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I just wanted to say that I agree, DuckTales Scrooge is the *best*. His character development is really fascinating to see him go through, and those moments where he expresses his love are so sweet. Like at the end of "The Money Vanishes", after the kids have returned the money post-Beagle plot: "Oh kids, you're the best friends my money could have! And the best friends old Scrooge McDuck EVER had..." (with a hug, too) I hope the reboot has PLENTY of Duck family feelings, it *must*.

It better. It. Freaking. MUST.

I guess some people are curious about how a colder, more jerkass Scrooge would play on screen, but the thing is…he wouldn’t be likable. The MEDIUM plays a part in this; he’s funny like that in comic format, but this ain’t gonna be funny or sympathetic in animation.

I’ve read Duck comics since I was a kid, and let me tell you, Scrooge went through his best character improvement and development in Ducktales. This series also seems to have influenced the writers of the newer comics. I know at least one story where the author clearly retells the episode ‘Blue-Collar Scrooge’ in his own way. And in many of the new stories, Scrooge is more likable, more involved with his family, and less cruel to Donald.

He’ll always be the proud, grouchy, jerkass skinflint we all know and love, but giving him those 4 children (later “5 children, and an overgrown lizard!”) was one of the best improvements to happen to him.