Sam took a long time to warm up to Benny. He saved him from Purgatory, for Dean’s sake. For some reason he couldn’t get the image of Dean’s hopeful face out of his head, knowing what it would do to Dean if he didn’t bring the vampire back.

Part of him hoped he was kidding himself. Dean wouldn’t miss Benny. Not that much. But he couldn’t bring himself to leave Benny behind, even when the vampire tried to pull out at the last second and save Sam and Bobby’s hide. Sam had to jump into the thicket with his bare hands and blade, help Benny rip those monsters apart until they had the room to perform the spell.

Benny looked pissed, but impressed. Sam tried not to read into it.

He was right, too. The look on Dean’s face when Sam pulled up his sleeves had been worth it. It had been worth everything. 

They resurrected Benny’s body after everything was said and done. Sam watched his brother hug the vampire tight, hands squeezing the back of Benny’s jacket like he was afraid he might disappear again. Sam wondered what words they exchanged before Dean sent Benny in. He wondered if either of them fully believed Benny would come back.

Either way, he was back now. And Dean had made a room for him in the bunker. A room that was never used, Sam noticed.

He chalked it up to Benny being a vampire. He doubted the guy ever slept. But that thought was put on hold when he found Benny lounging in the library, feet propped up on a seat with his hat tucked low over his brow, gentle snores echoing from his lips. 

It was after that Sam started paying a little more attention to what the vampire did in the bunker. 

Mostly, Benny just played card games with Dean, or sat and studied with them, researched, helped with preparation and hunts. Nothing too noticeable or strange. At least, nothing too strange for a vampire. 

He avoided any social interactions with Benny if he could help it. He didn’t trust the vampire, no matter how much Dean took a liking to him. It was just… odd. After thirty some years of Dean chopping off heads and telling Sam there was no such thing as a good monster, it was disconcerting to see his brother laughing and cheering with one. 

Sam’s perspective finally changed one evening as he was reorganizing the pantry. It was late, too late for Dean or Benny to be wandering around the halls. So Sam wasn’t expecting to spot them when he finally wandered to bed. 

The two had passed out in the living area, tucked up together on the couch in front of an old television Dean had been adamant about getting in the bunker when they first moved in. Benny’s sock-clad feet were propped up on the coffee table, his arm loose around Dean’s shoulders as his brother pressed his face into Benny’s shirt. A blanket had slipped down from their bodies and pooled in their laps. 

Sam stared, unmoving. Then, he stepped forward. He grabbed the edges of the blanket and pulled the blanket back up to their shoulders, tucking it in until he was sure it wouldn’t fall again for the night.

He left them where they were and went to bed. He stared at the ceiling.

Maybe it was time he started to re-evaluate his perspective again.

Wedding preparations

The bus.

The fucking bus. This is what Dean has resorted to. Do you know how many sickos there are on public transport? This one guy had asked if Dean was up for giving him a blowjob. The guy was like 90! Dean didn’t have an issue with age but 90 was beyond fucking ridiculous.

Needless to say he got off at the nest stop and walked the rest of the way to work. It wasn’t like it was that far. Obviously he would’ve been there by now, a little less freaked out if he was driving Baby.

Sighing and walking faster, Dean wonders how Sam would take it. The gift. Okay, granted the gift technically wasn’t for him. It was for Jess but still. Hopefully Sam would appreciate it.

I mean why wouldn’t he? He was buying her the freaking wedding dress for god sake. A good one too. Not some cotton candy, wedding topper styled shit. Sam and Jess deserve the best he can offer. He’d get the best thing he could. And if getting the money together for the best meant getting a second job working the night shift at the local video store and selling parts of Baby then he’d do it. If he could, he’d sell the whole thing if it meant helping his brother, but he didn’t have the heart. Its Baby! He could never get rid of her. Dean may have had a few words to her to make sure she understood before he put her away for the time being. He only made sure he sold the parts that he could find easily. Though it means less money, it also means getting her back to normal when all this is done and dusted.

As much as Baby meant to him, Sam meant more. It killed Dean to have to do it but what else could he sell? He, himself was running low on cash at the moment just as much as Sam, if not more.

Walking into work that morning was like every other day. Someone comes in, bitches about their car, Dean tells them to come back in 2-3 days if it really needs work, some more bitching, lunch, then it starts all over again. Bobby sometimes comes out to the garage and helps out the boys but lately he’s been busy at home. And who could blame him? Ellen was sick. Bobby couldn’t leave her on her own, he wasn’t like that. Even with Jo there he would still be by her side.

Ellen was a fighter though. She would kick her husband’s ass if she really needed to. Bobby knew it too. Which is why he tries to keep the visits to the shop pretty regular.

“Hey Dean! Get your head outta your ass and come over here.”

“Huh?” Not realizing he’d been staring at his half empty coffee cup for a while now, Dean places it in the sink and turns to Ash. “Sorry man. I’m a little out of it today.”

“No need to explain dude.” Putting a hand to Dean’s shoulder, Ash nods his head. “Know you were envying the mullet.”

“Oh yeah… that’s exactly what happened.” Dean rolls his eyes. There is no way that Dean would be caught dead in that birds nest of a hairdo. Not a chance. He shivers at the thought.

Ash grins and claps Dean’s shoulder. “See, now was that so hard to admit?”

Days like these were fine. The repetitiveness. It’s calming to Dean. It’s something hes never really had before when he was younger. Moving around from place to place was all he knew. God forbid his father let them stay in one town for too long. Just long enough for him to bang one of the local skanks and hustle up some money, then they were off. That was no way for a grown ass man to live let alone children. Now Dean himself has delved into that life a few too many times and at the time it’s great. He’ll admit that. But after, when work comes back around and Dean has to face his responsibilities, he ends up feeling pretty fucking disgusted with himself. He’s 26, sure he’s still young but seeing his dad do what he did makes Dean feel like shit if it ever looks like hes veering down the path he did.

“I mean your bro’s half way there!”

Wait what? “What?”

“You know…” Ash takes a stand of his hair and twirls it between his fingers. “Sam has long hair so he’s half way there.”


At Dean’s expression, Ash sighs and drops his hand to his side. “Sam has some pretty long hair so he’s half way to having– ugh never mind, dude. Go back to your… whatever. I’ll be over here fixin’ cars because that’s what I get paid to do.”

Oh now that’s some bullshit right there. Ash spends most of his time at the garage on his laptop claiming to ‘do the books’ but Dean knows better. Hacking is pretty much Ash’s second language, there is no way he’s on his laptop not doing that.

Dean sighs and glances over at the clock on the far wall of the break room. 1:57pm. An hour left. Any other day he’d be happy to have an early mark. Today however, he’d rather work a double shift. Scrolling through his contacts, Dean hesitates. Maybe he shouldn’t tell Sam he’s gonna buy the dress. Leave it until Dean actually has the dress in his hands? Pressing the call button, Dean brings the phone to his ear, tapping his fingers restlessly on the counter top hes leaning against.

‘Hey, brother.’

“Benny, what’s up?” Dean pushes off the bench and starts pacing the length of the counter.

‘Wondering why you’re calling me on my day off.’

“Ah well, I’m just calling to catch up.”

‘You spoke me this mornin’. In person.’

Shit. He did too. “Okay fine, I may have called to ask a small favour.” Dean hears Benny sigh though the receiver and crosses his fingers. He really needs Benny to come through.

‘You want the truck don’t you?’

“Oh come on Benny, I cant do public transport again. I was pretty much molested! I dont want the clap, Benny. I’m not getting the clap!” There was no way he’s getting on any other damn bus again. Not if his life depended on it.

‘Anyone ever tell you you’d be good on a soap, brother?’

“That- yes, but that is not the point. I’m fucking serious! This guy asked me to blow him, dude. He was 90!.. And he smelled like mothballs.”

‘Well… Did you do it?’

“What the fuck? No! No. Just answers the question. Can I borrow your car or not?” So help him, if Benny doesn’t let him use that damn car, he’s gonna steal it. He doesn’t fucking care.

‘You know I wont judge, brother. You like the oldies, I get it.’

“Benny.” That’s- No. Just the thought makes Dean’s skin crawl.


Dean sighs in relief. “Thank you, thanks Benny.”

‘Yeah yeah alright. It’s not like I gave you a kidney. So this is about the bridal shop right? That today?’

Humming out a conformation, Dean grabs his wallet from his back pocket and takes out the paper Jess had written the time and place on. “It’s at 2:30. Gotta leave in less than an hour to miss traffic.” Dean squints at the paper. “Jess has got here we’re meeting this guy called Cast… Ca.. Casteel? C… Castile? Or whatever his fuckin’ name is.” What kind of a name is C A S T I E L anyway? He’s probably some douchebag with sweater vests and glasses and uses words like penultimate.

‘You tell Sam yet?’

“No. So don’t go telling him! I’m not sure i’ll tell him until after the fact.” God he hopes Benny wont say anything to anyone. The only reason he knows is because he saw Dean taking apart Baby. No matter what Benny tells anyone he did not cry, okay! It was the light. It was burning Dean’s eyes a bit. It happens to everyone.

‘Okay well I’m about to leave so I’ll see you when I get there.’

“Okie-dokie. Thanks again, Benny.” Hanging up, Dean glances at the clock again. 2:01. Fuck, today is going to be a long day.

Especially if that Cas guy’s gonna be the pompous ass Dean thinks he will.