FNV mod ideas

- mod that imperceptibly makes it so Benny’s height very slowly shrinks from 1.0 to 0.75 and then grows back to 1.0 all the time
- mod that gives Easy Pete a squadron of 25 super mutants to act as his bodyguards, making killing him a real challenge
- mod that changes Legatus Lanius’ mask and body armor to a fursuit

Out of the Woods

Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader
Word Count: 1545
Warnings: Implied sexy time, car wreck and related injuries, implied character death, angst, feels.
Song: Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift
A/N: The third of my fics for my one-shot series collab with Ashley (@d-s-winchester) - make sure you also check out her fic for today, which can be found here! You can find the masterlist of all of the fics for the collab this week here. Enjoy!

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Yup, this is in a story that has been on hiatus and is coming back very soon:

Cas’s house was beautiful for the solstice, bows of green, ribbons on railings, elegant, simple, but festive. 

Everyone was in their best clothes, and Dean noticed everyone was noticing Benny in his suit, and cane holding him up. It gave him such a distinguished air.

He growled just a little as someone asked Benny to dance. “Mine.” He said and he boxed the man out of their conversation. “Dance with me.” He said to Benny and only after the older man said yes, did Dean remember he had no idea how to dance.

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What's your favorite sculpt ever and what's your favorite company?

Wait, is this a question for me? Well this is unexpected lol Thank you though!

I don’t know if I have a favorite sculpt… maybe Iplehouse Benny, she’s my grail :P

As for favorite company, that’s much easier for me: Resinsoul! The customer service is wonderful, they do all sorts of custom orders, their dolls are affordable without sacrificing quality, and the wait isn’t super long!

What sculpts and companies do you like? :D

Jacob's Ladder

read it on the AO3 at

by imogenbynight

In which Dean develops a crush on a radio DJ who doesn’t know the first thing about the music he’s playing.

Words: 8269, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I mean if you think about it River is, from a Doyalist standpoint, more Benny and Iris' kid than she is Amy and Rory's

Very true. Which makes the fact that Moffat replied to a question I sent in to DWM about Benny and River adventuring together by saying the two would be married even more delightful, tbh.

Really, all three characters are a delight and the fact that Big Finish is prioritizing interactions with Doctors over something like them meeting is deeply saddening.

Just. The drunk karaoke. I need it.