bennys bookclub

So this is the latest addition to the booklist. It was announced at Cannes that Benedict has been cast in David Lowery’s film version, together with Tye Sheridan and Will Poulter.

The reviews of this book look amazing. Here are just a few to give you an idea:

Remarkable for its intensity of both feeling and expression. In this book about death, every line is a defiant assertion of the power of beauty to revivify, whether beauty shows itself in nature or (later) in art. Graves, Owen and Sassoon would have recognised this war and the strange poetry it has bred. (HILARY MANTEL, GUARDIAN BOOKS OF THE YEAR)

And then I heard this … an extraordinary novel - honest painful, poetic. Powers’s exquisitely drawn portrait of three young soldiers struggling in their own way to make sense of their situation gives you the real human story. (GUARDIAN)

Kevin Powers’ poetic, grievously sad debut novel captures one young man’s experience of the war in Iraq … Powers is clear-eyed and dolorous, observing the damage done, but alive to the beauty of the landscape, and the details that cement friendship in a world dominated by violence and fear. (MARIE CLAIRE)

(Yes, I know - Marie Claire, but still…)