folks, we have an emergency*

this fall is going to be very problematic for me.

there are three, count them THREE, movies coming out that could - each one individually - kill me.

October 23 - Suffragette - starring Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, HBC, my dear Romola Garai, and Ben Whishaw, written by none other than Abi Morgan of The Hour fame.

Novemeber 6 - Spectre - the long-awaited Bond film with of course Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, Rory Kinnear, Ralph Fiennes, but also Christoph Waltz and Andrew Scott(!), and yes, Ben Whishaw. 

but also!

November 27 - The Danish Girl - a movie about a transwoman in the 20s that had me balling just from watching the trailer, starring Eddie Redmayne (who seems to be perfect for the role) Alicia Vikander (who i’ve never seen before but am excited about) and including a supporting role played by none other than Ben Whishaw! 

not to mention the nebulously timed release of London Spy sometime in October, ffs. Ben Whishaw trying to be a spy in modern day London. and Jim Broadbent is there. what more could you ask for?

seriously, folks. this is going to be a difficult time for me. i’m not sure how i will cope. please bear with me. or fall over with me in a puddle of feels, whatever’s clever.

*not an actual emergency


Happy 1000th show @matildabroadway !!!! A lot of “miraculous” kids have wiggled their fingers on Broadway thanks to this show! This video is from like week one of rehearsals back in 2013. Crazy!!!! Have a blast today! #onceamaggotalwaysamaggot