Good morning, tumblr! Here’s a few photos from the CockyBoys meet and greet at Side Track last night. And the super awesome dinner that Jake Jaxson treated us to. Words cannot express how fantastic our night was!

Ricky Roman smells real nice, y’all. ;)

I’m going to the A Thing of Beauty book signing this afternoon so I’ll have some more photos later. Benny promised that he’d bring Bailey with and I may be more excited about that than anything. lol


Still my favorite NYMag article, ever maybe

When the relationship started, the three would have sex several times a week. The arrangement offered a titillating enhancement of sexual permutations. These days, as with most long-term relationships, the lovemaking has slowed. “Sex is somewhat sporadic,” says Benny. The throuple rarely has sex as a threesome any more. Instead, “it’s evolved into more individual relationships between the three of us,” he says. “We all go through our ­sexual phases, and appetites change.” Now, when the three men pile into a car and one of them sits in the back, the choreography feels less erotic than familial: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Little Bear, with Little Bear commandeering the iPod.

As I fall asleep, I can hear the men laughing at a TV show downstairs and playing with the dogs. It feels like a celebratory night (pizza, ice cream, bourbon) but also, internally, a destabilizing one. Does throuplehood raise or lower the stakes of being in a relationship? If one of the men defects, do they all break up? What’s it like to inhabit a category of relationship that is entirely different from that of everyone you know?

Still, the impression I have from spending time with Benny, Jason, and Adrian over the past months is that the men are glisteningly, boringly happy. This seems to be the consensus. “No matter how hard I try, I can’t wrap my head around it,” says Paper’s Elliott. “It’s amazing. It’s modern. There’s nothing sensational about them—the relationship isn’t theater. It just works.” Maybe the best way to understand how a throuple functions—or at least how this throuple functions—is to imagine a healthy couple, then factor in the sexual variety of a third partner, and then factor in the stability of a third partner. It’s strange but true: In tripod manner, a third leg appears to be a good method of favorably distributing tension.

30 Days of Cockyboys Challenge, Day 9

Day 9 Favorite Cockyboys Romance

Jake, RJ and Benny

There is no romance more intriguing and captivating than that of the three men who run Cockyboys - Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock. Three incredibly gorgeous and talented men who live and work together and are managing to keep it together…and raise some gorgeous pups, as well.

No wonder we love them…it’s the puppy videos that gives them the edge.