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Of Friends and Lovers (Cont. 4)


Rafael watched Olivia struggle with her words. She had a sharp tongue and a sharper mind and he admired both. She was trying to tell him about Tucker and he knew she was going to get defensive right away. He didn’t believe her words when she says it wasn’t serious and that they hadn’t…done something. Slept together? He tried not to snicker, letting her know he knew she was lying. 

Before he could call her on it she went on saying that she didn’t want to be with him and that she wanted him instead. He couldn’t express how long he’d waited to hear her say that but it made him nervous to hear. Was she only saying that because she was scared of what was happening with Ed? No, Ed isn’t necessarily a very powerful man but he does hold some clout. His job is to investigate those who investigate which means that he is privileged to information that others aren’t. Barba can bring up charges against a suspected rapist but Tucker can bring up charges against him; not that there was necessarily anything he needed to confess to, but the thought was unsettling nonetheless.

She wanted to call him during the hostage situation. Sure, sure she did. If she wanted to, wouldn’t she have done it? When he realized something was wrong he called her repeatedly but then he didn’t hear from her after that.

As she talked, his brain worked backwards as his finger circled the dew that had gathered on his glass. She was dating someone but it wasn’t serious. She was saying that she wasn’t sleeping with him. She wants to be with him but her face shows repulsion when she talks about him. She called him for comfort when she was in a horrifying, traumatic situation when he wasn’t the one who was there for her when she was held hostage before. She was asking, begging, for him not to push her away and yet that had been what she was doing for the past couple months with Ed. And in a moment of realization, every victim interview, every assault report, every survivor testimony came together in his mind and the blood drained from his face. He’d always suspected it but never dared bring it to her attention for fear that it would break her down even farther. But he had to know now. If they were ever going to move forward, if he was ever going to be what she needed him to be, he would need to know.

“Olivia, I went through the Lewis trial with you from day one. I made sure that I did everything in my power to keep you safe and yes, if I could go back in time and do things over I would. I took your word at face value every time I prepped you or took a statement. I never questioned your rendition of the events and I never prodded you to tell more than you needed to. If you don’t want me to push you away, you need to do the same for me.” He waited for a moment to make sure that she had taken in the first part of his question. “Lewis raped you, didn’t he.”

#527 gif icons (100x100) of Amber Benson in the movie Strictly Sexual. A good portion of these are NSFW (the movie’s title does speak wonders for content).  Feel free to use as a base / feel free to edit etc as you like.  These are made by me so I would really appreciate a like and/or reblog if you find these to be useful.

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under the cut you’ll find two hundred 100x100 rp icons of ( ashley benson ) as hanna marin in season one of  pretty little liars!! none of the original pictures are mine, but all were edited by me, so please don’t claim as your own and like/reblog if you’ve found this helpful!

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Of Friends and Lovers (Cont.)

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He looked down at their fingers interlocked and his mind panicked. Gently, he pulled his hands from hers and ran one down his face with the other on his hip.

“Olivia, I…” he didn’t know what to do. He’d run after her, yes, he’d found her, yes, he let her know how he felt, yes, but what does all this mean now? “I don’t know if I can handle that.” His face grew stern as he fought his own defensiveness. He looked around on the street, at the people walking by. What a city. Everything that was between Olivia and him right now and no one knew.

“How about dinner tonight?” he said finally. He did want to see her but he didn’t want to talk about anything uncomfortable. She was glad he’d come after her. That was an interesting statement. It was interesting how he immediately ran after her without question and kissing her felt like the home he’d never had but now standing here with her he felt like running back up to his office and burying himself in work. “Then again,” he said, “I’m sure you have a date with Ed and seeing as I’ve already crossed enough boundaries today, I wouldn’t want to impose. I’m sorry I don’t…I don’t know what I was thinking.” He tucked his hands in his pockets and looked over at the courthouse, the other place he considered home. 

as promised, here are dotted texture icons of ashley benson as hanna marin for my giveaway winner allaboardhannaexpress. i know that i said i’d only make twenty, but i kind of got carried away and there’s quite a bit more than that here. enjoy them babe !!! these were made specifically for her, but anyone is free to use them as long as you like or reblog pls!

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Marlene McKinnon and Alice Fortescue having a candy floss eating competition
~taken by an exasperated Lily Evans
“Marls, you’re obviously losing”
“Oh shush you Evans, I’m going to win. Just watch”
“Sweet dreams Lene”

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Where would Ashley Benson fit?

  • daughter of nora & mary louise {adopted}
  • daughter of stefan & caroline
  • faceclaim replacement for eve labonair
  • faceclaim replacement for mary louise fairchild
  • faceclaim replacement for vicki donovan
  • OC related to caroline {only with mun & admin approval}
  • OC related to matt & vicki {only with mun & admin approval}
  • OC unrelated to any of the families