my Cru tattoo I got on monday. Monday was officially the best day ever because not only did I get my first tattoo I also met Mike Duce, Eddie Thrower, Ben Sansom (from Lower Than Atlantis if you didn’t know and live under a rock) and I met Charlie from Gnarwolves and he chatted to us for ages before and after the concert and he remembered us from tweeting him earlier in the day about our tattoos. Mike signed my Boris t-shirt and he signed my concert ticket with his name and then wrote charlie is gay and drew a huge ejaculating penis on it! and he gave me a high five and a little huge when I got my picture and now we are basically getting married. Oh and also Charlie commented on my picture on instagram and we had a little chat and The Gnarwolves tweeted the picture of the nandos napkin letter we gave them and it was so cute. So all in all it was one of the best days in my life and now I have a huge dose of post concert depression.