bento lunch art


A whole week of Hamilton-inspired lunches. Giant thanks to @linmanuel for writing the thing that’s been stuck in my head for months. It’s an inspiring piece of work and has gotten me back into Revolutionary War history for the first time since college.

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Lunch for June 2, 2016

After last week’s episode, I’ve been thinking a lot about Cosima. I’ve also been itching to try more of the watercolor-like technique I tried with the water hand last week. The natural result was this piece, inspired by Cosima’s tattoo.

The nautilus shell was created using food coloring and rice paper. It’s placed on a background of egg white which is itself set atop some store-bought California rolls.

The other layer is a simple side of grapes and spinach salad.

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Lunch for June 16, 2016

The rainbows will not stop! It’s been a rough week, and it’s been a rough season. However, with the return of Delphine last week, the time seemed right for some rainbows and some Cophine.

Because I’m not at all good at drawing kisses, I drew this using Cophine by Sango-Bluewolf as a reference. The image is food coloring and edible marker on rice paper. It’s set on top of rice, which is itself on top of chicken tikka masala.

The other layer is a rainbow made of strawberries, carrots, peach, peas, and grapes.

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Lunch for March 17, 2016

“Wait For It” is easily one of my favorite songs from Hamilton, so it seemed a natural thing to use for a Burr-themed lunch.

Burr himself is made from cheese, sliced ham colored with food coloring, and nori. The “wait for it” is written with edible marker on a spring roll wrapper and placed on cheese. The whole assembly is placed on pad thai made from leftover rice noodles, egg, and carrots.

Blueberries and green pepper slices round out the menu with some more veggie material. 

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