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It’s been another great Stevenbomb, and I’ve had a blast going through it with food design. I hope you’ve enjoyed, too. 

This is the full collection of my Steven Universe lunches from Stevenbomb 4. You can find more information about the food included and my thoughts about the lunch at their individual posts:

Day 1: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl Gemstones
Day 2: Ruby and Sapphire
Day 3: Jasper
Day 4: Lion
Day 5: Peridot

You can find the rest of my Steven Universe bento here, and you can find the compilation of my Stevenbomb 3 bento here.


Skinmore more. yuka skin_5 (catwa)

EyesNINI:3     Brown Collection EYES PACK

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ Aiko Mesh Hair - B&W

Band aideyecandy - band aid - fatpack

Patch:: MOMOCHUU :: So Sick-Cheek Patch/Blue

Outfitmiwa’s airship -Lava Outfit #1

Shoes`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-shoes Pink Maitreya

Pose:{PINGPONG} HANI Bento poses #4 - NEW!@ TKP

> All Below  is Wednesday[+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ - NEW!@L8

Pills box:Wednesday[+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ Happy Pills box Pink 

Badge:Wednesday[+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ Badge 1

Bag:Wednesday[+] Toy Doctor Bag LIMITED

Thermometer:Wednesday[+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ ThermoPop Strawberry

Inhaler:Wednesday{+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ Sour Liquid Inhaler 1

Blood drink:Wednesday[+] ~ Diabetic Gacha ~ StrawberryBlood (hold)

Lunch for January 5, 2015

Honestly, I was so pleased with last night’s episode that I can’t even tell you. Well, that’s not entirely true. I think making a lunch with these space rock cuties tells you what you need to know.

Ruby and Sapphire are made with hand cut nori, swiss cheese, and sliced chicken with food coloring. They are placed on salted white rice with some veggies hidden under it. The heart is made with sriracha sauce. The side is spinach, for which I had some ranch dressing.

You can find the rest of my Steven Universe bento here

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(there are actual gifs for deredere’s omg) That’s a pretty interesting choice though to be honest I’m surprised that you guys see me as a deredere am I really that loving and affectionate? it’s cool though! :D (Also Idk if Jess trusts my cooking/baking skills enough to let me make food like that X3)

Shindou Family Circumstances, chapter 7 summary

Chapter 7 is here! Rather, the final chapter is here. Yes, as sad as it is, this appears to be the last chapter of this adorable spinoff series. I hope Murakami comes back to this story again sometime, because it can’t just stop here, dammit! It feels like it was just getting started, and now it’s over :( Anyway, for the last time (for now, but hopefully not forever), scans and summary below…

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Lunch for June 16, 2016

The rainbows will not stop! It’s been a rough week, and it’s been a rough season. However, with the return of Delphine last week, the time seemed right for some rainbows and some Cophine.

Because I’m not at all good at drawing kisses, I drew this using Cophine by Sango-Bluewolf as a reference. The image is food coloring and edible marker on rice paper. It’s set on top of rice, which is itself on top of chicken tikka masala.

The other layer is a rainbow made of strawberries, carrots, peach, peas, and grapes.

You can find my other Orphan Black themed lunches here.