The Norton Anthology of African American Literature (2014)    

“The much-anticipated Third Edition brings together the work of 140 writers from 1746 to the present writing in all genres, as well as performers of vernacular forms—from spirituals and sermons to jazz and hip hop. Fresh scholarship, new visuals and media, and new selections—with an emphasis on contemporary writers—combine to make The Norton Anthology of African American Literature an even better teaching tool for instructors and an unmatched value for students.

The Third Edition continues to provide “a course in a book,” with 13 complete longer selections, including 7 new works such as Toni Morrison’s Sula, Suzan-Lori Parks’s Topdog/Underdog, and Nella Larsen’s Passing. In addition, the Third Edition adds 7 new contemporary writers: Barack Obama, Suzan-Lori Parks, Edward P. Jones, Elizabeth Alexander, Natasha Trethewey, Kevin Young, and Tracy K. Smith.  ”

Edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. , Valerie Smith, William L. Andrews, Kimberly Benston, Brent Hayes Edwards, Frances Smith Foster, Deborah E. McDowell, Robert G. O'Meally, Hortense Spillers, Cheryl A. Wall.

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i hope you guys like it.

anyway, before i go, i just want to thank all of you so much. without you guys, i’d have probably stopped after chapter 1 xD you guys really are all so amazingly sweet and wonderful. i’ve never gotten a single nasty or rude comment before, and all of you are just so supportive. IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME OKAY??? I DON’T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH.

In honour of the up and coming holiday (That’s Christmas for those of you confused), I am doing a serious of 12 Mumford-related one-shots all set during the holidays. The goal is to post one each day in honour of the 12 days of Christmas. I’m going to attempt to write 2 one-shots of each pairing, because I counted and there are 6, I think. The posting will begin on the 14th of December. Feel free to send in any ideas or hopes you have for these holiday stories. It’s a giving season, and I want to give everyone something they want.

Thanks a bunch,

   Love Brittany