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You're the best. I love when you do these. I am currently falling apart and could really use some fluff right about now. How about some comforting deanbenny cuddles? One of our boys is super sad (you can pick the reason, I'm frankly too exhausted) and won't get out of bed. The other decides to snuggle him until he smiles. In the end, the problem isn't solved, but at least he isn't facing it alone. <3

I can definitely do cuddles and I am going to keep the reason vague.

It was weird, Benny was still in bed. He had been there this morning when Dean went to work, and Dean thought it a little odd, but hell Benny deserved a day of sleeping in with how hard he worked. 

Only he was still in bed when Dean got home. “Benny?” Dean asked from the doorway.

“Fine chief, just caught a bug or something.”

“You don’t get sick. You would survive a like freak evil plague that kills 99.9% of the population.” Dean said. He turned on the light and Benny rolled over and pulled the blankets over his head. “Babe have you got out of bed at all?”

There was a pause. “I got up to piss at some point.”

“Food?” There was no response.

Dean took off everything but his boxers and crawled into the bed. “Want to talk about it?”

“Nope.” Benny replied.

“You’re all about talking about feelings.” Dean said surprised.

“Just sick Dean.” Benny answered. His voice was a little thick, maybe he did have a cold.

Dean poked his back until Benny turned over. It wasn’t a cold, there were tear tracks on his face and a letter in his hand. Dean pried Benny’s fingers open and read it quickly. “Do we need to go anywhere?” He put the letter aside.

“No, nothing to go to, I just…” Benny leaned his forehead against Dean’s. “It hurts. I feel empty.”

“Yeah I know that feeling.” Dean agreed. There were quiet while Benny cried a little more and Dean rubbed his back. 

Dean hummed a little something old and sad, it seemed to suit Benny’s mood. 

Benny pulled away a bit.

“Want me to make it better?” Dean asked.

Benny nodded.

“What would help babe?”

“Dunno, this hollow feeling, not really used to it.” Benny said. “How do you fill it up?”

“Sex or food or booze is how I used to solve all my problems.” Dean said after a minute of thinking.

“You still solve all your problems like that.” Benny answered but there was almost a smile.

“True, pie and your dick do tend to make my world view a little bit better, especially once you started soaking the apples in bourbon.” Dean thought about it and grinned. “But you know, I know a story that will help. A woman who felt exactly like you do right now and it got fixed but good.”

“Oh yeah?” Benny asked. “And how did she fix it?” He waited for Dean to have this very elaborate story with deep meaning, that or talk about a star trek episode.

“Yeah.” Dean said seriously. “There was a woman, an old woman, who I’m thinking felt hollow like you, but she found a solution.”

“What was that solution chief?” Benny asked.

“Why she swallowed a fly.” Dean said. “I mean I don’t know why she swallowed that fly, perhaps she’ll die.”

Benny stared at him in shock.

“And do you know that she swallowed a spider that wriggled inside her, she swallowed that spider to catch the fly, I don’t know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she’ll die!”

Benny couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled up.

Dean was pleased with himself and sang the whole absurd children’s song, Benny’s laughter getting louder with each verse.

Dean kissed his nose when he was done. “Better?”

“I’m not okay.” Benny said.

“I know, but tiny itty bitty slightest big better?” Dean asked. “Like better enough to maybe shower and have some juice before hiding again?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m that sort of better.” Benny agreed.

fallout: new jersey
  • ghouls sitting on the beach, telling caravans “BENNY GO HOME”
  • still the best damn pizza in the area (it’s the water)
  • super mutants calling each other prostitution whores and flipping cars 
  •  using molerat meat as porkroll 
  • diners are still open and running, the prewar ghouls still waiting tables
  • wawa is still the best place to get gas (and you someone will pump it for you) 
  • ghoul. housewives. of. new, jersey
  • malls used as trading centers
  • radio stations only play bruce springsteen and new jersey
Kitchen Suprise

Benny moaned as he woke from his deep sleep, stretching on his bed. He felt around and sat up straight.

Dean wasn’t in bed.

Then he caught a whiff of bacon and pancakes and grinned. While they are both good cooks; Benny loves Deans cooking, it was more homely while Benny’s dishes were a bit more exotic.

Benny grins widen as he got p, quickly putting on a shirt. He walked to the kitchen, seeing their Pitbull, Ian, trailing after him. They didn’t actually adopt Ian, more like the dog adopted them. He practically followed them straight from the pound.

Benny entered the kitchen and stopped short.

Dean was flipping pancakes wearing nothing but an apron and blue lace panties.

Benny knew that Dean liked wearing pantie, either for sexual reasons or just because he likes the way it feels. Benny smiled deviously as he walked up, grabbing a handful of Deans ass, making him squeak.

“Good morning.” Dean said with a laugh.

“I’ll bet darling.” Benny purred, “I like this view in the morning, all prettied up like this.”

Benny was going to put a hand underneath the panties, but a whimper stopped him. Both men looked to see Ian whimpering at his bowl. Benny sighed as he went to the cupboard and took out a can of dog food.

Looks like they can’t do it in front of their dog.

AN: Some silly deanbenny loving in the morning, with their lovable Pitbull.

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