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Thought you all needed to know about this web cite Red Bubble.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do an imagine of the sly cooper crew with carmelita meeting with a little girl who h happened to be in the same foster home they were in but she has aspergers, the higher end of it anyway, and just being this shy recluse who wants to find her forever family but just too shy and scared of being harmed I was put into foster care when I was younger my parents didn't want a defective kid and I have a strong love for the sly universe, I think the gang would be wonderful big brother's

i assume you mean they’re adults but find a little girl that came from the same foster home they grew up in?? if you meant something else dont be afraid to send in a new request.

Cooper Gang and Carmelita (Sly Cooper)

Sly is a big fucking asshole in the best way. He picks on you every chance he gets- although he knows how to make sure you know it’s a joke, and knows when to back off so he doesn’t push the wrong button. The most protective of you, though. Tells you stories of his heists, but makes it out to be way more dramatic than it normally would be.

Bently’s also a shy recluse, so he’s the one to go to when you’re going into Overload. His area of a hideout is usually quiet, aside from machinery. He lets you decompress in his room, but warns you to stay away from his workbench.

Murray may be a bit overwhelming, but he tries to tone it down the best he can. He tells you stories like Sly does, but adds more action into it than making it dramatic.

Carmelita, upon finding a child: My City Child Now. She’s very defensive of you, and gets angry when she learns as to WHY you were in the foster care system in the first place. Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with anything like that ever again.