benny and penny


You’re killing him!

This episode of Star Trek aired in 1998, and was set in the 1950’s. Why are we still dealing with identical scenarios? Why are the same racism, police violence, and systemic injustices at play in 2014?

My Freeze Ray
Music and Lyrics by Joss Whedon, Performed by Neil Patrick Harris
My Freeze Ray


Doctor Awesome’s Sing Along Blog

My friend artisticallyreadyandenthused came up with this crossover a year or two back.  We dug it out of her sketchbooks and she gave me permission to expand on it.  I’m obsessed.  you guys might start seeing a lot of this.

There are a few characters still up in the air but the basics are Gilbert at Benny, Matthew as Penny, And Alfred as Captain Hammer.  So there would be PruCan and AmeCan.  As much as I love America he’s gotta be the antagonist on this one because Captain Hammer’s hero song is too perfect for him.

Never seen Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog?  Click here to watch it.  So worth your time.


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