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@i-luv-benny-c:  This and other recent BC pics from Sherlock-Con give me cause for concern.  He looks highly polluted. His whole face looks bloodshot with broken capillaries and his eyes are bloodshot too. Compare the smoothness of the skin on his fingers with his complexion. He looks like a combination of alcohol oozing from his pores mixed with excessive tanning and leathery skin damage.  And those crevices under his eyes just keep getting deeper. I haven’t been so concerned for him since those jogging pics from back in January 2015 and his anorexic appearance during Hamlet when you could see a hole in his neck when he looked up.

I wonder if BC was dreading Sherlock-Con so much that he had to drink to excess to numb the pain, maybe worried over questions about Pilo.  Seriously, he looks so bad in these new pics that I’m really afraid he’s melting down.  TBH, I thought he looked a bit aged at the Pink Floyd gig. He looked much better at Comic-con just a couple of months ago, so what’s happening?  Accelerated aging from stress again?  Too much tanning during his holiday?  I’ve always loved his alabaster skin and now he’s destroying it and risking melanoma (redheads are at greater risk of dying from it).

Seeing these pics, I’m really concerned over the DS promo tour and how he’ll hold up.  He should be looking and feeling his best.

Anna:  @i-luv-benny-c, personally, I am not the least bit concerned regarding his health and habits.  I think Ben at this point is more focused than he’s ever been during the past 2 years and it showed on Sherlocked.

As to the differences you’ve noticed on his skin, I think it’s a combination of aging, sun damage, the toll the stress of the past two years has taken on him, bad makeup, bad lighting and high def photographs  ;o)

Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts

SPN Writing Challenge | envydean vs. @ashiewesker

Prompt: Apple Cider
Pairings: Destiel
Word count: 897
Tags: AU, Human/Modern AU, alcohol, drunkenness, pre-slash, absolute dorks


It turned out, judging by Castiel’s goofy expression, that the apple cider Ellen stocked for the autumn was stronger than anticipated. He was kind of dazed, pupils dilated as he glanced at Dean from across the table. They were out with Benny, Charlie, Dorothy and Gabriel having a Friday night chill out after long weeks at college and work.

The fact that Castiel was incredibly drunk was a miracle in itself seeing as he had the highest tolerance to alcohol in their group.

Ellen came over to check on them.

“You broke Cas,” Dean slurred looking over at Cas who was swaying slightly as he sat. Dean hadn’t missed the stolen glances in his direction, he wasn’t the subtlest person, let alone when he was drunk.

“I think the two o’ ya need to drink some water or those googly eyes you’re pulling at each other are gonna fall out.” She stated with a chuckle, prompting the rest of the group to begin laughing.

“I.. I don ‘ave goo… google eyes.” Dean scowled, crossing his arms and focussing on the ring of condensation on the wooden table.

“I ‘ave gooey eyes!” Cas practically shouted.

Ellen was doing her best to keep a straight face but was failing, she hooked a finger under Dean’s chin and looked at him thoughtfully. Some kind of conversation passed between them, not that any of the others noticed.

“Two glasses of water comin’ up, then I gotta throw you out so I can close up.”

“Thank you, Ellen,” Benny chimed in, scooting closer to Gabriel and shuffling him out of the circular booth.

They all stood, gathering their coats and bags before heading out the bar. They gathered outside, shoulders hunched, loud-mouthing each other.

“Dororortheee and I are leavin’ your asses ‘ere.” Charlie yelled louder than was necessary and took hold of a much less drunk Dorothy’s hand and strode away.

“Wait!” Cas called after them. “I didn’t get my hug!” He whined. Of course, Cas wanted hug from everyone before they left even though they’d see each other the next Friday. Dean chuckles to himself, or at least he thought it was to himself until Benny and Gabriel gave him an odd look and nudged his in the ribs with a smirk. He shrugged his shoulders at them and watched as Castiel practically squeezed the life out of Charlie and then Dorothy before swiftly moving on to Benny and giving Gabriel a pat on the head because “you’re not that pretty, Gabe.”.

He turned to Dean next and Dean felt suddenly sober with the look Cas gave him. It was indescribable.

“No need for a hug, buddy, I’m walkin’ ya home.” His speech was still slurred by the pint of water Ellen had given him seemed to have helped a little.

Castiel grinned at him then, before thrusting his hand through the gap between Dean’s arm and body where he had his hands in his pocket and linked arms with him.

Dean simply sighed and shouted his goodbyes to the rest of their group before walking in the opposite direction. It was lucky that they only had a fifteen minute walk or this could have been a long walk home.

Castiel did not stop chatting, Dean zoning in and out of the slurred one-sided conversation. Something about the protection of bees and sales at the Gas ‘n’ Sip he worked at.

They eventually rounded the corner to their street. They lived five doors from each other – a happy convenience.


“Yeah, Cas.”

“Your dad’s not home is he?” Cas asked, stopping them outside of Dean’s house. Dean shook his head.

“Dad’s been outta town most this week, dunno when he’ll be back.”

“… and you said that Sam was at his friend’s house?”

Dean nodded again, suspicious of where this was going.

“Can I sleep over for the night?”

“You live less than a minute away.” Dean explained, shaking his head with a chuckle.

“But what if I wanna spend it with you?” He whispered harshly into Dean’s ear. Dean flushed and was thankful it was dark.

A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, Dean reminded himself and smirked. He wished he’d known this beforehand, hell, he’d been thinking of Cas far too much in the last few months.

Before he even allowed it, Dean was pulling Cas towards his front door and searching for his keys.

He laughed raucously as they stumbled up the stairs and into Dean’s bedroom. Cas was smiling, his huge goofy smile that only seemed to appear when he was drunk because in sober life he was stubbornly stoic. Not that Dean minded because he was still beau…

Dean stilled, shirt half off. He shook that thought from his mind and carried on undressing, it was only when he wandered across the room in just his boxers did he notice Cas staring at him, eyebrow quirked.

“Wha’?” Dean startled, pulling out a shirt from the drawer.

Cas just smirked and holy shit does Dean know that smirk. He’d seen it before when Cas was in college enticing Balthazar into their dorm room, and Dean had never moved so fast in his life.

Then, though, Dean felt glued to the floor, shirt dangling from his hand.

Cas beckoned him over, swaying a little on his feet; how Dean was ever going to deny that – well…

doilycoffin  asked:

deansambenny and wincestiel for the ship thing :D


ship: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART


ship: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

Bad Christian Boys

read it on the AO3 at

by Returnofmorningstar

Castiel is just a simple English teacher. He goes to confession, he is nice to his students, and he follows the rules. So what did he do to deserve the attention of notorious bad boy Dean Winchester?

Words: 2213, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

(thank you to @londonlock​ for this AMAZING Trailer for this week’s watchalong!)

Get ready for pain and suffering during the end of The Hobbit Trilogy Extended Editions Marathon, starring Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage, and Benny as Smaug and the Necromancer! 


RUN TIME: 2h44m


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NOTE THAT THERE IS A ROOM LIMIT OF 25 PEOPLE AT A TIME. If you cannot get in, it’s because the room is full. You can keep trying to get in if someone knocks out.

One thing I am going to please request is that if you come to the first show but want to stay for the second, can you please wait until 15 minutes AFTER showtime (since I always start a little bit late to let the stragglers get in) so that people who couldn’t make the first show have a chance to get into the room? Just so everyone has a fair chance at seeing the show!

I’ll post up the link to the Rabbit room HALF HOUR BEFORE EACH SHOWTIME! You DO NOT need a copy to watch it, I’m taking care of all the deets :)

You do NOT have to join Rabb.It to watch with us! Enter a name to go by, and select “Chat Only” when prompted. Once you get into the room, click on the little chat icon in the bottom corner to interact with the crew!

As a side note, and because we’ve been having this become a common occurrence I thought I should mention it. When you log in, PLEASE ensure that your microphone is turned off UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO BE TALKING TO US.

There has been incidents in past watchalongs that mics were accidentally left on and we could hear people doing other things, fighting with people, or talking on the phone with their friends… Unless you intend to interact with the chat via mic (which is COMPLETELY OKAY), please keep the mics off, as the background noise is distracting to a lot of people, myself included, who cannot focus on too many noises.

This is for the desktop version... I have no idea how to work with the mobile version so I can’t help you with it.


PLEASE NOTE: Because this is in the hobbit tag, I should warn y’all that we are a group of Johnlockers who WILL scream about Johnlock, but ALL SHIPS WELCOME! Bagginshield! Smaugbo! Kiliel! Tauregolas (??) Aidean! Please come enlighten us! OR you can mute the chat completely and just watch the movie :)

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heres my list for inktober: new vegas edition if anyone wants to jump on in!

1st week Companions: Arcade, Boone, Cass, Lily, Raul, Veronica, Rex and/or ED-E

2nd week Think Tank (human or robot): Klein, Mobius, Dala, Dr. 0, Borous, Dr. 8, favorite sink personality (or all of them if you feel up to it)

3rd week Other DLC: Christine Royce, Dean Domino, Dog/God, Elijah, Joshua Graham and/or Daniel, Waking cloud and/or Followers-Chalk, Ulysses

4th week Bosses?: benny, Yes man, caesar, kimball, house, papa khan, elder mcnamara

•  Last 4 days all for the courier: favorite outfit in game, favorite dlc outfit, eating favorite consumable, and favorite place to be in the game!

Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts

read it on the AO3 at

by HollyBlue2

A drunken night out ends with Dean taking Cas home.

Words: 896, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 11 of SPN Writing Challenge Entries

read it on the AO3 at