Today my friend picked a lady bug off his neck without knowing what it was, and upon realizing it was a lady bug we freaked out because we thought he had killed it. I didnt think it was dead because he said he didnt squeeze it very hard.

SO, i sit the bug on my leg for a while waiting for it to extend its legs and when it did it could only extend one side :( So it was running around my leg going sideways but after a while it could extend 2 legs on the other side.

Its third leg was bent up REALLY bad, we didnt think he would be able to use it at all. And then this resilient motherfucker bends the third leg every which way to get it in a useable position and it just…works again! I was in awe of this little dude!

He ran around on my arms for a while getting back in the swing of things and then got on the tip of my finger and flew away like, “thanks, assholes.”