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What do you specifically dislike about Steam Machine?

lmao im supposed to be writing an essay on WW2 but i saw this and thought i had to explain 

ok, so Steam Machine is probably one of my most forced plots I have

i did not take the time to actually write the story out, I did not take the time and care to flesh out the characters

i did not take the time to care about this story, this was supposed to be a link between Kenny and 8-ball

all of the characters themselves were forcefully made, Thomas, Benny and Clara are probably my least fave characters, Vilex isn’t mine, he’s jacobs, and Jake took a lot of time into Vilex, thats why everyone likes him the most 

Slim is ok since ya know, he hasn’t done too much besides provide a couple of lines

I wanted this story to be the shortest one, because this one is just absolutely horrible

i dont want this story anymore, i dont like this concept, i dont like any part of this story

if i could, i would give these characters away [for a price] but i cant bc jake likes this story 

i wanted to work on the good ending a lot before i did anything else because the good ending has a LOT more to do with the actual timeline rather than the bad ending

even tho the bad ending is the REAL ending

it might not be after I finish this shit

i probably wont even make it a comic, I’ll probably just post the script because i just


wanna do this anymore with Steam Machine