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“Why are you running?” You asked as Benny hurtled around the corner and grabbed your arm, spinning you, as he tugged you in the other direction.

“Giant… fluff… scales… man-eating.” He babbled and you sighed.

“Thought so.” You hurried after him as he tugged you along until you spotted the humongous creature and an open man hole. “Benny, shrink it when it runs over that!”

“Urm… ok.” He mumbled and after a few terrifying minutes the creature shot down several inches and vanished through the hole “You’re too good for this world.” Benny decided.

“I try.” You giggled as he laughed along with you, walking you to Ethan’s.

Skiing head canons for In the heights

(I sent an ask to @hamiltonandfluff and now I can’t stop thinking about it. No need for skiing knowledge to get this AU. But I have used some skier lango in this post, but I have also tried to explain it. Just alpine skiing are split into five events, downhill, super-g (speed events), slalom. giant slalom (technical events) and combined that is both )

-Vanessa is such a speed queen I can’t even start. She absolutely loves it, races were top speed is over 120 km/h is her jam. Downhill being her favorite over super-g because she can just give zero fucks any give everything. It is a common joke to say downhillers are people that don’t have fear or are simply crazy. She probably tried technical events when she was young, but she always gave to much guts and ended up skiing out of the hill.

-Also the new FIS rules that say you get a ticket every time you hit the snow with your stick when you skies out. She probably doesn’t give a fuck and it is a twitter dedicated to her reactions.

-Nina is the technical wonder kid (think Mikaela Shiffrin only latina). Seriously her technic is amazing, but she wasn’t a natural. She was one of those kids. The one who spent more time in the video room (a video room is where you watch a tape of your race to find mistakes) then out in the hill. Like seriously if you couldn’t find Nina Rosario when she was growing up she was sitting out on the fire escape watching her runs and taking notes. 

-Nina and Vanessa grows up together and they ski together. The waked up at 5 am together to get the first lift, they competed together since they were 6 and they helped make each other better. When they start competing the World Cup reporters try to minimize their relationship to a bitch fight and they are not having ant of it. (It is probably a different twitter dedicated to Vanessa’s sassy answer to reporters)

-But, Nina and Vanessa do not start competing in the World cup at the same time. They both get offered scholarships and while Nina accepts, Vanessa turns it down. Nina thinks it is smart to get an education and to compete in the American Cup before they take the step to the World Cup, while Vanessa thinks it is wasting their talent to not start competing with the big players right away.

(”But, Nina we have not worked for competing on some university team, we worked for the real deal” Vanessa strokes Nina’s hair while they are laying in bed together.

“Well this is the real deal. And what if we don’t make it?” Vanessa pops up to interrupt her “Nessa, hear me out. We are not going to become living legends over night. Just showing up in the WC with noting to show for us, what will people think?”)

-They end up disagreeing. Nina ends up competing in the American Cup for Stanford alpine skiing while Vanessa starts competing in the World Cup she is ranked number 113 and hardly a household name,but every time she sees the victory ceremony she remembers that soon that will be her.

-Most tv channels only shows the 30 best ranked in the world, but Nina always finds a link so she is sure to see Vanessa crushing down some mountain in Austria in 120 km/h.

-It is during these early years that Vanessa meets the speed coach Benny and the technical coach Usnavi. Benny is exactly Vanessa’s type of coach focusing on just tons of training. He makes energy smoothies and wakes her up at 6 am to jog.

-The first time Usnavi meets Vanessa he is all *hearteyes* so he probably begs Benny to have a training with her. 

-Usnavi probably comes really prepared for the training with tons of videos and lots of remarks on her technic. Vanessa probably doesn’t care she is a downhiller at heart and she knows her technic has to be better to be the best in the world but one thing at the time. Vanessa probably makes it her little game to get Usnavi all flustered during these meetings. Leaning up to him, smirking at him and Usnavi always starts blushing and rambling. His remarks can go from “Just make sure your swings are not that wide” to “and then I said to the Austrian well it is not my problem”.

-The year Nina finally joins the World Cup team after winning the American cup twice Vanessa finds Usnavi and gives him the talk. The only thing more holy than the best friend-to-friend’s-boyfriend talk is the best friend-to.friend’s-futher-trainer talk. The talk mostly consists of a lot of “if you don’t help her become the best in the world I will kill you”. When the talk is over Usnavi leaves more in love then ever.

-Nina and Vanessa gets totally different starts in the World Cup. While Vanessa had to fight herself from the bottom Nina, because of her American cup victories, gets to start with a much higher bib and gets a lot easier many top 30 placements. Vanessa does’t regret starting early, she has a World Cup routine that rivals skiers ten years her senior.

-Benny meets Nina in an hotel in Switzerland during one of the few weekends were the tech skiers and the speed skiers have competition together. First Benny must admit he doesn’t realize this THE Nina Rosario. He thinks she is a reporter at first because with such a pretty face she got to be on television right.

-When Benny actually understands who Nina is he keeps cool on the outside, but on the inside he out freaking out.

-Vanessa is the first of her and Nina to be ranked top thirty in the world. When Vanessa tells her they buy a bottle of champagne and get drunk while hanging out in a Slovenia town they can’t pronounce. Nina becomes a top thirty skier a month later and they are on different continents but Vanessa still calls her and they jump around in their respective hotel rooms just like when the were young girls.

-Nina is the first to get a podium. She cries and Vanessa is there and they hug together because it is everything they have ever dreamed off. Usnavi probably hugs Nina too, while Benny kisses her on the cheek before releasing what he just did and try to downplay it.

-Within two seasons Nina is in the red group (the seven best ranked skiers in the world) in both technical events and Vanessa is in the red group in both speed events.

-They start to get interviews. Nina has probably already learned fluent German while in University (German is considered the language of alpine skiing) and know just enough words in Norwegian and French to charm reporters and fans, while Vanessa brings a translator to all non-English interviews. She is trying to become the best in the world she does’t have time for learning languages. 

-After a couple years they are the undisputed queens in each their events. And the overall titles always go to one of them (I can’t decided who got it first it is to hard)

-Nina makes a move on Benny the first time after she won a title (not the overall just a title). They are drinking champagne on the roof and Vanessa had to go to bed early because her last competition is the day after (”Stupid competition keeping me from drinking with my girl” she mutters when she leaves.)

-Benny and Nina end up talking about languages. Nina listens to his poor attempts to speak German and decided to teach him Spanish. The talk the night away and when they can see the sun coming up from between the mountains, Nina leans in and whispers “Bésame. Benny answers “I have no idea what that means, but I really want to kiss you”

-During the competition that day they are disgustingly cute. Vanessa probably fakes throwing up when she sees them.

-During the Olympics Nina is the flag bearer. The federation thought Vanessa was a little to “edgy” and might try to make it all to “political”. Well, guess who got an surprise for them when they both were little flag pins with the  flags of Puerto Rico, Cuba, D.R., Mexico etc. on their jackets. Later they proudly show them to the reporters. After the parade Vanessa gives the D.R. pin to Usnavi with a wink.

-Vanessa gets to gold medals, but this time the tables are turned and Nina can’t celebrate because of competition, they agree that after Nina’s races they are going to paint the city red. But, Vanessa wants someone to celebrate with and ends up with Usnavi. They don’t drink champagne because Usnavi can’t open it and Vanessa is to thirsty to care so they drink beers. The night is mostly spent with Usnavi rambling and Vanessa chiming in with a comment here and there. Vanessa doesn’t announce that she is going to kiss him, she just does it cutting him off in the middle of a sentence. 

-The next day the watch the races together and hold hands. Nina gives them thumbs up from the victory podium.

-Benny and Usnavi is the most embarrassing boyfriends ever during competition. Every time the camera pans to them and it it written “Nina Rosario’s boyfriend and Vanessa Garcia’s boyfriend” they make a huge deal at pointing at the boyfriend part. Benny has a sign with “Nina’s biggest fan” written on it. Nina openly loves it and Vanessa secretly loves it.

Other ITH characters in this AU:

-Sonny is a ski jumper.

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^this is ski jumping. Claudia has prays every time he competes.

-Pete is a snowboarder. This is one of the reasons Usnavi doesn’t like him. Skiers vs Snowboarders is super serious.

-Camilia and Kevin are the parents that made sure Nina (and Vanessa) uses their full potential. When Nina won Levi she named a reindeer after them (it is tradition to get a reindeer if you win a Levi race) Sonny is jealous of the reindeer.

-Carla and Daniela are the fan club. The ladies that creates the banners, knits the embarrassing hats and would rather die than miss a race

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soOOO NiNAAA,,,,, I hEaR yOU'Ve bEeN taLKiN to bENNY

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I still love this ship and think that Benny was the best thing possible for Dean. There is an equality between them that just isn’t there for some of the other Dean ships and a companionship - the sort that last for decades and doesn’t burn out.

Sadly, it is no longer my OTP to end all OTPs. But it holds a strong corner of my heart.

  • twindad+1: I know it's late and you probably won't see this until tomorrow and it's going to be the long text from hell, but I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Cas. I fucked up. I hurt you, I hurt us. I'm sorry. I went to the doc's today and she switched my meds. Had blood drawn and she wants me to get a full physical. I set that up for Tuesday. I called Benny and apologized. I want to call you. I'd give anything to hear your voice right now. I love you so much, and I hope to god you don't hate me. I hope I'm not making it worse by sending you this. Please come home. I miss you and I'm going to try harder, I swear. I can't lose you, baby. I can't. You and those kids? You're my whole fucking world. I want you to come home. I love you.
  • cassbutt: I was never not coming home, Dean. I'm coming home Monday. I'm not leaving you. I still love you. Please try and sleep. We'll talk tomorrow. You're my heart. Goodnight, my love.
  • Twindad+1: thank you. I love you. Goodnight.

did you know that, despite benny’s holiday cheer, he rarely chooses to spend christmas with anyone? :’) he’s usually too shy (and concerned about ‘being in the way’). not to mention sad, but that’s a detail for another, longer post.