benno graziani

Benno Graziani spent time with close friend Jackie Kennedy, whom he met when she was a fellow photographic journalist - and continued to photograph her throughout her life.

“She (Jackie) began as a reporter-photographer and led a truly exceptional life, a fairy tale transformed into Greek tragedy. Today she is part of history,” Graziani added. “There are people who make history, those who endure it, and those who tell about it. That’s me.”


Benno Graziani & Jackie Kennedy, Amalfi, Italy 1962. photo by Benno Graziani

In 1962 the first lady visited Italy with her sister Lee Radziwill while on an official White House trip to India. Photographer Benno Graziani captured several images of her during this vacation. These rarely seen photos will be on view at drkrm Gallery in Downtown L.A.’s Chinatown from Sept. 7-28.  Still hungering for more about Jackie and this trip, read “Mrs. Kennedy & Me,” by her body guard, secret service agent Clint Hill.