That moment when you find yourself naming off all the characters that the supernatural writers need to bring back

1. Bobby

2. Lucifer

3. Chuck

4. Gabriel

5. Balthazar

6. Becky

7. Charlie

8. Jo

9. Ellen

10. Adam

11. Rufus

12. Kevin

13. Bela

14. Ash

15. Samandriel

16. Krissy

17. Ruby (Blonde)

18. Meg

19. Ben

20. Lisa

21. Garth 

22. Mr. Fizzles

23. Andy

24. Benny

25. Death

Edit: July 17 2014 cause I realized I forgot people and I forgot Number 7

26. Jesse

27. Missouri 

28. Linda

29 (or 29 & 30 if you count the 2 seperate.) Ghost Facers

30. Mary

31. Pamela

do you ever get emotional about the fact that Benny — big, burly, vampire Benny — didn’t protest when Dean cut ties with him? Benny didn’t hold over him all the things he’d done for him, he didn’t get angry and say Dean owed him, he just quietly accepted it. and when Dean called him up to ask him for the motherlode of favors, Benny didn’t get pissed that Dean would ask for help after abandoning him, he just freely did what he could to save Dean’s brother.

of all the fictional vampires in the world to love, I’m pretty sure Benny should be at the top of the list.