benoît xvi

NT Levels of Arrogance
  • ENTJ: 80/100, they kind of fail at hiding it although they try hard to come across as humble
  • INTJ: the 500,000/100-kind-of-overlord with a knack of sneaking in bratty comments or frowns here and there
  • ENTP: 1,000,000,000/100, surprise surprise. google "king louis" - yep, they got that royal resting face
  • INTP: 200,000/100, ask them what they think about politics and they will argue like they should be the ones in charge

Once more he passed a night in solitude. On June 8, 1795, Lasne was alone with Louis-Charles while Gomin went to the committee to ask for a nurse; but it was too late. During the afternoon, the child began to slip into unconsciousness. He was given a spoonful of the potion that Dr. Pellatan has prescribed. To no avail; he began to sweat profusely. There was the sound of a rattle “followed by the most violent crisis.” At around three o'clock, Lasne found the child was having great difficulty breathing. To try and ease this problem he lifted him up and placed the frail arms around his neck, but the enormous problem of breathing that the boy was having soon ended in a long-drawn-out sigh. His arms, his whole body, went limp. There was no more help required. The orphan of the Temple was dead.

The Lost King of France: How DNA Solved the Mystery of the Murdered Son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette- Deborah Cadbury