15 Thing Dating Benny Rodriguez Would Include

1• Him inviting you to the Sandlot 2• Him being new at the dating stage 3• Being best friends with someone from the Sandlot 4• Small kisses and hugs 5• You being clingy when he doesn’t pay attention to you (me) 6• You have to know how to play baseball 7• Having to know who’s Baby Ruth is 8• Having Ham said that girl can’t play baseball 9• Benny holding you back from attacking Ham 10• Benny being jealous when Phillip comes to the Sandlot 11• Benny being over protective of you when Phillip flirts 12• Some of the guys like you 13• Being used two Benny sometimes forgetting dates 14• Benny making it up to you 15• You two losing your v-card together and a little earlier them everybody else

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A Slightly Girly List On Why The Sandlot is The Best

This past week has been The Sandlot fever and although all articles and lists I’ve read are good, I’ve decided to create my own, slightly girlier version. Here are my top 13. Sorry not sorry for some repeats.

1. First things first: doing the right thing and putting a stop to bullying even if it’s standing up to your friends:

2. But of course there is always fwendship. Aaawwwww:

3. How adorable is the Beast in his baseball tee? I want to squeeze him and put him in hats and a bowtie.

4. Best lesson in a movie. I felt like during this scene Beyonce’s “I Was Here” should have been playing.

5. Wendy Peffercorn’s fabulous swimwear fashion:

6. She taught us the sashay way before supermodels did

7. And how to flirt subtly:

8. I learned the best insults which proved useful when everyone else just had “I know you are but what am I?”

9. Benny

10. Benny batting

11. Benny batting again

12. Benny batting in motion

13. Just Benny. All of it:

So if you are one out of the three people in the world who have not seen this majestic movie…

Thanks Ham.