that’s true…

Pardon me? … Wait, this is a mole. It’s not dirt.

Odasaku: A self-introduction? My name’s Oda Sakunosuke. My friends call me Odasaku. I’ve been assigned to this school as a student teacher, and I teach Literature. I don’t think it’s anything particularly worth mentioning… Is this enough [for a self-introduction]? Ah right, I eat curry rice three times a week. It’s not that I like it specifically, it’s just a habit of mine. The curry rice that I eat has vegtables that would melt in your mouth and beef tendon that’s been stir-fried with garlic. It tastes light. I cook that with an excellent blend of spices, then mix it all up with a lot of rice. I eat it with eggs and sauce.

… Hmm? Dazai? Dazai is… 

Aa, sorry looks like it’s time for the staff meeting. We’ll talk more about that later.

Question 2 - Tell us your favorite class.

Atsushi: My best subject is Physical Education! Today we had a joint-PE class with Dazai-san and the others, but Akutagawa had to leave for the infirmary in the middle, and Nakahara-san picked a fight with Dazai-san, then Dazai-san disappeared all of a sudden… It’s a pity it didn’t seem like a Physical Education class anymore. It’d be great if I could do sports properly next time…

My favorite subject is probably Literature. I don’t really understand some of the more difficult things, but I’m happy that I get to read a lot of books!

Dazai: I don’t particularly like class. I already know these things without having to be taught, so why do I have to go out of my way to be locked up in a small room just for that. It’s not even a good way to kill time. Especially Physical Education, since it’s still so cold during this time of the year that I’d rather sleep in the infirmary. But Akutagawa-kun’s there in the infirmary… and Yosano-sensei would find out that I’m skipping class. Kunikida-kun would start nagging at me too.

But during joint-PE class today I passed by Odasaku. That wasn’t bad.

Akutagawa: Due to the fact that I spend half of the school year in the infirmary, I lack enough information to form a proper opinion of my likes and dislikes of the classes. In general, I don’t dislike any of the classes. Though I’m rather stumped over the calculation of definite integrals [in mathematics], I’m satisfied with the classes overall. 

I would like to join swimming classes once.

Chuuya: … Class? Not interested. It’s just that I can’t stand to be worse than that asshole Dazai. Even though that jerk’s literally just a bandage attachment, his brains piss me off…

That’s why it’s not a matter of liking or disliking it. This is a showdown between me and Dazai. And if it’s a fight then there’s no way I’m falling behind. That’s all there is to it.

Ango: I don’t really understand the point of this question. To like or dislike it, I’ve never thought of class from that point of view. It’s because class is something you’re always supposed to attend. It’d be troublesome to constantly skip class the way Dazai does. Ah yes… to be good or bad at it, if it’s from that perspective then I understand. Anyone would have a tendency to score well or score badly in particular subjects.

Naturally I don’t have any subjects that I’m bad at.

Odasaku: My favorite class? I’ve never thought about it. I don’t decide to do things based on whether I like something or not. For most things in general at least. I’m a teacher, and since teaching is a job where it’s required for me to conduct classes, then that applies even more. If we’re just talking about likes and dislikes, then I don’t dislike my job as a teacher. Though I don’t look like it.

Speaking of, I passed by Dazai on campus today. It seemed like he’s actually attending class for once, though I wonder how long he intends on staying a high schooler.

Question 3 - Please tell us what you had for dinner tonight.

Atsushi: I had chicken chazuke today! Umeboshi topped with shredded nori, and also yesterday’s leftover chicken. When you take a bite of that together with hot soup and the little strips of konbu floating on top… that’s the best! Every day I get to eat, go to school, and work for the Armed Student Council even though it’s a little tough. I’ll work hard tomorrow as well!

Ah… um, I really have to go talk to Sakaguchi-san… He probably won’t believe me even if I tell him that my hair’s natural. I’ll go ask Dazai-san for advice…

Dazai: Hm…. How annoying. If Odasaku’s there then I’ll have to properly go to school, so I might as well go to sleep. But I’m hungry… But since we had Physical Education today I’m exhausted… And I hate having to boil water. I want my food to come to me…

Hey fooooood – cooooooome –

Akutagawa: Western-style food. I designed a menu that considers nuitritional value and prioritizes nourishment to the respiratorial system. However, as I do not have a large appetite, I do not consume very much.

I hate mikans, but I occasionally crave some after meals.

Chuuya: Boiled spinach with mitsuba and miso soup. The ingredients [for the miso soup] are tofu and green onion. And grilled fish. And rice. Then I might as well make the side dishes for tomorrow’s bento. That fucking Dazai always steals from my bento…

I’ll definitely make him cry tomorrow.

Ango: Since I have to prepare the paperwork that’s due for submission, I don’t really have time to cook. When this happens I eat energy bars that I bought from the drugstore with other nuitritional suppliments… 

Haa… I’d like to have a warm meal.

Also, Nakajima Atsushi-kun. Let’s have a proper talk tomorrow.

Odasaku: I was gonna go with curry but I’ve already had that yesterday. I made nikujaga today. I was thinking about things while making it so I made a bit too much. There are a lot of things to think about in this world, and whatever you think about wouldn’t necessarily come to a good conclusion. Since it can’t be helped, I brought the extras to Dazai’s place. He probably thought that preparing a meal was too troublesome and was rolling around on his bed anyway. Dazai’s been living next door for a while now. Hopefully he found the food before it got cold.

I’ll see you tomorrow then. Don’t be late because you stayed up all night.


if you thought akutagawa’s answers sound weird, it was deliberate because he is literally an old man and hey, it’s april fool’s. hope y’all enjoyed this and lmk if i messed up anything o/

Instead of fighting...

Why don’t we just have KuroTsukkiYama? Is that not a thing? Wouldn’t it be cute to see the three of them sharing the same bed? Yams mostly sleep in the middle cuz he’s an insecure baby and needs a lot of love. Kuroo sleeps in the middle when he wants to be loved. Yams always ends up with most of the blanket though. Tsukki rarely sleeps in the middle because it gets too hot and two people gets too clingy in the night. Let’s just say that they rarely fight because they are all domestic and cute and fluffy. Yams is godsend in the kitchen and Kuroo and Tsukki are so blessed to have him. He literally cooks them all three meals a day and snacks and even makes them bentos for school. Tsukki helps them with most of the school work. Sometimes he looks at Kuroo, who’s slowly nodding off with drool at the corner of his mouth (Yams think it’s cute and has some pics of it and Kuroo is so smug), and thinks that high school had failed him. Kuroo does most of the distracting. Like goofing around and just doing dumb stuff and Yams is so amused by it but Tsukki is just so done with them. But when they do fight, it depends. When Kuroo and Tsukki fight, Yams is their middleman, their messenger. Sometimes they try to get Yams to pick a side. He never really does though and instead bakes them brownies and makes them apologize like little kids. Also, their moms never worry about the three of them because Yams is there as their guardian and mom. Tsukki and Yams fight like little kids. They blow raspberries at each other, stick out their tongues and throw pillows at each other. Instead of fixing the problem, Kuroo wants to join in cuz it looks fun. Yams end up crying and then Tsukki feels bad and then they apologize and Kuroo gets in the middle just in case they might start fighting again but he really just want hugs. But when Yams and Kuroo fight, it gets down right teary and heartfelt and they both need to get a breath of fresh air. Tsukki doesn’t like it when they fight. They rarely fight though. You’d think Tsukki would help but no. He gives them space and let the figure it out on their own. They end up finding each other at a fast food place and have a nice date. They get home and cuddle up with Tsukki and apologize for fighting with each other. They’re all so cute and cuddly. I love them. It could just be me but, I’m totally digging this ot3. Is it just me? If some one wrote me a KuroTsukkiYama fic, I’d be really happy.

(This is a partial repost of a post I made yesterday, based on text-only spoilers.  Thought I’d blog my thoughts again, now that I’ve got the heart-wrenching imagery to go with it.)

I’ve talked about, in a past post, how the bento represents Sanji’s heart.  Making food and feeding people is quite literally the manifestation and truest expression of Sanji’s kindness and compassion.

What I find interesting is how this scene also represents Sanji’s development and growth from his childhood days with the Vinsmokes to the man he is today.  Sanji as a child naively believes his mother when she tells him the bento is delicious:

Conversely, Sanji as an adult is aware that the bento he’s given Luffy has seen better days, and he calls Luffy a liar for declaring that it’s delicious. 

This is as much a window into Luffy’s temperament as it is Sanji’s: if the bento is a metaphor for Sanji’s heart, then Sanji is aware that he’s presenting something of himself that is less than perfect.  And Luffy, who eats it anyways, shows that he does not care.  Luffy doesn’t care about the “poor state” of Sanji’s bento; it’s good because it’s Sanji’s.

One Piece, chapter 856

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Have you ever seen a cat onigiri? Imagine Yuuri decides to make a few for Viktor's bento and during lunch Yuri sees and all hell breaks loose because he decides that he MUST HAVE that onigiri and Viktor DOESN'T SHARE YUURI'S FOOD! (it all gets solved when Yuuri start making bento for Yuri too...)

There would be a hunger games style fight to the death in the Russian rink over that! 

Chocobros Comfort a Lonely s/o

In college, ever since you introduced your friends to your other friends, they’ve started to slowly leave you out of group activities. You did nothing wrong, it was just that they had more things in common with each other, so you decided to let them be. You were still friends them, but it was just a little lonely without them from time to time, occasionally seeing them hanging out without you. You decided not to dwell too much about it. Some people just drift apart from each other; it was natural.

The bros start to noticed you haven’t been yourself, when some days you would rather go straight home and be alone in your room rather than hang out with them. Prompto, who you would always hang out with after class gets sad whenever you say you’d rather go back home than go out. He’d try his best to get you to hang with him, but once you ran into your friends one time and they looked like they were having so much fun they didn’t even notice you. You decided that you would save yourself from the pain and only go out of the house when you absolutely had to. Holing up in your room for most of the days; Ignis gets worried when you don’t ask him to make food for you like you usually do, and wonders if you’ve been eating correctly. Always being in your room doing homework, or browsing the internet to keep yourself busy. He’ll make you food and leave it outside your room, which you can’t help but eat because it’s Ignis’ cooking. Gladio on the other hand was the first to noticed that you’ve been less social whenever you guys hang out with the bros; you wouldn’t really be part of the conversation and zoned out a lot more. You’d run into walls and poles, and Gladio would have to watch out so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself. Even Noct gets lonely himself when he doesn’t have you there at night to cuddle with before bed. You guys have a routine every night of getting ready for bed together and cuddling, and when that randomly stops happening he can tell somethings up. Eventually, the boys can’t take it seeing you not being your cheerful, funny, and cute self.

The boys all get together to get to the bottom of the situation. They sit you down and ask you what’s bothering you. You decide to tell them that you’ve been feeling lonely and left out with your group of friends. Once the bros hear this they try their best to make sure that you don’t get lonely. Expect them to all be even more clingier than usual. Prompto will literally be waiting for you after each of your classes, so you guys can go out to get lunch together, or he’ll walk you to your next class. Ignis will make lunches/bento boxes of your favorite foods with little notes of encouragement that make you smile, and help you get through the day. Gladio will make sure you go out more and occupies you with fun activities to keep your mind stress free. He’ll probably want you to jog with him, because he thinks it’ll help clear your mind, but won’t force you if you don’t want to. Instead you find a good middle of just going out for nice walks, so you get some fresh air and excersise. Noct is going to be the most clingy out of the boys. The first thing this boy does when you come home is hug you and literally won’t let go. Good luck trying to get work done when you have this literal baby clinging onto you keeping you company. They’ll make a plan to at least once a day have cuddle sessions together. With just them and you hanging out, so you won’t get lonely. You promised them that whenever you were feeling lonely or sad you’d tell them immediately, so that they can do everything and anything they can do to help. The boys are always there for you and they’ve proved that to you more than you could ever imagine, or thank them for. Eventually, you come to realize that friends come and go and sometimes you can’t stop it, but the people most important to you will never leave and always be there for you when you need it.

Words: 2 007

“I’m in love!” Kuroo announced when he arrived for practice that afternoon. Kenma wanted to die.                                                                  

Kenma didn’t want to say that he had been in love with Kuroo since they were children, but he had been in love with Kuroo since they were children. He didn’t want to look up from his game, hitting the buttons on his PSP with far more aggression than needed and dying when he did, in fact, look up from his game.

“Yeah?” Yaku asked, his tone bored as he glanced at Kuroo, who didn’t seem to be taking the lack of reaction very well. Aside from Yaku, Lev was the only person to react, eyes snapping from Kuroo to Kenma and back again. Kenma really wanted to die.

He hadn’t meant to tell Lev that he was in love with Kuroo, he really hadn’t. But Lev had been talking about Yaku, and Kenma had just blurted it out. He didn’t have a reason to regret it until that moment.

“I tell you guys I’m in love and this is the reaction I get?” Kuroo asked, tone exasperated and expression agitated.

“Well, Captain, it’s not really a surprise,” Yamamoto called loudly, and Kuroo scoffed dismissingly and went to the changing room as the team sniggered.

Kenma didn’t understand. Surely he would know if Kuroo had an obvious infatuation with someone. Surely Kuroo would have told him. He would’ve hated to be told, but the idea of Kuroo keeping something like that from him stung.

He resumed his game, ignoring every attempt that Lev made to meet his eye, not looking up when Kuroo returned and called for practice to officially start. He wasn’t surprised when his PSP was yanked out of his grasp by a smirking Kuroo. Kuroo, however, was when, instead of arguing or pouting at him, Kenma stood and walked past him without making eye contact, heading towards where the rest of the team was gathered.

Kenma refuse to meet Lev’s sympathetic eyes, keeping his eyes locked with a spot on the wall. He shouldn’t want to cry as much as he did. He thought that he had prepared himself for this – for the inevitability of Kuroo falling in love with someone else. Probably with a cute girl, who would pay attention to him instead of playing games and make him bentos for lunch, and knowing Kuroo she would enjoy volleyball as much as he did.

Practice was a nightmare and Kenma spent the whole time wishing he could leave. Except when he did leave he would have to walk home with Kuroo, and he would have to pretend he was fine around Kuroo, and that was never easy.

When Kuroo asked them to stay behind after practice, Kenma wanted to throw up. With how he came to practice, it was obvious what he wanted to talk about and Kenma didn’t know if he could deal with it.

They cleaned up the equipment and gathered around the bench Kuroo was standing up, Kenma begrudgingly following them. It would be easier to try and endure this than try and sneak out.

“I trust you all know why I asked you to stay behind,” Kuroo announced when everyone was there. Kenma didn’t know how he ended up being best friends with someone so melodramatic.

“For something pointless, I bet,” Yaku said, and Kuroo pretended not to hear him.

“I need advice on how to make someone like me. Suggestions?”

“I don’t think you can make someone like you,” someone muttered, and Kenma had to disagree. He didn’t understand how anyone could not like Kuroo. How anyone could turn down his confession, could refuse something Kenma was so pathetically desperate for.

“Why not just tell them?” Yaku demanded, and Kuroo rolled his eyes.

“I’ve already told you how bad of an idea that is, Yaku,” and ouch, that hurt. Kuroo had told Yaku about it – and presumably, who it was – before telling Kenma. Kenma itched to pull out his PSP, but Kuroo had it sticking out of one of his pockets.

“Just try being nice to them. Make them bento,” Inuoka suggested, and Kuroo made an affronted noise.

“I’m always nice,” he said, offended, and Kenma couldn’t keep in his derisive snort. Kuroo narrowed his eyes at him and Kenma wished he had kept silent.

“Any suggestions from you, Kenma?” he asked, and Kenma shook his head, lips pursed. He wouldn’t look Kuroo in the eye.

“C’mon,” he coaxed, “if it were you I was wooing, how would you want me to do it?” Kenma tried to keep his face from warming and barely heard the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ from one of their teammates.

“I wouldn’t,” he lied, still not looking Kuroo in the eye, “and I don’t care how you woo whoever it is you like, so I’m leaving. You can come with me or you can catch the train by yourself.” Kenma hitched his bag on his shoulder and spun around, leaving the gym quickly.

Kuroo didn’t chase after him, and Kenma tried to tell himself the only reason it upset him was because he still had his PSP. He played on his phone during the loneliest train ride he had had in a long time.


Kenma collapsed face-first onto his bed when he got home, telling himself he wasn’t going to cry. He rolled over and opened his phone, eyes stinging with unshed tears.

To: Shouyou

From: Kenma

Kuroo’s in love with someone

It was pathetically painful to type out, and he sent it before he inevitably regretted it. Shouyou’s reply was almost instantaneous.

To: Kenma

From: Shouyou

Is it you?

Kenma had never thought he could have violent thoughts against Shouyou, but apparently he was wrong.

To: Shouyou

From: Kenma


Kenma placed his phone on his bedside table, hearing it go off again but deciding to ignore it. Instead, he wallowed in self-pity until his eyelids grew heavy and he accidentally fell asleep.


“Knock knock,” an all too familiar voice woke him up, and it took him a few moments to remember why he didn’t want to see Kuroo. “You’re mum let me in,” he said, holding up Kenma’s PSP in explanation. Kenma just grunted, and Kuroo’s smirk fell.

“Bit early to be sleeping, isn’t it? Are you sick?” Kenma shook his head and reach for the PSP.

“Time is an illusion,” he said, voice slightly slurred with sleep. Kuroo gave him a fond smile, like the one he would give him when he was excited about a new game coming out, or when he finally passed a level he had been stuck on in one of his games.

“So me and the rest of the team talked a bit more after you left,” Kuroo said lightly, and Kenma wondered what the politest way to kick someone out was. “After they found out who it is I’m in love with, Lev had some very interesting things to say.”

“There’s a first,” Kenma mumbled, placing his PSP next to his phone as Kuroo gave a small laugh. The look Kuroo was giving him made him uneasy – or more so made him feel like he should be feeling uneasy. Finally, it clicked in his mind what Kuroo was saying. Lev had told him.

“What exactly did Lev say?” he asked tightly even though he already knew. Kuroo just smirked at him, and Kenma couldn’t believe that his friend would be so cruel. That he would come over to Kenma’s house after finding out he was in love with him to talk about whoever he was in love with.

Kenma tore his gaze away from Kuroo’s, gazing at the blanket he was plucking at nervously. Neither of them spoke for a while.

“Are you – are you crying?” Kuroo asked incredulously, and Kenma went to vehemently deny it before he realised that yes, he was crying. Was Kuroo going to make fun of him for it? Surely his friend wouldn’t be that cruel.

Kenma buried his face in his hands and let himself cry, hoping Kuroo would feel so awkward that he just left. Instead, Kuroo pulled his hands way, holding them in his. Kenma looked at their intertwined fingers in confusion before looking back up to Kuroo questioningly.

“I should’ve known I would have to spell everything out for you,” he said exasperatedly, pulling his hands away and instead cupping Kenma’s face, using his thumbs to wipe away Kenma’s tears.

“I’m in love with you,” Kuroo said, and Kenma didn’t know how to react. Was this some kind of prank? His much delayed response made Kuroo pull his hands away with his face with a frown. “Was – was Lev lying?” he asked unsurely, and instead of responding Kenma leaned forward and kissed him.

The kiss was barely a peck, just a brief press of lips, and yet it still made Kenma flush ridiculously. But it also got his point across to Kuroo, who grinned widely and leaned forward to kiss Kenma again. Kenma let him, this kiss longer than the last. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, letting them dangle awkwardly by his sides as Kuroo kissed him.

When Kuroo flicked his tongue across Kenma’s bottom lip, he flinched away in surprise. Kuroo put up his hands defensively, laughing loudly. “I get it – we’ll take things a bit slower. To think we could’ve been doing this for ages if I had realised sooner.”

“When – when did you realise?” Kenma choked out, feeling his hands trembling. This was unexplored territory to him, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

“Last night,” Kuroo said casually, and Kenma wanted to hit him. “I was talking to Bokuto last night and he asked if we were together yet, then had to explain that I was in love with you when I asked what he was talking about. He also explained that you had had a crush on me for ages,” he cooed with a smirk, and Kenma pushed away his hand, which had been playing with his hair.

“Did not,” Kenma lied childishly.

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Whatever,” Kenma said, and Kuroo grinned, grabbing his hand and squeezing it before admitting his mother was expecting him home and that he had to leave. Kuroo kissed him once more before going, leaving Kenma with a stupid little grin on his face that didn’t go away even when he died again whilst trying to defeat the final boss on his game.


Nobody was surprised the next day when they showed up to morning practice holding hands, but Kenma didn’t really expect them to be. It didn’t stop him walking the entire way to school with a light blush dusting his cheekbones.

Lev wouldn’t stop apologising the entire practice for telling his secrte, no matter how many times Kenma told him it was okay.

“Lev, clearly everything is fine since the two of them got together. Now stop bothering Kenma and work on your receives,” Yaku snapped, and Kenma cast him a grateful look.


Unfortunately, Kenma didn’t consider how embarrassing Kuroo would be to date, and didn’t think that he could go any redder when Kuroo produced a bento for him at lunch. He grudgingly accepted it, a decision which he regretted immediately after trying it.

“This is terrible,” he muttered, shoving it back to an offended Kuroo and pulling out the one his mother made.

“It can’t be that bad,” Kuroo protested, clearly changing his mind when he tried a piece. “Yeah, well, I guess you’ll have to be the one bringing me bentos in this relationship,” Kuroo smirked.

“I’m not doing that,” Kenma said, shuffling slightly so he could lean against Kuroo a little more.

“What kind of boyfriend are you?” Kuroo asked, and Kenma elbowed him in his stomach despite the warm, fuzzy feeling he got from being referred to as Kuroo’s boyfriend.

And, well, if he did bring Kuroo a bento the next day, that’s neither here nor there.

redtutel  asked:

For the OTP questions meme, how about Gency?

question numbers were not specified so i just chose which ones i wanted to do hhh sorry if they’re not the ones you wanted

4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

Genji and Angela have “lazy days” where they just stay home and do nothing. Since Angela’s schedule is always packed, Genji doesn’t have much time with her. On Angela’s extremely rare days off, they enjoy spending the entire day just cuddling with each other.

12. Who initiates kisses?

Genji! Angela is super shy about physically romantic actions, so Genji always has to be the one to initiate anything. She always turns into a blushing, awkward mess afterwards.

15. Who wakes up first?

It depends. Sometimes, Genji is up first for meditation. Sometimes, Angela wakes up super early to finish up some work.

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Genji is really cute with this! When he has time, he makes bentos for Angela to eat at work. He leaves supportive notes like “ がんばって!” (Do your best!) that always get Angela through the rest of the day. 

Send me an ask w/ an Overwatch pairing + question numbers!

Overwatch stuff

I demand a love triangle involving the Shimada brothers and Mercy.

I demand an AU where instead of the animated short ‘Dragons,’ Hanzo joined Overwatch after an afternoon of showing tourist!mercy around his hometown and falling head over heels.

-Hanzo thinks that Genji is an Omnic.  Genji is content to let Hanzo think that.

-Hanzo isn’t comfortable around Omnics….

-When questioned by Mercy, Genji explains that at this point explaining what really happened all those years ago would probably just make relations between the estranged siblings worse.  Genji would rather work at changing Hanzo’s mind about Omnics than “go back to being the family shame.”

-Hanzo finds out he isn’t the only one quietly pining over Mercy when he tries to take care of her in little ways.  Cleaning her workspace?  “The Omnic” already did it.  Bringing her meals when she’s buried in work?  Too late, The Omnic already made her a bento.  Making sure she gets some rest?  Again, The Omnic beats Hanzo to the punch with an uncanny sense of when she’s too tired.  Mercy is terrible at self-care, but with that dang Omnic around Hanzo is denied any opening to dote on his angel.

-Hanzo just assumes “The Omnic” is Mercy’s robo-butler/bodyguard.  Mercy is too tired to question any of it.  Genji is the doting husband Mercy doesn’t know she has.

-The other overwatch agents have a betting pool going for when either either Shimada brother will make an open gesture of affection, or heaven forbid *gasp* ask Mercy on an actual date.

-Genji’s betting pool has been open ever since he joined Overwatch.

-Genji trolls Hanzo every chance he gets.  He figures that the best way to get Hanzo to see him as a person (instead of an emotionless A.I.) is to turn up the sass until Hanzo can’t ignore it.

-It’s actually working.

-Trolling Hanzo has become a regular activity on the base.  Genji regularly recruits Tracer, D.VA, and Mccree.  Especially Mccree.

-Genji ships mchanzo.  Hard.

-When the shenanigans get too Intense and Must End, find Mercy.  It’s not just the Shimada brothers, everyone wilts under the Dissaproving Stare of the team mom.

Occult Club, Martial Arts Club, and Gaming Club headcanons

Oka Ruto
-opens up once you get to know her
-bullied a lot in elementary school
-has a weird sense of humour
-terrible at cooking

Supana Churu
-epic dancer
-likes snakes
-wants to be more confident
-cries easily

Kokuma Jutsu
-thinks all guys are idiots
-has a habit of staring into space for hours
-likes cosplay

Daku Atsu
-has a surprisingly amount of friends
-thinks he’s cool
-doesn’t believe in the occult or paranormal too much, just thinks it’s neat
-loses his glasses a lot

Chojo Tekina
-probably spies on people
-likes skipping class
-weirdly good at karaoke
-books are friends

Shin Higaku
-loves the dark
-really hopes that demon-summoning works
-hates loud noises
-makes strange sounds when people talk to him

Budo Masuta
-total fuckboy, knows it, doesn’t care
-tells really bad jokes
-has probably never whispered in his life
-possibly ADHD

Mina Rai
-super sassy
-very loyal to Budo even though he’s an idiot
-comes from a really strict Shinto family
-will fight you

Sho Kunin
-lowkey has a crush on Mina
-thinks he’s funny, isn’t
-really enthusiastic
-can’t tie his shoes

Shima Shita
-very smart
-likes classical music
-makes awesome bento lunches

Juku Ren
-highkey gay for Budo
-good at basketball
-screams internally on a daily basis

Ryuto Ippongo
-gets his hair done professionally
-only joined gaming club to impress Pippi
-has no friends

Pippi Osu
-oblivious to everything
-never sleeps
-gaming is love, gaming is life
-Ryuto is also love and life

Midori Gurin
-couldn’t talk until she was four
-thinks she has telekinetic powers
-possibly OCD
-bright and happy ball of sunshine

Mai Waifu
-somewhat old-fashioned
-thinks short hair is dumb
-loves rainbows
-hates pants