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Who are some of your favorite blogs? I'm looking for some more to follow (mainly Stranger Things related, if I may narrow my question.) Thanks, and I'm absolutely obsessed with your blog!

Thank you so much anon!!! ^_^ These blogs never fail make me smile:

@eggos-and-promises @raesberri @valbirch @forfutureglory @irisvioletta @promiseleven @elevenseggbros @sstrangerthaneleven @reedstrangerthings @dailystrangerthings @bichaelwheeler @justice-for-benny @m11kee @baileytsample @jonathanandnancybyers @dazzlingtiredeyes @reallyjustaneggoscommercial @sincerewheeler @finnseggo @strangebows @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak @incorrect-stranger-things-quotes @weirdo-stranger-things

Awesome blogs and awesome people. Go check them out! :)

So, I drew Deanna from Kikistiel’s webcomic Idolon…I cannot tell you how much I love Deanna…she is my all time favorite character thus far and I can’t wait to continue reading to learn more of Dee’s  story….

If you haven’t heard of Idolon I definitely recommend it 10/10. It’s about gay ladies and it’s very loosely based off of CW’s TV show Supernatural. Aka the show I absolutely live for.

Ps I honestly don’t know how to use tumblr so I don’t know how to tag both the artist of the comic and the comic itself….i’m a noob at tumblr i started late…but you can find them by type either in the search bar. :)