From: Chris Colfer

I’m pretty sure a fly just committed suicide in my cup of coffee.

From: Chris Colfer

At first I thought it just wanted to take a dip, but then it sank.

From: Chris Colfer

I waited for five seconds with every intention to put on my swim trunks and go in if she hadn’t surfaced.

From: Chris Colfer

Turned out I waited too long.

To: Chris Colfer

That’s so sad and morbidly beautiful at the same time.


itsrainingjellybeans  asked:

More recs (some you probably read): Shatter the walls for a new sun (whenIdance); Twisted Romance (YaDiva); Oh Simple Things (Missbeizy); Floorshow (Neaf); Make You Feel My Love (MissCriss2012); Braided (MissBeizy); Senator Blaine (luthie82); Signficant Others (lovely_sparkle); While We Two Keep Together (the-Cimmerians); Across The Ocean (BentBackTulip); Angel in a Red Vest (Dontbefanci); Conflagration (Lurkdusoliel): Expectation Fails (Ilianas); Chancesare (SlayerKitty); Bang Bang(XXXRaquelita

Look, it’s my Fic Rec Fairy again!

I have read the charming and so very interesting “Shatter the Walls for a New Sun” (I will read anything Lucie writes, from now until the end of time), and I will never forget Blaine’s notebook paper that said: TELL HIM YOU LIKE HIM. Guh.

“Senator Blaine” was a slice of heaven–longing, and romance, and politics, oh my!

And I just realized I have read two of these and failed to write a proper review, which is not like me:

“Angel in a Red Vest,” which I liked immediately because it is grown-up Klaine, with all of the complexities that go along with that, and because her Kurt is just the hottest thing ever. I loved how even though their circumstances are so different, they are still Kurt and Blaine, falling into each other, feeling that same pull.

And “Across the Ocean” is one that I read on a bad, bad day, and I think I meant to come back and comment, but the day just got worse! I liked the structure of the emails, and here again, I loved the way that Kurt and Blaine are different, but still drawn to each other like magnets, like they were always meant to be. 

To me, Cimms is the poet laureate of the Klaine fandom, so yes, I’ve read the sweet and hot “While We Two Keep Together” (many, many, many times). 

The rest will go on my ever-expanding list. 

Hmm… could I take a fic-reading vacation? Is that a thing? If not, it should be.

bentbackedtulip replied to your post: MY FEELS EXACTLY. let’s sob in each other’s arms.

struckers replied to your postshit, I just read the spoilers  you know the…

same, bb. ;_____; i’m just not even going to think about them ugh. this episode is gonna be AWESOME tho. happy klaine thoughts happy chris thoughts rinse and repeat njkdsg.

sigh. yes. good. happy klaine is always good and CHRIS perfect chris i need to think about that for now, i’ll have my meltdown when we get more information about it but siiiigh i feel the annoyance and terror somewhere deep in here ready to surface when provoked