asexual-jellyfish asked:

i don't know if this has been asked b4 or not, but i'd love to know your top 5 benson moments!!!!! (thank you <3)

iAAAhhhhh… ok, so NGL- I had to like, sit down and really think about this and write everything down and stuff and….. to just pick only 5….so hard. 

And I also didn’t wanna include a lot of ties b/c then this list probably would’ve gone on forever and I probably also would of broken everyone’s dashboards *ahahahahaha*

Anyway- let’s do this~! Starting from 5 and working to #1~!♥♥♥

5) Every time we get a glimpse of what he used to look like in the past~! And yes- I’m going to roll al of those moments up together and treat them like 1 moment b/c most of the time they only last a few seconds. But- seriously, I wanna know more about his past~! These little glimpses just leave so much to the imagination and I WANNA KNOW MORE~!!! PLEASE~!!!!! ♥♥♥

[Rest under the Read-More 2 Spare Everyone’s Dash *lmao]

[Also- be warned- this is pretty gif heavy]

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