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unapejelagarta  asked:

Good night Roberto. I'm an architecture student and your blog is one of my favorite architecture references. I'm currently working in an urban design project that proposes walking/ bike paths inside a hill that is a natural reserve and is also surrounded by my city. I was wondering if you knew similar/ useful examples. Thankyou. Greetings from Colombia!

Here are some park examples:

Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment RS+

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Wilo by Benthem Crouwel Architects

To enjoy the benefits of concrete — preventing rapid warming and overheating of the interior — the grooves in the steel sheets are partly filled with concrete.

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I don't know if this happens that much elsewhere, but here in my cityt there's this awful tendency to design a building and the adding a second facade to it. Like they make a normal building with regular windows and then add the second skin! why do they do that?! there are architectural solutions to regulate light and ventilation. Idk it frustrates me a lot.

This might be a local trend that will outgrow itself or mutate to something else, happens all the time in architecture. Maybe the second facade is the most cost effective way to regulate light and ventilation at the moment. Can’t really comment without knowing the city in question.

In the meantime not all is lost, you can design some interesting successful architecture using second/double facades, like in these projects:

Zamora Offices Alberto Campo Baeza

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