In honour of the up and coming holiday (That’s Christmas for those of you confused), I am doing a serious of 12 Mumford-related one-shots all set during the holidays. The goal is to post one each day in honour of the 12 days of Christmas. I’m going to attempt to write 2 one-shots of each pairing, because I counted and there are 6, I think. The posting will begin on the 14th of December. Feel free to send in any ideas or hopes you have for these holiday stories. It’s a giving season, and I want to give everyone something they want.

Thanks a bunch,

   Love Brittany

Been knocking some new ideas for a Mumfic around my head lately. I think tomorrow, I’ll write up like a sample I guess? of each one, and see which you guys like best. All the ideas are definitely very AU so I hope you’re up for some of that. Honestly though, I need to stop playing video games. Also, those of you wondering about the Edifice, I promise it’s not forgotten. I’ve just gotten a bit preoccupied with other ideas at the moment.

Merry early Christmas. Thanks for keeping your attention here for Christmas theme Mumfic. If you’re looking for even more to satisfy your Christmas needs, check out this seasonal collection of Mumfiction for the Mumfamily, and by the Mumfamily. And for those of you made squeamish by the inter-band pairings, this collection will be for you.

Merry, Merry Christmas.

Photo is not mine, but I did edit it. And yes, Marcus is seductively reading the naughty and nice list while Ted is trying to eaves drop on them.
TENHchpt.21 - Google Drive


i hope you guys like it.

anyway, before i go, i just want to thank all of you so much. without you guys, i’d have probably stopped after chapter 1 xD you guys really are all so amazingly sweet and wonderful. i’ve never gotten a single nasty or rude comment before, and all of you are just so supportive. IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME OKAY??? I DON’T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH.