Masterpieces of Catholic Art: Cambrai Madonna

…  Mary is described by scholars as an Eleusa icon because of the tender manner in which the child is nestled against her cheek, setting the image as an intimate portrayal of the bond between mother and child.

 Her head is tilted towards her son and embraces his forehead and cheek almost as if in a kiss, while her arms warmly cradle him.

 He has one leg bent and another extended towards her, while his right arm is held upright and intimately holds her chin from below. 

This closeness and engagement of mother and child is a departure from Byzantine tradition, where they were often shown almost at arms length, and was in tune with the ideals of the Italian Quattrocento.

Source: Wikipedia

Practice Makes Perfect

A flashback to the past as Mar enters a new stage of his life.

This is the first piece I have written with Mar, set in the fictional world I created for him. A short story to get me back into writing after my inactivity.

If you want to see my worldbuilding posts, here is the first. It links to the others.

1123 words

“Mar, it’s your turn,” called Tecareth. The old dragoness dwarfed Mar and his coevals.

“Okay, Ma’am!”

Mar breathed deeply in, held the breath, and then released it. Next, his young wings were unfurled and flexed, just as he’d seen the others do before him. Stubby legs bent, then launched him high into the air… with a little assistance from the teacher’s magic. He flapped his wings rapidly, muscles and membrane taking strain as they displaced large volumes of air.

“Get into a rhythm, you’ll quickly tire yourself out if you try to fly like that.”

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I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but they have very similar body language and pose in almost everything? Like… sure we can argue someone else shares the same pose in a certain set of merchandise, but that someone is random and very different in every set, but with these two??? It’s too much to be counted as coincidence lmao even in different items with their own team, or with their ‘default’ combi, they have similar mannerism and attitude…

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it gives my shipper heart so much joy ok


a/n: I’m sorry I’ve been rewatching a vine for quite sometime now and Luke just looks Daddy so I wrote a smut about it


I laid on my stomach in bed, in nothing but Luke’s shirt and my white lace panties, one of my leg bent the other straight. My fingers scrolled through my phone, looking at what everyone was up to. I came across a page on tumblr, and I scrolled through it coming across countless gifs of pleasure. My teeth tugged at my bottom lip, as one of my hands traveled to my clit, slowly rubbing it in circles.

“Someone is being scandalous. Do you think you should be doing that baby girl?” I hear Luke’s deep voice behind me. I immediately gasp, locking my phone and turning around. I shook my head, looking down. “I’m sorry what was that?” Luke said. “No, daddy.” I said. “Why don’t you show daddy what you were looking at.” Luke stated.

I groaned to what I thought was myself, grabbing my phone and typing in the 4-digit code. I handed Luke my phone feeling nervous as he scrolled through the page I was looking at. My head dug into his shoulder, peering over to look at the page. His eyes locked with a specific picture, looking at me then back at the picture. “Oh baby girl, you know you aren’t suppose to look at this without my saying.” Luke says. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too.” I say.

Luke turns to me, pulling me into his lap. His hands rubbing up my bare thighs made me whimper. I look up at him with innocent eyes, trying to buy my way out of any punishment that might come my way. “Don’t give me that look.” Luke sneers. I roll my eyes, looking away. Luke grabs my chin making me face his eyes which turned a dark shade of blue. “Roll your eyes at me again, see what happens.” Luke says.

“Now, do you want some help here?” Luke applies pressure to my heat. “Yes, daddy.” I practically moan. Luke smirks to himself, moving the shirt up, revealing my white lace panties that I know he loves so much. He presses one finger to my pussy rubbing it in a circle, making the wetness build up. “You’re so wet, I bet you would like it if my fingers slipped right in.” Luke says.

I bite my lip, watching his actions. “Please daddy.” I moan. “Oh no princess, I’m not giving in just yet.” Luke says. Luke loved teasing as a punishment, he does it all the time. He continues to rub my clit through my panties, making me shudder. The friction against the delicate fabric and my core made my mind swarm with pleasure. I rocked my hips against Luke’s hand, wanting more. His free hand grasped my hip firmly, “don’t move.” His voice stern.

“Lay back little one.” My backside came in contact with my messy sheets as Luke removed his shirt. He slowly kisses me, moving his cold hands against my skin to massage my breasts. A mewl escapes from my mouth and Luke takes this opportunity to bite down on my bottom flesh. Small whimpers left my mouth as Luke moved my panties to the other side, swiping a finger in between my folds.

Luke slowly pushes one finger in, curling it inside my walls. Adding a second, he beings to create a painfully slow rhythm. “You wanted this right Y/N? I know how much you love it when I tease you to no end.” Luke whispers. My hips grind into his fingers, wanting and needing more. “Nuh uh, keep those hips down.” Luke says, forcing my hips to go down.

His thumb moves to my clit, creating small movements making my muscles clench around Luke’s fingers. “Daddy, I’m close.” I moan. His wrist snapped as his fingers rubbed against my walls making me shudder, my orgasm coming in. “Please let me cum.” I moaned. My face scrunched up in pleasure, as my hands twisted the sheets.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” I wail. Luke’s movements stopped, as he pulled out his fingers winking at me. “Daddy!” I whine. “No whining princess, you know what whiny girls get?” Luke raises an eyebrow. I nod my head. “What do they get baby girl?” Luke asks. “A spankin daddy.” I answer. “Good girl, now lay across my thighs.” Luke states.

I let out a whimper before bending over and laying across his thighs. “I want you to count for me, okay?” Luke asks and all I do is bob my head. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what was that?” “Yes, daddy.” I say and from there he begin to lay his hands upon my perky backside, my ass cheeks jiggling around.

After each smack, my grasp tightens on his calf “Twenty.” I whimper out before I gently turns around in his lap and rise up and presses a kiss on his lips. “You still want daddy’s cock?” He mumbles against my lips while I continue to place light and gentle pecks against his lips. “Mhm, please.” I whisper. “Then ride me princess.”

I silently thanked him, unzipping his jeans and tugging them down his legs. His hard cock prominent through his boxers as I rocked back and forth smiling when I heard a faint moan come from Luke’s lips. My hands carefully took out his cock, pumping it a few times. “Fuck, daddy, your cock is so huge,” I moan as I increase the pace, making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“Fuck,” I moan breathlessly as I toss my head back, my stomach beginning to build up the pressure that I just released a few seconds ago as I feel my toes curl and my breath come out short and rushed. “You feel so good baby.” Luke groans as he continues to thrust into me, his thrusts not stopping as his powerful hips keep on hitting mine.

“You’re gonna cum baby, gonna cum on my cock,” Luke says when he sees my eyes roll back and my body tense up before relaxing and then tensing up again. His thrusts never ending as I feel the knot in my stomach and the burning in my chest begin to subside as I feel my whole body shake and a a reckless scream tear through my throat.

“Jesus Christ Y/N,” Luke moans from on top of me before I feel him pull out and I feel his warm come land on my stomach in long spurts, his eyes falling to my lips before I feel his mouth on mine again, my lips quickly accepting his warm tongue as I feel his thumb run along my clit, again. “D-Daddy I’m too sensitive,” I whimper when I rut my sore thighs against his arm, the ache between my thighs beginning to grow more when Luke’s thumb picks up the pace.

“You can do it one more time can’t you, be Daddy’s good girl, don’t you want to be Daddy’s good girl?” Luke says while continuing to rub his thumb on my clit in sloppy figure eights, a whimper falling from my bitten lips as I nod my head. “I want to be Daddy’s good girl.” I sigh as I feel Luke’s index finger begin to run up and down my slit.

And soon Luke is thrusting in two fingers at the same time and curving them up, making them hit my g-spot deliciously as a squeal slips through my lips and float around in the air. The pressure in my stomach builds up and my tones begin to curl again as my orgasm is right on its peak. “H-Holy shit,” I moan out when I feel my orgasm come over me, not as intense as before but still making my hips jolt up and my hands fisting at the sheets below me.

Luke lands a kiss onto my burning chest before standing and grabbing a wet cloth from the washroom attached to the room. The warm cloth running along my body as I feel my eyes nearly flutter shut. “Such a good girl.” Luke praises making me smile before I shut my eyes and cuddle closer to the man next to me.

Okay so gymnastics and cheer are seriously like my life. When i’m tumbling I forget about everything that makes me stressed or worried and I remember what it’s like to be happy. When i’m with my cheer team I feel like they’re my family. I know that they actually care for me. They all support you so much, and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Single-Leg Hip Raise

Set Up: Lie on the floor and place one foot on the chair, toes pointed up, with your knee bent. Raise your other leg straight towards the ceiling(A).

Action: Press through your heel and squeeze your glutes to raise your hips (B). Hold, then slowly lower back down and immediately repeat.