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Ben surprises Poe by showing up to the valentine’s dance…

Ben’s hands were big and warm through every dance, both of them sweating into their dress silks as they got closer through the night. Ben was happy uncle Luke gave him a break from training so he could go to the dance. He loved to visit his best friend Poe and couldn’t wait for the dance to be over so they could make up for lost time somewhere more intimate

drawn for @tenukii <3 happy valentines to all of the darkpilot shippers. i love you all as much as kylo loves papa vader!!!!

there is no passion; there is serenity

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Reylo

Prompt: two miserable people meeting at a wedding AU

Notes: Thank you so much @lariren-shadow for sending me this prompt. I spent too much of last night writing this, but it was totally worth it!

Rey’s assignment for the night is simple enough: guard Senator Organa on her wedding day.

The senator makes a beautiful bride, if an unconventional one. She has eschewed anything ornate for a plain white dress, long-sleeved and high-necked. It isn’t as though she can’t afford something fancier; Leia Organa was a princess, then a rebellion commander, before becoming one of the foremost Senators in the galaxy. She’s famous for her fine clothes and elaborate hairstyles, but today she’s dressed simply, her grey-streaked hair falling loose to the small of her back.

She smiles when she catches Rey looking at her, and there’s the gentlest tug in the Force—Senator Organa reaching out to her, Rey realizes. She remembers with a sudden lurch of embarrassment that this woman is also Master Luke’s sister.

“I wore a dress almost identical to this one the day that I met Han,” she says, smiling. “I thought a bit of nostalgia would be appropriate—and the look on his face will be priceless.”

Rey smiles. She hopes it doesn’t look as strained as it feels. The Senator seems kind, and she doesn’t deserve a dour Jedi dogging her footsteps on a day that should be joyful.

When it’s time for the ceremony to start, the senator pats Rey on the shoulder and says, “It was thoughtful of Luke to send some extra protection to my wedding, and I appreciate your effort, but I can take care of myself. You’re dismissed for the evening.”


The senator’s smile sharpens. “But nothing. Enjoy my wedding, and if I catch you shadowing me, I’ll only give Luke grief about it.”

She walks out of her dressing room before Rey can think of anything useful to say.

The ceremony is short and informal, but the reception is a party unlike any Rey has ever seen. There must be two hundred people in this ballroom, and by the looks of them, they range from the galaxy’s highest legislators and diplomats to its bottom-feeders. A representative sample of the bride and groom’s respective social circles, Rey imagines.

The senator and her husband are as different as night and day, but there’s no denying their love. They look at one another like they’re alone in this crowded room. It’s charming, beautiful even, but Rey can barely summon any feeling for the sight of them besides bitterness.

“So what did you do to get stuck with this assignment? Draw the short stick?”

Rey glances to her left, then up, because the man speaking to her is uncommonly tall. There’s something familiar about the curve of his lips, the shape of his brown eyes, but Rey can’t quite place it.

“Do I know you?” she asks.

He looks her up and down. “Doubtful. I’ve never set foot in my uncle’s charade of a Jedi school.”

“Uncle,” she says dumbly, a moment before her brain catches up to her mouth. “You must be Ben. Master Luke speaks of you.”

Rarely, and sometimes with frustration, but it would be rude to tell him as much.

“It’s Senator Organa these days,” Ben says dryly. Then he points to his mother. “Not to be confused with the Senator Organa in the white dress.”

Rey bites her lip, but she can feel her smile peeking out anyway. “It would be an easy mistake to make. You favor your father more, but you look like her too.”

“And yet uglier than both,” Ben says. He smirks, as if this is a joke, although Rey thinks it might not be, at least not entirely.

“You must not own a very accurate mirror.”

She didn’t mean to say that, but it’s hard to regret it when Ben’s pretense of a smile softens into something real.

“Aren’t Jedi forbidden to flirt?” he asks.

Rey shrugs. “How would you know? You said you’ve never been to the Academy.”

He could have, if he’d wanted to. Rey would know that even if Master Luke hadn’t told her about his nephew rejecting the Jedi path. She can feel the vibrancy of the Force all around him, potent and overwhelming.

Ben leans down, until the warmth of his breath fans across her temple. “I understand the rules,” he says. “Even if I chose not to follow them.”

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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)c

Suprise Me (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2039

Warnings: Kinda smutty (not actual smut, but it’s seriously implied)

Summary: Y/N has found out that her lovely boyfriend is an aphrodisiac, and decides to use it to flip the tables a little.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: Combining two requests again, woo! Enjoy, children.

“Mmm, good morning.” Ben said, his voice still low and gravelly. I rolled over and smiled at him, placing a hand on his chest.

“As much as I love this sight.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s naked form. He smirked at me and pressed a kiss to my neck.

“I have to get to work, and so do you. It’s Sunday, Benjamin.” I said, pulling the covers off of us. Ben groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

“Ben!” I whined, earning a chuckle from him. He took his arm off my waist and put his hands up in the air in a mock surrender.

“I love you!” Ben called as I walked into the bathroom. I chuckled and turned on the shower, sighing as the warm water poured over me.

I picked up the new body wash I bought recently, and poured some of it out into my palm. The scent of raspberry and vanilla filled the bathroom as I used it, and I was almost reluctant to wash it off.

I turned the shower off and dried myself, getting dressed quickly. “The shower’s all yours, babe.” I said, walking out of the bathroom.

Ben smiled at me, but suddenly I noticed something dark cloud his eyes. “Is, uh, is that a new body wash, babe?” Ben said, his voice slowly creeping up an octave.

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Nell’ultimo episodio dello Star Wars Show hanno fatto vedere in anteprima il modello del TIE di Kylo Ren, praticamente è una Porsche spaziale :D

Come potete leggere sulle immagini, il nome semplice è TIE SILENCER, mentre il nome tecnico è SIENAR JAEMUS TIE/VN SPACE SUPERIORITY FIGHTER.

Nelle caratteristiche, compaiono i cannoni laser e un lancia missili. Insomma, è roba di lusso :D


Sometimes, Carlos wakes up just by the tingles racing down his spine when Jay’s strong arms wrap around him and pull him closer.

Sometimes, since Jay’s so much taller, he can rest his head on top of Carlos’ head while sleeping, which makes Carlos feel really safe.

Sometimes, Carlos would have nightmares, and he’d murmur things, tears rolling down his cheeks when he didn’t even open his eyes yet. Jay would blink and look at his boyfriend’s vulnerable figure, quickly wrapping him into a hug. He’d press kisses to Carlos’ forehead, and Carlos’ loud mutters suddenly go as soft as a whisper.

Sometimes, Jay would wake up early to watch Carlos sleep. He’d stare at the little crease between the boy’s eyebrows and that little upturned smile Carlos would have on his face.

Sometimes, the two would go on dates, and Jay would always use public affection to fluster Carlos. He’d grab Carlos’ hand and smirk at him, or he’d tug at Carlos’ collar and kiss him hard. Either way, Carlos would get incredibly red, even though he couldn’t complain.

Sometimes, they’d do really cheesy things together. Like stargazing, saying dramatic stuff all the time (mostly, that’s just Jay), and holding huge celebrations for every single one of their anniversaries.

Sometimes, Carlos would get extremely jealous when Jay smiles at other people, in which Jay would laugh and kiss him on his really poofy hair. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

Sometimes, Jay would get jealous too.

Sometimes, the two would get in a fight and Carlos is the one in the end who wins the fight because there’s always this one expression Carlos would wear when he’s extremely upset that literally kills Jay because he made Carlos feel so bad about himself.

All the time, Jay and Carlos are basically the cutest couple in all of Auradon, Mal and Ben as a close tie.

am i the only one who wanted kylo to be incredibly awful at piloting

imagine: a really epic moment in TLJ where he’s prepping for a dogfight and climbs into the Silencer’s cockpit, flipping switches and whatnot to get the ship ready and grabs the controls and the TIE just. zooms backwards and crashes in the back of the hangar

he didn’t get his father’s genes for great piloting, but he sure did get his grandfather’s ones for landing