Good morning, tumblr! Here’s a few photos from the CockyBoys meet and greet at Side Track last night. And the super awesome dinner that Jake Jaxson treated us to. Words cannot express how fantastic our night was!

Ricky Roman smells real nice, y’all. ;)

I’m going to the A Thing of Beauty book signing this afternoon so I’ll have some more photos later. Benny promised that he’d bring Bailey with and I may be more excited about that than anything. lol

30 Days of Cockyboys Challenge, Day 9

Day 9 Favorite Cockyboys Romance

Jake, RJ and Benny

There is no romance more intriguing and captivating than that of the three men who run Cockyboys - Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock. Three incredibly gorgeous and talented men who live and work together and are managing to keep it together…and raise some gorgeous pups, as well.

No wonder we love them…it’s the puppy videos that gives them the edge.