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“You know these officer-types, always under pressure..”

He’s referencing George Washington, but…y’know who else is one of those ‘officer-types’ ??  B e n. Ten points, double meaning, thank you and goodnight.

My actual first thoughts about Ben 23 when he was first introduced:

What I think of him now:

Kylo Ren // The Raven Knight  [kylux fae au]

When young Ben Solo leaves his human life behind and steps into the world of his beloved, he doesn’t expect the physiological changes, or the new powers that soon arrive. His new people weave him a cloak of dark feathers and give him their sharpest weapons. Where Hux goes, his knight is never far behind. And where Kylo is seen death is sure to follow, for anyone who dares threaten his prince has no purpose existing in their world.

Mixed Up Masterpost

Rated PG-13, warnings for swearing, references to violence, emotional abuse. With her new album climbing the charts, Laura Hollis is determined to make this the best tour ever…a feeling that probably won’t last when she meets the new front of house engineer the label sent over.

aka the one where Carmilla hit somebody in the face with a sword and now she’s part of the crew on Laura Hollis’s first solo tour.


Can’t Work Like This With You Next to Me
Caught in a Hit and Run
Your Eyes Looking Like Coming Home
Stop, Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop
It’s All Because of You
Somewhere Between Cher and James Dean


Chapter 5 Outtake Scene


Request: “Can I request a never-went-dark-side Ben where he falls in love with Leia’s clumsy assistant?”

A/N: First off, I had no clue as to what gif to use so enjoy some Adam Sackler (that’s his name, right? I don’t watch Girls…) Second off, this was quite cute and thank you so much anon for the request! Hope you enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.2K+

Warning: None!


If there was anything faster than a spacecraft jumping into hyper-speed, it would have been your mind at the moment. There is nothing easy about being Leia Organa’s assistant, after all, Leia is the Resistance’s most prized General. She was a wonder that woman, moving mountains for the things she had done in her lifetime that it made you (without a doubt) claim her to be your idol. She was the brightest star in the galaxy–universe–and it was hard not to admire her being. As much as you adored the General, there were times you wished she had been a bit easy on you. Sure, this was what you had signed up for, but when it came to doing things that took you hours on end to complete (mind you, you were pulling hairs majority of the time, how were you not bald?) you just wish she eased off on you.

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Headcanon time.

Ben never actually killed the rest of the Jedi children.

Ben was off meditating on the rocks as instructed to by Master Skywalker when the attack on Luke’s Padawans happened - One of the Knights Of Ren slaying the Jedi children while Luke was away counselling with the rest of the Force Spirits.

When Ben came back to camp, he found the bodies of the children, dropping his saber. He was terrified and confused. All of them were dead, but the youngest, Rey, who was missing. He assumed she must have been playing down by the seaside, as she usually did and rushed down to find her. He discovered Rey about to be attacked by the same Knight who slew the other children and in a  panic, Ben drew the Knight’s saber to him and quickly thrusted it through his chest, eyes closed. He didn’t even realize the blade was blood red until he opened them again, throwing it away where it smashed against one of the rocks, breaking.

Little Rey screamed, Ben rushing to her side before picking her and the now busted saber up and taking them to the only ship on their island, escaping before whoever or whatever it was that killed the others friends could return.
He knew how to fly well, being the son of Han Solo, though his take-offs where always a little shaky and made quick for the sky, charging the ship as far away as he could think to go. He dropped Rey off on Jakku where he was sure she’d be safe until he could return and headed back to find Luke to help them.
But when he went back to the island, Luke, who found Ben’s saber by his lifeless students, assumed that Ben was at fault for their deaths - something that was only solidified in Luke’s mind upon finding Ben returning with a Sith blade in hand.

They fought, Luke demanding to know what he’d done with Rey. Ben tried to speak, but was doing all he could just to hold the elder Jedi off, only managing to do so because Luke refused to kill him. He eventually made it back to the ship when the Sith blade overloaded, sending them both flying back and he raced off once more, now feeling hurt and betrayed by his former teacher.
Ben then vowed to do whatever was necessary to become as powerful as possible - knowing that Luke would never believe nor help him - even if that meant harnessing the power of the Darkside in order to protect Rey and himself . He used the saber he stole from the knight, fixing it to the best of his ability despite its now cracked crystal, this becoming his new weapon.

It doesn’t bother me at all that Han and Leia weren’t perfect parents. No one is a perfect parent. I feel like it stands to reason that Leia got pregnant with Ben very soon after the Battle of Endor. At that point, Han and Leia had never actually had any kind of monogamous relationship. Yes, they loved each other. But they spent their relationship at war, constantly fighting with only moments of being together in between. 

So suddenly, they were about to become parents, and they had to figure out how to make it work. They had their son, and probably lived together with him, doing their best to raise him. But here’s the thing. We all know and love Han and Leia. What do these two do? They argue. They bicker. They drive each other crazy. Does that mean they don’t love each other? No. But they have personalities that inevitably clash. 

It is really easy for me to imagine a young Ben seeing his parents argue in front of him on a regular basis. Often these fights would end with Han walking out of the house and leaving him with Leia. He’d probably be gone for a few days to blow off steam, then he’d come back, and things would be okay for a while with him and Leia, until they fought again. 

All of this is ENTIRELY in character. Han even says it in the TFA! “That’s why [I would leave]. So you would miss me.” Han is the type to walk away. Did he come back? Yes. But that doesn’t make it easier on a child to see his father walk away constantly. Ben’s line about how Han disappointed him as a father was very important, and it was not surprising. 

Han and Leia weren’t perfect parents. And honestly, I’m glad they didn’t try to portray them that way. I’m not saying it’s their fault that Ben went to the dark side, but when you think about the two of them raising a child, the seeds were planted at a very young age.


Halston Sage, I Think I Love You

anonymous asked:

obi wan x reader where you two meet for the first time on some random planet post episode III and you two hit it off and joke around, but the conversation turns deeper and you comfort him about losing anakin (bonus points if you include sassy obi wan)

A/N: I really loved this! I really enjoy writing about Obi-Wan during the time after Episode III!! - Camila

Warnings: Alcohol mention

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It had been three months since the galaxy was changed forever. In all honesty, however, you were not affected by the troublesome events, as you had no involvement with the Jedi nor the former Republic. In fact, the terrors that you heard about were simply just sad stories on the holomedia. Though, you could not help but to feel sorry for the fallen Jedi, as you had met a few throughout your life and were awed by their dedication and honor.

Once you had realized this, you were a bit saddened by the thought of an entire group of people that you would never be able to meet again.

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Honestly I thought it was bad enough in the movie, but now that I’m reading the book I definitely have to say it.


Not to mention, all these people are complaining about not getting paid or treated with respect, like its Bens fault? Like, yell at King Beast who set up this whole system, not a literal CHILD who is too young to get MARRIED, let alone run what basically seems to be an entire CONTINENT