Major Lazer & Camila Cabello Have Made 'Over 20 Songs' Together: Exclusive

Major Lazer are dishing some major details about their studio time with Camila Cabello.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard Dance on Tuesday, the dance supergroup divulged more about their forthcoming collaborations with the former Fifth Harmony member. The trio’s founder Diplo has teased their studio time together multiple times on Snapchat, the latest being back in January alongside Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat.

And it seems the year-long stream of social media snippets resulted in a lot of unreleased material between them.

“We made like 20 songs with Camila Cabello,” Diplo says. “We love her.”

The Grammy winner also reflected on the time Walshy Fire took the “Bad Things” singer to one of her first club nights back in their hometown of Miami. “I do a party every Tuesday in Miami called ‘Rum N’ Bass’ at Coyo Taco, and she came through and nobody cared,” says Walshy. “And she turned way up. And it was dope, loud trap music.”

Diplo confirmed that there is a particular track in mind, set for release in the near future, but that “until we have the video and the song is on iTunes, you never know.” He adds, “But of course we have stuff with her. She’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes – a lot of great producers we work with.”

There’s a good reason Camila has developed a close working relationship with the powerhouse trio: In the midst of her skyrocketing fame, she feels grounded when she’s with them. “Sometimes we just take for granted because we’re old, we’re not even famous,“ Diplo says. "When you’re young and you’re that amazing and famous like that, it’s hard to live and be normal. When we’re with her, she enjoys that time because we take her places where she can enjoy herself. We love her, her voice is amazing. We’ve done many demos.”


Eggs Benedict is a good boy.

[Warning: This post talks about Hash Brown’s accident, so if you don’t want to hear about a kitty getting hurt don’t proceed. Just know she is okay now!]

I just wanted to take a moment to praise our Eggs Benedict, because he’s partly responsible for saving Hash Brown’s life.

In essence, Hash Brown nearly impaled herself on a support rod in the closet. It was a freak accident and she made no noise when it happened, so none of us knew. She immediately went under the bed (where she often sleeps), so from our perspective we had no clue anything unusual had happened at all.

Eggs saw her and became very distressed, which he expressed by trying to get our attention. He dragged poop out of his litter box and sat next to me biting my arm over and over. This is not remotely normal for him. We thought maybe he was just being freakishly pushy about dinner, so my husband went to feed him. That’s when we found Hash Brown.

I don’t mean to inappropriately anthropomorphize him; I can’t say that he was “trying to get help.” However, he was stressed and he responded by letting us know. If he hadn’t she may well have lost too much blood.

He spent the rest of the night looking for her and going to town on his scratch pads, which he does when he’s freaked out. Little does he know he made all the difference. She’s coming home tomorrow and she’s going to be totally fine.

Good boy, Bennie.


Cuteness Overloaded #Benny | Credit here

enbynate  asked:

Gael!! Can you write a hc with Sana and her cat?

anything for you Nate 😘 (this is how I imagine the cat to look)

  • the cat actually started out as a stray that lived near the Bakkoush household
  • Sana was nine - nearly ten, she’d add if anyone asked - when she was coming home from school and saw the cat hiding under a hedge because it was injured
    • Elias told her to leave it alone, that she might scare it or it might attack her thinking she was trying to injure it further, but Sana couldn’t bear the thought of that poor nameless cat all alone and in pain
    • she filled a tupperware box with water and put together a little plate of food after using Elias’ computer to google what foods were safe for cats (she settled on some leftover chicken and some blueberries and she definitely didn’t sneak some blueberries for herself)
    • her mother caught her trying to sneak out and when Sana explained what she had to do her mother just smiled and told Elias to go with her because she was too little to be out alone (Sana and Elias had both protested that, but either they both went or no one did)
    • it took a few minutes for the cat to come out from under the hedge when Sana set down the food and water, but soon enough they limped out and lapped up some water
    • after filling its tummy the cat went over to Sana and gave her a curious sniff and Sana’s whole face lit up when the cat even let her scratch its ears
  • after that night the cat would always come out to see her when she was walking to or from school, rubbing up against her legs and letting her scratch its head
    • Sana would often bring the cat little food treats after school
  • about a year and a half after their friendship was formed the cat got pregnant and Sana rushed home and rushed to her mother all worried about this cat being out there in the harsh Norwegian winter pregnant and alone
    • it took a lot of begging and pleading and promising to work around the house to earn the money back if they could just please take that cat to the animal clinic to see if there was anything they could do
    • everyone was expecting the trip to the vets to be a nightmare, but the cat was so docile around Sana and trusted her enough to let her pick them up. Sana put them in her little basket that she’d lined with her softest blanket and the cat snuggled in without much complaint, purring the whole way to the clinic
    • the vet checked the cat over and deemed her healthy enough, but said there wasn’t really much else they could do for a stray cat. there was no collar, no microchip, no sign that there might be an owner out there looking for them
  • that was how the cat ended up coming home with the Bakkoush family (after a lot of begging from Sana and promising she would look after it)
  • the cat settled into domestic life faster than anyone had expected, but was still wary of anyone who wasn’t Sana
  • true to her word, Sana fed the cat every morning and every evening and cleaned out the litter box when the cat had chosen to use that rather than go outside and played with her furry friend
  • after a few weeks her mother suggested that maybe it was time that Sana named the cat.
    • after a lot of contemplating and staring at the cat (she wanted to be sure the name fit her cat’s look and personality okay) Sana decided to name her Benny (the vet had told them that the cat was a bengal breed and Sana thought it sounded so exotic for Norway, Benny was like a tiny cheetah)
    • when her brothers pointed out that Benny was a boys name Sana just told them cats don’t care about boy name or girls name so neither should they and besides Benny was her cat so she could name her however she pleased
    • and so it was that the Bakkoush’s welcomed their new tiny (but very pregnant) family member Benny with a personalised set of bowls that Sana bought with her own pocket money
  • the next trip to the clinic the vet praised Sana on how well she was looking after Benny and how not many people help out stray cats
  • Benny’s favourite place in the Bakkoush household was the basket with Sana’s super soft blanket. if she wasn’t wandering around the garden or playing with Sana, Benny could be found sound asleep in that basket
  • it seemed like no time at all before Benny’s kittens were coming
    • she had four tiny babies, and Sana was sure they were the tiniest most precious things she had ever seen in her whole 12 years of life
    • while Sana’s parents had allowed Benny to stay, they put their foot down and keeping the kittens. so after two months of playing and tripping over kittens in the middle of the night, they all went to their new homes
  • for her own health Benny was spayed as soon as safely possible after having her kitten, and she spent the days after that trip to the vet’s cuddled up to Sana looking very sorry for herself
  • Benny was soon back to her normal playful self though, chasing after Elias and trying to climb Jamilla’s leg and making doe eyes up at Mr Bakkoush to get him to sneak her bits of food of his plate (he was the weakest link in that regard, though he would vehemently deny it)
  • while Benny was pretty chill with all the Bakkoush’s, she loved Sana the most. if she was in the house when Sana came home she’d scurry over meowing happily and demanding affection before Sana had even managed to toe off her shoes
  • for some reason Benny doesn’t really like Elias. sometimes she’ll just sit and stare at him until he squirms and moves away. (Sana thinks it’s hilarious, but Elias has always been a little bit wary of cats)
  • Sana was sure that Benny had higher emotional intelligence than some of the people she’d met. whenever Sana was feeling unwell or sad, Benny would pad up to her and sit with her and cuddle up and purr like a chainsaw when Sana stroked her
  • Benny’s favourite sort of rub was one that went from the top of her head and down her back and right up her tail
  • Sana loved to gently jiggle Benny’s tummy, which was a little bit flabby after being spayed and having a few months being more of an indoor cat
  • Sana’s door to the garden is almost always open for Benny to go in and out, but most nights Benny sleeps stretched out along Sana’s side
  • Benny is pretty much the most pampered and loved cat in the world
  • through thick or thin, Sana loves Benny and Benny loves Sana

This is another comic book that was bought for my brother Ken, an event that was happening with greater and greater frequency.  It was an interesting experiment, doing a book like THE JOKER, especially under the constraints of the Comics Code. Given that, it’s not hard to see why it failed–the very premise of the series insures that the lead character can never really triumph or get away with anything. And that’s pretty unsatisfying issue after issue. That said, it’s borderline baffling that DC hasn’t tried it again in all the years since, as they’d have a much easier time today, and it’d be a sure-fire seller, at least at the outset.

In any event, in this series editor Julie Schwartz attempted to keep interest up by pairing the Joker up with different antagonists from across the DC line, characters whom you’d never truly seen the Clown Prince of Crime contend with before. That’s a pretty sound strategy when you get right down to it, and potentially likely to bring in the fans of those characters at least for one issue. In this installment, as indicated on the cover, the Joker would be contesting with his fellow Batman foe the Catwoman over comedian Benny Springer and his cat Hiawatha.

The Joker has his sights set on ransoming Springer and sneaks his way onto the Mammoth Motion Picture Studios lot while disguised as him, only to be cold-cocked by a script girl who is secretly the Catwoman in disguise. Catwoman makes off with the real Springer and Hiawatha, leaving the Joker behind to be discovered. Fortunately for him, his disguise holds up, but he chooses to reveal himself and makes a run for the exit.

The Joker rather absurdly gets past the security guard at the gate by posing as a cowboy. Meanwhile, realizing that the Joker has become an unwanted extraneous element in her scheme, Catwoman decides to lure him to her and take him out of the equation before moving ahead further on her own plan. The Joker is able to locate a member of Catwoman’s operation and fatally interrogates him as to the location of their headquarters.

Meanwhile, Springer manages to escape captivity, but realizes that he needs to go back in order to rescue his cat co-star. Why he doesn’t call in the authorities at this point is never addressed. Catwoman is startled by the not-unexpected appearance of the Batman, but when she tries to entrap him, he’s unmasked as the Joker–mere seconds before another Joker enters, claiming that the first one is a fraud. The two Jokers mix it up as Catwoman stands agog.

It’s a frighteningly long fight sequence as the two Jokers play trick after trick on one another. Unfortunately, from a narrative sense, the reader is let in on the truth immediately: the Joker who had been masquerading as Batman is the genuine article, the other is Springer in disguise. So while there’s some drama to the fight, all it really does is make the actual Joker look like a bit of a creampuff as he’s manhandled by a middle-aged actor. Eventually, Catwoman has had enough, puts a stop to the brawl, and releases Hiawatha, figuring that the cat will return to its master, Springer.

Except that Hiawatha is so well-trained (moreso than any other cat the Catwoman has ever seen, which seems like a stretch) that Springer is able to signal it to go to the Joker, who is zapped by the Catwoman. But her victory is short-lived as Springer springs her anti-Batman trap on her, ensnaring her as well. So both Batman foes are brought low by one film comedian–maybe Gotham needs a different sort of vigilante after all. There’s a denouement that gives the Joker a slight one-up as he had successfully spliced his own image into the master copy of Springer’s latest film, so now he’s the star of the show. But that doesn’t really take the punch out of being beaten by an actor (the second time that had happened in the two issues of THE JOKER I had read.) 

The letters page for this issue teased the next issue and a conflict between the Joker and the Justice League of America. Now that was something I wanted to read, but no tenth issue of THE JOKER ever appeared–this was the final issue of the series. And while that story had been finished before the plug was pulled, it never found its way into CANCELLED COMICS CAVALCADE or any latter-day reprints, so I’ve still never read it. But perhaps someday.

[[So many human mayors that have been transformed into animals lately… You could fill almost 2 towns with these fuffy animayors!!]]

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