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Wait I'm sorry who is Lincoln???

Ah, friend, let me introduce you to my son, Lincoln Rosario.

He was written as Nina’s older brother, who had a crush on Benny. He was a singer/songwriter and didn’t really gel with his parents, who wanted him to take over the car service one day. In his song, ‘I’m Out’ (x) Kevin and Camila are both said to not be accepting of the fact that he’s gay, either. 

He ended up being cut from the show because Lin saw Avenue Q and thought that he had a storyline too similar to one from that show, and didn’t want to seem unoriginal. 

He has a super fun, upbeat duet with Benny here (x) called ‘Handball’ in which Benny is painfully oblivious to the fact that Lincoln has a crush on him and keeps asking him about different girls. 

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Okay so one of the guys (A) goes on Grindr or something like that without telling anyone, and finds a profile that has similar matches, but it says that the other person only wants sex in the dark... A decides to go with it (looks don't matter, A's only looking for a good night) So, A goes to the motel he's told to go to, they have mind blowing sex, and either B says A's name, or B flips on the light to find something and realized its Benny/Usnavi. {I really hope this makes sense wow}

The app was perfect for what Benny was looking for - no names, and for the most part, no faces. His profile photo was him in relief, completely backlit so none of his features were recognizable. This wasn’t about making a connection; it was about finding someone to fuck and leaving as soon as it was done

Seeing a notification, he swiped over to the chat and smiled. A match. Someone close by, too. It didn’t take long to sort out the details: what motel? and are you clean? and this happens in the dark and i’ll leave first and soon enough Benny sat waiting, the latest message on his chat saying: be there in 2.

The door opened softly, a stream of light from the hallway cutting into the dark of the room, a silhouette stepping hesitantly forward. As the door swung shut, Benny padded over to the man, his eyes adjusted enough to see where he was, if not who he was.

Leaning forward, he slotted their lips together roughly, feeling him respond in enthusiasm, teeth scraping over his bottom lip. A low moan left him and he spun them around, walking them closer to the bed. His hands fumbled at the stranger’s zipper, not bothering to remove his pants entirely just yet. Gently, he maneuvered him to sit on the edge of the bed, sinking to his knees in front of him.

Teasing, he let out hot puffs of breath over his cock and only when he whined did Benny sink down on him, lips sliding slowly down, dragging over the underside. The moans coming from above him encouraged him as he brought his hand up to stroke over the parts of his dick his mouth couldn’t reach.

His tongue ran along the the head, and he hummed his satisfaction at the gasp of pleasure as he dipped into the slit, tasting the precome beading there.

Benny let out a moan himself at the feeling of a hand lacing tightly into his hair, tugging whenever happened upon a sensitive spot. A light tinge of soreness was creeping into Benny’s jaw, but he pressed on, the noises the man was making more than worth the effort. 

He had just slid his hand into his pants, palming himself over his briefs, when the hand in his hair tightened, giving two sharp tugs back. With a smirk, he hummed, letting him come into his mouth. As he pulled back, he thumbed away a drop of come off his cheek that he’d missed, bringing it to his mouth.

Slowly, he rose from his knees, looming tall over him once again. Benny could feel hands scrabbling at his pants, hear a delighted huff to find them already undone. His briefs hit the floor unceremoniously and hands drew him onto the bed, running down his chest once he was lying flat. He thrust up into them as they brushed over his cock, already hard and aching.

 A gasp tore out of him when a mouth, hot and wet and perfect, surrounded him. On a hunch, he ran his hands through his hair, smiling when he got a moan in response. Thrusting his hips up lightly, he fucked into his throat, picking up speed as he heard encouraging moans. Knowing he was close, he thrust forward a little deeper, sinking further into the slide of his mouth. It didn’t take much longer before he came with a cry, spilling down his throat.

Boneless, Benny sprawled back against the mattress, panting heavily as he came back to himself. He could feel the other man flop onto the bed beside him, equally breathless. Hear him groan out, “Oh my god.”

And the voice was gravelly and wrecked and utterly debauched but it was - that was definitely-


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Suppose that Genealogy was remade and they left everything story-wise & character-wise untouched, how would the Fates and Awakening fandom react?

I’m going to assume you mean all the terrible details that come with Jugdral. 

Everyone will treat Azel like Hayato or Ricken until they read into how he was born…..

Sigurd will be glorified like Chrom is, along with Quan & Eltshan. 

Levin will be treated like Takumi, everyone will hate him and over time will gradually come to love him. To the point where people will complain there is too much art of him. 

Arden will be like Benny, the Armor who is loved because he’s so underrepresented. 

The fandom will be split on Sylvia, I can already tell. Everyone will like her or will finds her annoying, personally I’m neutral on her. 

I can’t think of anything else, @randomnameless @demoiselledefortune @markoftheasphodel any other ideas?

Stranger Things

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Benny, Hopper

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Eleven, Nancy

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Dr. Brenner, Upside Down monster

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Dustin, Barbara


Jackie Chan vs Benny Lai in Police Story 2 警察故事續集

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