bensartbin  asked:

Amazing work! Definite follow. Just wondering, what your preferred software is?

Ah! Thank you so much!

Well for concept work, illustrations, backgrounds, etc I use Photoshop. I pretty much do everything in Photoshop. I even do things I know I should do in Illustrator/InDesign in Photoshop. 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ PHOTOSHOP

For animation, I use TVPaint! My recent loop was animated, cleaned up and coloured in TVPaint while Glitter Warriors was animated in TVPaint and brought over into Photoshop for colour. It’s an amazing animation tool although it is pricey and has a steep learning curve. It’s worth it though. 

I’ve always loved the idea of hiding little statues around the garden, but garden Gnomes are so horribly tacky nowadays that I thought I’d have a crack at designing my own garden gnome substitute. I called them the Jar thieves and well, they steal jars from houses and collect precious things in them and take them back to their underground burrows.

One day I’d love to make some ceramic ones, with real jars.

Side note, those old fashioned jars with the clasps, theyre magic, i love them, they look like they should have faries or biological specimens in them, I love them.