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Rent quizzes are all like

what is your favorite past time??

  • filming stuff

  • stripping

  • playing musetta’s waltz on your guitar

  • being a lawyer and helping people get hired by buzzline

  • wearing leather pants, flirting with people, and mooing

  • dressing up in christmas drag
  • getting mugged in an alley way and being taken in by a drag queen
  • collecting rent from poor people who used to be your friends

Another genius Temple Run idea: Temple Run Rent. Play as Mark automatically but you can buy Roger, Mimi, Collins, Maureen, Joanne and Angel. Run away from Benny as he tries to collect the rent. Also a variation of Angel you can play is regular clothes Angel or drag queen Angel. Jump over burning piles of eviction papers.

Musical Theatre Roles from Lowest to Highest (male range)

I’m not nearly as familiar with the ins and outs of the male range, so I’ve made the range divisions much more general.  Some of these characters are definitely up for interpretation for which vocal part they fall under, but if you feel a character is way out of place, please let me know!  I absolutely could have mixed up one of the octave numbers here, so please don’t be shy about messaging me, I would really appreciate it actually!

Note that I’ve placed some of these based on what the original casting call labelled them as, not my own interpretation.  Also note that I’ve based each of these octave numbers on the piano octave numbering.  There’s a lot of discrepancy in how male range is labelled, so if in doubt, remember that I’ve based this off of the piano octaves.

Don’t know your vocal range?  Check out this video for help figuring it out!

You can find the female counterpart to this post here!

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