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            But can you swim in them?

Once I am able to upload my consciousness to the Internet, I will be. AND IT WILL BE AMAZING. 

Life is like a hurricane, here on the Interwebz

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Have you heard the original Book Of Love, by The Magnetic Fields? I think you’d like it. And them.

I have, and I actually like Peter Gabriel’s version better……my bad. I haven’t liked much of the Magnetic Fields that I’ve listened to, which is strange. But, hey. It happens. I only have so many feels, and most of them are concentrated on television. 

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ERICA!! congratulations, you have now convinced me to read neil gaiman..your influence on me and you share of my brain continues to grow

BEN! Good. Neil Gaiman is good for your brain. He makes it happy and warm and amazing. Definitely read American Gods. I have a feeling it is just the book for you. But Stardust is my favorite. And Coraline. And Neverwhere. And Sandman. Prepare for more quote spam until next week when I see his visage in the flesh in front of my very eyes.