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Liberation Now! Writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement

I. Why Women’s Liberation

Why Women’s Liberation? / Marlene Dixon;
The next great moment in history is ours / Vivian Gornick
Cutting loose / Sally Kempton
What it would be like if women win / Gloria Steinem

II. Discrimination on the job
Job discrimination and what women can do about it / Alice S. Rossi
Metamorphosis into bureaucrat / Marge Piercy
Drowning in the steno pool / Madeline Belkin
Pie in the sky / Gene Reece
Pages from a shop diary / Olga Domanski
The labor and suffrage movement: A view of working-class women in 20th century / Susan Reverby

III. Inside the family - and outside
Where is it written? / Judith Viorst
The politics of housework / Redstockings
The liberation of children / Deborah Babcox
On day care / Louise Gross and Phyllis Mac Ewan
Women and Economics / Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The political economy of women’s liberation / Margaret Benston
Planned obsolescence: The middle-aged woman / Rose Gladstone
“In trouble” / Jane Harriman
Marriage and love / Emma Goldman

IV. Caste, Class and Race
Story lives: Growing up middle class / Ellen Maslow
To my white working-class sisters / Debby D'Amico
“Freedom is something that all of us need” / Mabel Hobsen
Double Jeopardy: to be black and female / Frances M. Beal
Colonized women: the chicana / Elizabeth Sutherland 

V. Woman’s cultural identity
A work of artifice / Marge Piercy
“Conclusion” from Sex and temperament in the primitive societies / Margaret Mead
“Facts and myths” from the second sex / Simone de Beauvoir
“Sex and semantics” / Eva Merriam
“Shakespeare’s Sister” from A room of one’s own / Virgina Woolf
Women: the longest revolution / Juliet Mitchell
Psychology constructs the female, or the fantasy life of the male psychologist / Naomi Weisstein
The Womam-identified woman / Radicalesbians
The education of women / Florence Howe 

VI. Control of our bodies
The myth of the vaginal orgasm / Anne Koedt
Health care may be hazardous to your health / Alice Wolfson
An abortion testimonial / Barbara Susan 

VII. Sisters in revolution
Liberation must also include the women of Africa / Sonya Okoth
Asian women in revolution / Charlotte Bunch-Weeks
On Cuban women / Chris Camarano


Hey guys, so like our friend (Gilraenstar, if I just killed that spelling i’m sorry [feel free to berate me in my ask Gil-star]), I’m going to do a random fan fic thing, where you guys tell me what you want and I’ll try to write it. Mostly this is because I’ve hit a wall on my other stuff and maybe this will help get my creative juices flowing again. Send in asks yea? I’ll write in the order I get them :)