bens tie

Ben surprises Poe by showing up to the valentine’s dance…

Ben’s hands were big and warm through every dance, both of them sweating into their dress silks as they got closer through the night. Ben was happy uncle Luke gave him a break from training so he could go to the dance. He loved to visit his best friend Poe and couldn’t wait for the dance to be over so they could make up for lost time somewhere more intimate

drawn for @tenukii <3 happy valentines to all of the darkpilot shippers. i love you all as much as kylo loves papa vader!!!!


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)


Sometimes, Carlos wakes up just by the tingles racing down his spine when Jay’s strong arms wrap around him and pull him closer.

Sometimes, since Jay’s so much taller, he can rest his head on top of Carlos’ head while sleeping, which makes Carlos feel really safe.

Sometimes, Carlos would have nightmares, and he’d murmur things, tears rolling down his cheeks when he didn’t even open his eyes yet. Jay would blink and look at his boyfriend’s vulnerable figure, quickly wrapping him into a hug. He’d press kisses to Carlos’ forehead, and Carlos’ loud mutters suddenly go as soft as a whisper.

Sometimes, Jay would wake up early to watch Carlos sleep. He’d stare at the little crease between the boy’s eyebrows and that little upturned smile Carlos would have on his face.

Sometimes, the two would go on dates, and Jay would always use public affection to fluster Carlos. He’d grab Carlos’ hand and smirk at him, or he’d tug at Carlos’ collar and kiss him hard. Either way, Carlos would get incredibly red, even though he couldn’t complain.

Sometimes, they’d do really cheesy things together. Like stargazing, saying dramatic stuff all the time (mostly, that’s just Jay), and holding huge celebrations for every single one of their anniversaries.

Sometimes, Carlos would get extremely jealous when Jay smiles at other people, in which Jay would laugh and kiss him on his really poofy hair. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

Sometimes, Jay would get jealous too.

Sometimes, the two would get in a fight and Carlos is the one in the end who wins the fight because there’s always this one expression Carlos would wear when he’s extremely upset that literally kills Jay because he made Carlos feel so bad about himself.

All the time, Jay and Carlos are basically the cutest couple in all of Auradon, Mal and Ben as a close tie.