benny's new looks


rhea: yeah, you’re just being stupid you look very handsome!!

ben: doubt it

rhea: no need to be humble, you look fresh!! i think celia will like it too!

ben: yeah? …… but you like it right?

rhea: i just said i did! this is my finest work to date and i gave myself these killer bangs so that’s saying something!

Welcome to New Vegas…Where fortunes are won and lost in a blink of an eye.

Ahahaha…I am so conflicted over this piece I can’t tell if I like it or hate it, but it did motivate me to replay the game :D

I finally finished that old WIP from last year, just in time for Kawaii Kon too! This is be one of four prints I’ll be selling akjghdfj I’ve never had a booth before…

I’ve been replaying New Vegas lately, and my game just did… a thing.

He is still very much alive. We even had a nice little chat, before I busted him out of there.

He actually managed to survive the escape, too, despite having to swim through the floor with a broken neck.

Oh dear. 

It’s midnight and I couldn’t stop myself from doodling Benny