benny silver

The Big Question

Characters: Benny, Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairing: Benny and Reader 

Warnings: Uh…fluff? I dunno, some language I guess. 

A/N: IT LIVES!!!! So my laptop crashed and I just got it back today. Me and @hunters-hiraeth  had this beautiful conversation about what takes place in this little fic. She is my muse. I owe her my life. Also, I know I write a lot of Benny but honestly he’s the character that just speaks to me ( and oh do I love to hear hims speak) but I’m trying to branch out I swear. 

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Loud music thrummed through the atmosphere of the bar, mixing with people’s voices and laughter. Benny rested his elbows on the warn wooden table, smiling at the sight of Dean and Y/N bantering back and forth. Y/N was teasing the oldest Winchester about striking out with the bar tender. “ I’m telling you guys,” the cheerful tone in her voice made Benny feel relaxed and at ease, “ She turned him down so flat I thought I was going to have to peel Dean-o off the floor.” Dean flushed bright pink, but didn’t lose the sheepish smile from his face. Sam laughed and took a sip of his whiskey, “ The infamous Dean Winchester, turned down. Will wonders never cease?”

Dean cut his eyes, “ She said she had a boyfriend.” He tried to sound annoyed but broke into a bigger smile when Y/N threw her arms around his neck. Benny understood the power that little girl had. She was a walking ray of sunshine, even in their hurricane of a life. “ Hate to break it to you, Casanova, but that is the oldest line in the book.” Y/n giggled again before perching on Benny’s lap and leaning back into his body. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Benny burred his nose into the nape of her neck and inhaled her scent. Turning her head, Y/n smiled softly at him, her y/c/e going gentle before she kissed him quickly. “ You ok?” she whispered, running a hand up his arm. It had been a rough hunt, all four bearing various bruises and scars from the demons that had been terrorizing the small town.

Benny kissed her back and ran a thumb over Y/n’s cheekbone, “ Right as rain, dahlin’. Don’t worry ‘bout me.” Y/n smiled, and jumped up from her place and grabbed Sam’s arm. “ Come on, Too Tall. Lets go play pool so I can kick your ass.”

Benny watched Y/N walk away, an admiring eye on her denim clad backside. A chuckle from Dean made the vampire turn to look at his friend. “ What’s funny, chief?”

Dean took a swig of beer and shook his head, “ You have it bad, man. Chick flick central.”

Benny smiled and looked back at to where Y/N was laughing at something Sam said, her head thrown back and eyes closed. “ That I do, brother. I’m wrapped around her little finger.”

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I have a theory for the scene in Bone For Tuna when they’re sending Benny off with the heroin and he pulls the gun out.

As great as Meyer and Charlie’s reactions are, the way Meyer just turns away is like, God damn it, not again. As in, Benny has probably done it before.

But Charlie is the most interesting. As paranoid as the man already is, he actually jumps back and puts his hands up a bit, like this same experience has happened but worse.

I can bet you somewhere on a wall in that office, there’s at least one hole where Benny has tried to be funny but accidentally pulled the trigger, and probably almost took Charlie out.


Rose Leslie as DS Emma Jones in Luther’s upcoming season 4. (x)
Luther will be back with its one-off special on Thursday, December 17th, in USA, and on Tuesday, December 15th, at BBC One.

Written by Neil Cross and directed by No Good Deed’s Sam Miller, the cast will include Rose Leslie, Laura Haddock, Darren Boyd, John Heffernan and Patrick Malahide, with Michael Smiley and Dermot Crowley returning as Benny Silver and DSU Martin Schenk respectively.