Attention fellow Adlockers!!

So you know how we’re always talking about how one thing we love about A Scandal in Belgravia is that even years on we’re still discovering new little things about it? Well that just happened again for me, and the “little thing” I noticed is that Sherlock blatantly checking out Irene as she is looking right at him is CANON.

See this? It was already such an iconic Adlock moment because of the way they’re looking at each other after their amazing match of wits and mutual compliments, but it’s even better than we thought.

Right before John’s outburst of “Hamish!” they’re locking gazes, in mutual admiration and interest. Here’s Sherlock:

Then John interrupts them, and the camera moves to him for a few seconds. But when the camera goes back to Sherlock, where are his eyes now??

In those few seconds we looked away, they’ve clearly traveled downward… in full view of Irene. That’s pretty brazen, and I’m so here for it.

Here’s that moment, with John’s outburst taken out:

So there you have it! Sherlock blatantly scoping out Irene as she looks on is canon, my friends 😁


Gif is mine

Imagine late night dancing in the kitchen with Benny Colón? 

Requested by Anon~

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to dinner.” Benny’s voice was low; both because it was just the two of you in a quiet kitchen, and because he didn’t want to disrupt the easy silence.

Your temple pressed against his, just enjoying the moment. Earlier, yeah, you were angry at Benny. But right now, he was warm and he smelled really nice and the dancing felt more like gliding. “I understand.” You mumbled in reply. “Besides, this is nice, too.”

Benny let out a low chuckle next to your ear. And it sounded genuine. “I owe you a great night out. No interruptions. Just us.”

Your arms slowly came up to wrap around his next, the two of you continuing to sway back and forth to music that wasn’t there.

Late Night Musings #2

He’s much warmer than you’d expect. The first time you’d laid together, bare skin pressed to bare skin, his heat surprised you. Vampires were always described to be cold like a dead fish, and yet here you are- cuddling with a vamp.

And you love it.

You love the feel of his coarse chest hair under your hand as you curl up against his side, tucking your head under his chin. You feel so safe in his embrace, the way his sturdy arms hold you, his fingers trailing whisper-soft against your back. He feels like home, warm and inviting, and all your own.

And you love him.

Benny Drabble #5

Submitted By: @bohowitch for my 900 Follower Celebration
All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

Benny gave you a once over before smiling as Dean introduced the two of you.
“Well anintcha just the prettiest little thing this side of the Mississippi.” He drawled.
You blushed and looked down, “Thank you.”
“Dean your girl is beautiful.”
Dean sputters “You think… We… Oh no we’re not…” you look at each other and shudder.
“We ain’t together no way no how.” You say.
“Well in that case little lady. Can I cook you dinner?”
You smiled, “I’d like that.”    

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Lei danzava sul tetto
lui a letto dormiva
lui andava a pescare
lei restava a stirare
lei aveva un’amante fisso
lui un pappagallino rosso
lei sognava spesso
lui no
Lei partì per l’Oriente
lui restò a pescare
lei tornò a stirare
lui fece finta di niente
lui si prese un’amante
lei un tranquillante
lui andava allo stadio
lei seguiva alla radio
lui fumava a catena
lei solo dopo cena
lui un giorno morì
lei no
—  Stefano Benni, Affinità

anonymous asked:

tfw you wanna yell about captain underpants stuff because your love for it has been rekindled cause of the upcoming movie but you can tell that ur irl friends Dont Care/Actively Dislike captain underpants and you know that ur online pals even if they like it arent so invested theyll wanna chat about it at length and youre just stuck either feeling too energetic from bottling it up or feeling shitty for thinking your annoyin your friends

AAAA MOOD!! tbh like i feel a bit childish liking captain underpants but it was an important part of my childhood dfhdfkd that’s why i made a sideblog for it ;0; !! at least u can always find nice ppl in the tag i’m p sure a lot of them will be willing to chat with u about it !!