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Deep Space Nine RECAP: 6x13

Whoa wait. Somehow in everyone’s pitching of notable™ episodes to recap and season primers and what all else, I had not gotten that this one was


Wow okay!!

Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Far Beyond the Stars’

Captain Benjamin Sisko sits at his desk surrounded by a litter of iPads, like so many fallen leaves — like so many of his fallen comrades.

“The Cortez was a good ship!” he mourns to Major Kira. He had introduced the captain to his wife. And now, the war with the Dominion has taken them too.

Kira passes Papa Sisko at the doorway — Ben’s dad is finally visiting Deep Space 9! But it has not been the cheeriest visit, laden down as Ben has been with war and loss. Sweetly, his dad tells him that’s actually why he came: “I’ve been worried about you. The last couple of times we talked it seemed like you were carrying the weight of the entire Alpha Quadrant on your shoulders.”

Captain Atlas confides that he doesn’t know how much more he can bear. He wonders…he wonders if he should pass the weight to someone else. Let someone else make the decisions, have the glories and the losses. Have his command.

Papa Sisko assures Ben he will support him no matter what happens.

What then happens is René Auberjonois walking past the door wearing an old-fashioned suit & hat, which presumedly is not what he had in mind.

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Happy Birthday Benny

So I didn’t make it to finishing the Benny fic (gonna be a day late and a dollar short) but I thought I could do something for Benny anyway (especially since I haven’t written for him yet and he’s one of my favs). So, lots free headcanons.


  • Of course, the generic- Benoit is his name and Benny is his nickname 
  • Benny makes amazing flower crowns
  • Benny totally cried at his wedding (Charlotte gave a great speech- and even better one when she got drunk)
  • He keeps a diary journal
  • He drops his weapon and forgets it so you can often see him trotting back to get it (people say he went off to murder somebody with his BARE HANDS and then decided a weapon would be better for his BRUTAL MURDER TIME)
  • He always goes with Keaton on his adventures (and leads the way home) but regrets going every time because Keaton takes him to the creepiest places (so he sews a lot more charms)
  • Benny has a hard time shopping for things to wear so he sews his own clothes pretty often
  • He spends holidays with Charlotte’s family, getting along well with them

Romance (Corrin)

  • Corrin drags chairs around to stand even with Benny (and Ignatius), or drags them to something Corrin can stand on, and Benny tries not to think it’s the cutest thing and smile at them
  • Corrin sometimes sleeps straight up on Benny and it doesn’t bother him
  • Corrin loves holding their hand up to Bennys because of the difference
  • Corrin tries very hard to make Benny laughs and considers is a momentous occasion worth celebrating when able to- but has to do it subtly because if they make too big of a deal Benny gets super embarrassed
  • Benny kisses really gently, usually picking up and carrying Corrin for them

Family (Corrin)

  • Corrin gets a bit peeved when even Kana ends up taller than them and Corrin ends up the tiny one in the family (Kana never fills out like his brother and dad but he gets a bit of height)
  • Ignatius was a chubby baby that did not like strangers and one of the only ways to get him to fall asleep was to let him sleep on his parents chest to hear their heartbeat
  • Little Kana loves to sit on Benny’s shoulder, finally taller than everybody 

I’ve been meaning to try the style i use for drawing cartoon animal’s on my human art and yo
It turned out good???

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(Ps: Giant is not a man, She/They pronouns thanks!)

Some of you may not know this, but today is the birthday of the actual ray of fucking sunshine that is Ben “Benny Bunny” Smith. 

Now, Benny here, is a small town boy from Connecticut, and he is a little bit of a shy bunny. His smiles make unicorns cry. Look at it. Look at it and try not to smile back at him. 


Anyway, Ben also pulls off some pretty sick shit on the ice, such as this genius goal on fellow Connecticutian, Jonathan Quick:

Now, as if this wasn’t all enough, the little shit also brought his own Captain America suit for the bhtv Christmas Video. We all know which one that is.

*pssssst, it’s this one

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Benny Bunny is the cutest little shit on the planet, has a major bromance with Saad, and cuddles puppies in his spare time. Happy Birthday Benjamin, I hope it was magical 


It was only a matter of time...

(Yay time skips)

The sun was casting an orange glow over the blue waters of the cove, shimmering against the waves the light caught in Scotty’s eyes. Blue orbs flitted over the water in tired searching, his arm bandaged up to the elbow as he rested it in his lap. The Texan sat cross legged at the edge of the dock, frowning to the glowing waters, mind ever wandering over the events of the last few hours.

“What’s wrong with ya,” he asked the absent shark, the animal neglecting to resurface since the attack of Red the bear, no doubt in just as much pain as the man who sat wondering, searching for a way to fix this problem, this irritation with his shark, but finding none.

The thud of boots on wood caught the American’s attention but his eyes never left the water. A weight dropping down behind him and arms wound around his frame, a chin on his head, and he sighed into the body behind him. “She’ll be fine,” Benny said into his hair, nuzzling it with her nose and kissing the top of his head.

His hands found her’s and he let them hang with a grip on her wrists, sighing once more. “Thinkin’ maybe she’s stressed,” he said dully, feeling Benny’s body lean against his own and he relaxed back into hers, remembering her own body was much harder than any other woman’s he had been in contact with, and in all honesty, after being close with the brunette for so long, the idea of a softer form seemed almost foreign to him, he’d grown so used to a woman with coarse fingers and scarred skin and hard stomach.

“Think we’re all a lil stressed,” Benny said, smirking and holding up her bandaged hand before the Texan.

Scotty copied the smirk, taking her hand and kissing where her finger had once been. “You should see Jenny. She looks like shit…”

“That chick looks like shit. You see her leg, dude?”

Heh, for some reason Scotty found it the cutest thing to hear Benny say “dude”. He didn’t know why, but he did, and he smiled genuinely at her comment.

“And fuckin’ bears man,” the woman continued, watching the water as the blonde. “Who'da thunk this island could get any weirder.”

Scotty nodded, narrowing his eyes suddenly at the sea in wondering. “Say, you don’t turn into a wolf at all do ya?”

A hearty chuckle from the woman and she kissed his head once more, squeezing his shoulders in her arms. “Hah, I wish, honey. It’d be cool wouldn’t it?”

A shrug from the blonde and another smirk. “Spose so.”

Meanwhile Carlos emerged from the shanty, wiping sweat from his brow as the heat and humidity were taking a toll on him, especially in such a cramped space filled with warm bodies and he was happy to feel a breeze rustle through his hair. Pyro bounded out next to him, smiling a stitched lip smile as he nudged his fellow Hispanic with an elbow, eliciting a grump from the older man.

“What a day huh?” the red haired man mentioned with a chuckle. “Gave you something to do.”

Carlos nodded slowly, sighing and eyeing the two pirates on the dock, hoping he wouldn’t be called to aid a shark now. They proved to be quick healers so he dubbed it unlikely, though from the story it seemed Jennifer would be sporting a few scars of her own now.

Casting near black eyes towards the captain’s throne room he sighed once more, rubbing at his face with blood covered hands, leaving a streak of red across his brow. “One hell of a day, cabron,” he muttered, dragging his backpack behind him after digging out a Bottle of water. He headed towards the throne, the most comfortable looking seat in the cove, and disregarded any and all prospects of a pissed off Brandon. Wherever that man had drug himself off to–probably to fuck Jack, he thought bitterly to himself–it was clear he would not be returning until sobered, and with a man that size an with that much alcohol in his body, it could very well take a while.

And back in the caves, back in the men’s sleeping quarters, a passed out Brandon’s arm was draped over a sleeping Dante, and not a Jack in sight. Leave it to a pervert though for his hand to find the waist of the boy’s jeans, fingers slipping down the front of his pants in absent interest, and there they rest, a crashed Brandon unable to attempt anything more as unconsciousness won over horniness.