In Over His Head - Ch. 10

Anonymous asked: Meg! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Okay, I’ll stop shouting now. Can I request a AU with Castiel? Where Cas was Jimmy’s twin brother and adopted Claire after Jimmy died and he hires the reader as a nanny for Claire and they end up getting together? Is this okay? I really like Cas and I love watching “The Nanny” and I just know you could do a great job with this! Please??

I can’t believe we’re at part 10!! Castiel finds out what happened to you, Benny realizes something and Dean welcomes a new family member! I do not own ANY SPN characters. They belong to the creators of the show.

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Warnings: Angst, a tiny bit of fluff, mentions of birth and injury, sad Benny and Cas. 

Pairing: Castiel x fem!reader x Benny, Dean. 

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Castiel hung up the phone in a panic and tried to call someone to come watch Claire. Finally, he got a hold of Ellen who agreed to come over. As soon as Ellen arrived, Castiel was out the door and headed for the hospital. On the way, he called Benny and informed him what happened. Castiel sped as quickly as he could to the hospital. To you. He arrived in record time.

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