Ino Hiroki (Suga) as Kuchiki Byakuya
Shiota Kouhei (Tanaka) as Madarame Ikkaku
Asuma Kousuke (Oikawa) as Ichimaru Gin
as well as Nagata Takato (Kenma) as Hitsugaya Toushirou
and Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki) as Hisagi Shuuhei
have just had their opening night for Rock Musical Bleach!  

Girl Meets Hope

Not an actual title of an episode, but lets just say it’s true.

I think we can all say that we were all a little panicked thinking Season 4 may be cancelled, and the possibility of Danielle leaving (I found out it wasn’t true). I mean I was at work when I was reading tweets about Danielle leaving and I literally had to stop what I was doing. One of my supervisors was like “What? What happened?” I had to tell her I thought Topanga was leaving. She told me that it probably wasn’t true. I was little panicked about the possible cancellation of Girl Meets World and Danielle leaving.

You know what that showed me though? That this show is sooo much more than a show that premieres on Friday nights, that this show is more than characters and their romantic relationships, that this show is so much more than a show. It’s hope.

Hope that there is finally a tv show created for kids in this generation to learn from:

  •  That romantic relationships are a part of growing up, but friendship and family is too. To realize that yes your friends are here you want to spend all the time with them, but you must not forget about your family(Girl Meets Game Night)
  • That sometimes someone will leave you, and it isn’t your fault (Girl Meets Forgiveness, Girl Meets Highschool Part 1). 
  • That you need to forgive someone so you can move forward, and sometimes you need to forgive yourself (Girl Meets Forgiveness).
  • That sometimes we don’t know who we are, but part of growing up means finding yourself (Girl Meets Jexica, Girl Meets Triangle, Girl Meets True Maya, etc.)
  • That academics are important but that doesn’t mean your passion for art, for sports, for games, for books, shouldn’t be too (Girl Meets Creativity)
  • That there will be people out there who put you down, but they are insecure too, and maybe they just need a hug or a friend to show them the right way. ( Girl Meets Rileytown, Girl Meets Flaws)
  • Appreciate the people who work behind the scenes, who you may not notice, but know that they are people and that they are an essential part to your world. (Girl Meets the Forgotten)
  • That there are people with disabilities and we need to love them unconditionally and educate ourselves about their disability (Girl Meets I am Farkle).
  • That sometimes we have different beliefs, and we struggle on understanding what our beliefs are and recognizing that not everyone has the same beliefs as you (Girl Meets Beliefs)
  • That friendship is more important than being right (Girl Meets Friendship)
  • That this is our world, and it’s time for us to meet it (Girl Meets World). 

This show is so much more than a bunch of kids, this show teaches us lessons needed to be learned, and remind us of the lessons that we’ve already learned. Girl Meets World? Alot, more like Girl Meets Hope.

Girl Meets World Hug, pass it on.

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if my nearsighted eyes didnt fool me, then i saw ben at jim’s birthday party at the end of the movie. he probably just got invited as sulu’s plus one, but what if he’s just really close to the crew of the enterprise? 

ben taking demora to visit papa hikaru at work, and the crew absolutely adores her. bones buys her these squeaky shoes (bc he remembers joanna used to love them so much ssshh) and chekov chases her around the corridors, bumping into spock who’s very confused as how to proceed with this tiny human. 

scotty demands to take her on a tour around the engineering section, and demora gets very excited when she sees keenser because he is tiny!!! just like her!!! but he’s got different skin and he’s working on the enterprise, and sulu feels a little bit :( when demora tells him she wants to be an engineer like uncle scotty. 

uhura pats his shoulder and tells him he should let demora be whoever she wants. (but she secretly steals demora away to teach her alien languages sshh dont tell sulu)

demora draws a picture of all the bridge crew for jim’s birthday. frankly, its shit, but jim hangs it on his quarters like it’s his most prized possession and calls her galaxy’s best artist. 

just. basically. i want sulu thinking that he has two families (and he’s glad for it, how many people get to have two loving, supportive families?) but when he sees demora playing with his shipmates he realizes that he really only has one, and it’s this big, boisterous, wonderful family of ragtag space explorers, his husband, and his daughter.