Usnavi Headcanon

His parents were so old school they didn’t trust the “kid cereal” so Usnavi grew up eating cornflakes and raisin bran (confle) until he met Benny in high school and got his first state of Frosted Flakes. 

Benny and Usnavi both found out, Usnavi has a low sugar tolerance and crashed hard when the sugar rush was over.

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💓 + DeanBenny

💓  who initiates most physical contact?

consider that dean is a freak in the sheets and a blushing mess in the streets in ANY relationship, I would say that it’s Benny that initiates the most - especially in public. He likes to keep Dean close. Sometimes they’ll be in the grocery store, and Dean will be idly pushing the cart down the aisle, and Benny will come up behind him and put a hand on the small of his back. Or they’ll be sitting eating dinner and suddenly Benny takes Dean’s hand off of the table and starts stroking his thumb on Dean’s knuckles. or they’ll be driving in the car and Benny will always have his hand on Dean’s knee. That kind of thing - nothing majorly, but just a way to keep him close. and of course Dean will be slightly embarrassed at what he thinks is PDA to the max even though these are small things, but he will secretly be extremely happy and gushy about it because it shows that benny loves him and can’t stand not being close to him 

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Like The Sun and The Moon - Prologue

”Hey, Mom, are we there yet?”

”Very funny, Jade. And to answer your question, we’re about ten minutes away.”

”Why are we going all the way to Ohio for your new teaching job, anyway?” The ten-year-old couldn’t help but ask, her green eyes shining inquisitively up at the woman sitting in the driver’s seat beside her. “Not that I’m complaining, just curious.”

”Well, it’s for a few reasons, sweetie.” Her mother replied fondly. “First, I grew up in Piqua. There are a lot of good memories in that town for me. Second, quite a few of your uncles and aunts live there. It’d be good for us to be closer to family. And speaking of which, I know for a fact that it’s a great place to raise a family.” She then nodded towards the little boy fast asleep in the backseat. “You and your brother will make some amazing new friends in no time!”

She winked as she added that last part. Her daughter looked less than convinced, however.

”How are you so sure?” Jade sighed, fidgeting in her seat. “I know Benny will have no trouble, literally everyone who meets him loves him. But you know how I get when I meet new people, Mom. I freeze up and look like a total idiot.”

The woman frowned a bit at her daughter’s statement. She understood all too well what she was worried about. Jade was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, when she was only 2, and one of the most common traits of autism was that it was very difficult to understand social cues. As a result of this, it was hard for Jade to make friends her own age. Most of the time, she just kept to herself, writing stories and drawing characters for those stories.

”I know you’re nervous, honey…” she started. “But don’t you worry. I know you; you’re sweet, and funny, and one of the most creative people I know! And I know you’ll make some friends who are just as amazing as you. And if you ask me, those kids would have to be crazy not to like you!”

Jade couldn’t help but smile at her mother’s comforting words. “Thanks, mom.” Her mother winked in response. Then, a tiny yawn grabbed their attention.

”Hey, buddy!” The mother of two greeted her youngest. “Did you have a nice nap?”

”Mmm-hmm…” The five-year-old replied quietly, bringing a hand up to rub the sleep out of his eyes. “Are we there yet?”

”I already asked that, Benny.” Jade chuckled at her brother. “And the answer is…”

”Yes. Yes we are!” Their mother excitedly announced. Jade and Benny immediately perked up at this.

”Wait, really?”


The woman smiled as they entered the small town. “We’re home, guys.” She whispered fondly. “We’re finally home.”

Now you’re probably asking who this woman is. Well, meet Sawyer Grayps; single mother of two, and hopefully, new art teacher. She’s moved back to her hometown of Piqua, Ohio to apply for the position of art teacher at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. And little does she know, but this is gonna turn into the biggest, most amazing adventure of her family’s life.

But before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story…


“I think a lot about trying to meet the moment as honestly as possible, because I don’t pretend to have any answers. In fact, I have infinitely more questions than answers.”

All of the Best Ships™

Person A: *Is always angry, serious, and/or working, so is always frowning.*
Person B: *Exists.* *Smiles at A.*
Person A: *Smiles and stares for a second* *whispers to themself* Goddammit.
Person C: ????