skeez-queen13 asked:

Benson & Mordecai~! ♥♥♥


  • do I like them: YES
  • 5 good qualities: cute, adorable, small, red, his voice ?
  • 3 bad qualities: literally nothing
  • favourite episode/etc: 150 piece kit, busted cart, etc etc so many
  • otp: bensonxmordecai
  • brotp: benson/mordecai or benson/dave
  • ot3: benson/mordecai/rigby ?
  • notp: bensonxskips/bensonxliterally anyone who isn’t mordecai
  • best quote: i can’t think of a specific one, but i really like his rant in ‘think positive’
  • head canon: he’s kinky af hahahahah


  • do I like them: YES
  • 5 good qualities: kind, loyal, tall, blue, his voice also ?
  • 3 bad qualities: literally nothing. except he forgives too easily
  • favourite episode/etc: EGGSCELLENT and bad portrait
  • otp: mordecaixbenson
  • brotp: mordecai/benson or mordecai/margaret
  • ot3: mordecai/benson/rigby ?
  • notp: mordecaixrigby/mordecaixliterally anyone who isn’t benson
  • best quote: i don’t know? he has a lot of good quotes???
  • head canon: he has this cute little crush on benson haaa