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Best ending so far.

(Fans have wondered about this scenario (and at least one even wrote fanfiction about it?), about what happens to the boys when Donald returns from his service with the Navy. If he stays with Scrooge, then Scrooge would truly have a full house - the triplets and Webby, Bubba and Tootsie, Beakley, Duckworth, Gene and Donald. A huge improvement from when it was just him and Duckworth.)

darkwingsnark  asked:

While it's not my favorite episode, I think one of the best Ducktales scene was the time Scrooge flipped out from his ship getting sunked and started shouting about 'Ice cream'. The physical comedy is at an alltime high, and I love thinking about how it looked to others out of context.

“That must’ve been some ice-cream!”

I love BeakleyXD. This is a classic scene.