Major Lazer & Camila Cabello Have Made 'Over 20 Songs' Together: Exclusive

Major Lazer are dishing some major details about their studio time with Camila Cabello.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard Dance on Tuesday, the dance supergroup divulged more about their forthcoming collaborations with the former Fifth Harmony member. The trio’s founder Diplo has teased their studio time together multiple times on Snapchat, the latest being back in January alongside Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat.

And it seems the year-long stream of social media snippets resulted in a lot of unreleased material between them.

“We made like 20 songs with Camila Cabello,” Diplo says. “We love her.”

The Grammy winner also reflected on the time Walshy Fire took the “Bad Things” singer to one of her first club nights back in their hometown of Miami. “I do a party every Tuesday in Miami called ‘Rum N’ Bass’ at Coyo Taco, and she came through and nobody cared,” says Walshy. “And she turned way up. And it was dope, loud trap music.”

Diplo confirmed that there is a particular track in mind, set for release in the near future, but that “until we have the video and the song is on iTunes, you never know.” He adds, “But of course we have stuff with her. She’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes – a lot of great producers we work with.”

There’s a good reason Camila has developed a close working relationship with the powerhouse trio: In the midst of her skyrocketing fame, she feels grounded when she’s with them. “Sometimes we just take for granted because we’re old, we’re not even famous,“ Diplo says. "When you’re young and you’re that amazing and famous like that, it’s hard to live and be normal. When we’re with her, she enjoys that time because we take her places where she can enjoy herself. We love her, her voice is amazing. We’ve done many demos.”


Eggs Benedict is a good boy.

[Warning: This post talks about Hash Brown’s accident, so if you don’t want to hear about a kitty getting hurt don’t proceed. Just know she is okay now!]

I just wanted to take a moment to praise our Eggs Benedict, because he’s partly responsible for saving Hash Brown’s life.

In essence, Hash Brown nearly impaled herself on a support rod in the closet. It was a freak accident and she made no noise when it happened, so none of us knew. She immediately went under the bed (where she often sleeps), so from our perspective we had no clue anything unusual had happened at all.

Eggs saw her and became very distressed, which he expressed by trying to get our attention. He dragged poop out of his litter box and sat next to me biting my arm over and over. This is not remotely normal for him. We thought maybe he was just being freakishly pushy about dinner, so my husband went to feed him. That’s when we found Hash Brown.

I don’t mean to inappropriately anthropomorphize him; I can’t say that he was “trying to get help.” However, he was stressed and he responded by letting us know. If he hadn’t she may well have lost too much blood.

He spent the rest of the night looking for her and going to town on his scratch pads, which he does when he’s freaked out. Little does he know he made all the difference. She’s coming home tomorrow and she’s going to be totally fine.

Good boy, Bennie.

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Ship Meme (if you still do it) Manuel/Thomas or if that's not your thing, Hömmels? x


notp / NOT REALLY / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

I ship them as a brotp.


notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies / OCCASIONALLY A TWIG GETS IN MY EYE

Who is the most affectionate? Benni. Mats is like a cat. Sometimes he squirms away from intimacy.
Big spoon/Little spoon? Mats is little spoon.
Most common argument? Only telling certain people about their relationship vs letting it just be an open secret
Favorite non-sexual activity? Table tennis. Theyre both not the best at it but it gives them gloating points
Who is most likely to carry the other? It’s not so much carry as Mats likes to lean up against Benni and just drop all his weight on him at random times.
Nicknames? The derby has heard the weirdest insults from these two.
Who worries the most? Benni is like a normal level of worry like did i lock the door or not. Mats gets up at 3 am with existential crises.
Who tops? Benni. I will not be moved from this stance bc ive suffered for years with lots of top mats fic and im still not convinced. Ive got weird mats characterization maybe.
Who initiates kisses? Mats. Though theyre not ones to PDA unless drunk or giddy from a win u kno.
Who wakes up first? Benni. Mats likes to lounge as much as possible.
Who says I love you first? Mats manages it in like the worst way. Like he’s so dramatic about it and Benni is just like yeah you too okay.

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Name: gray

Nickname: it all depends on your favorite swear

Height: 5′4

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Go-to SSBB character: pikachu, the best boy

Fictional character I’d date: dhurke sahdmadhi would treat me right

Favorite band or artist: a great big world, shawn wasabi

When did I make this blog: august, 2016. i deleted my old dusty blog that i hadn’t touched since 2013

How many blogs do I follow: 174

Do I get asks on a regular basis: on this shitty blog?? nope

Aesthetic: the woods in autumn

Favorite greeting: my favorite would probably be wHAT’S UP SLUTS but i usually stick to a casual yo

Pets: a yellow lab named sam, a black and white cat named lucy, and a black and white lionhead rabbit named benny. i love that my cat and my rabbit match

Last song I listened to: the reflex by duran duran 

Favorite TV show: stranger things

First fandom: the warrior cats fandom. may god have mercy upon my mortal soul

Hobbies: acting, playing the piano and the ukulele, making a damn fool of myself, drawing

Books I am currently reading: a collection of horror stories by h. p. lovecraft

Worst thing to have graced my taste buds: prosciutto that had pieces of cartilage and bone fragments in it from being made incorrectly- i had to eat the whole package over the course of a few weeks because it was what i ate for breakfast and my dad didn’t believe me

Favorite place: my friends’ mountain house at the wintergreen resort, the dock at camp occohannock on the eastern shore

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  • Favorite place: Montreal, QC. I absolutely LOVED the city while I was there in 2010 and it’s high time I went back. I’m a huge fan of the Rockies too… visiting Jasper and Banff were incredible (and living in Banff was pretty fun) and I’d love to visit there again. The Gulf of Thailand was also so beautiful?? The water so blue and the beaches were gorgeous, I wanna go back some day.
  • Relationship status: I am a lone wolf, *puts on sunglasses*.
  • Favorite color: I hate to steal tarysande’s colour, but teal is quite lovely. Green is also really nice.
  • Pets: Two kitties, Boots and Benny, the best cats ever.
  • Last song I listened to: 1000 Nights - Frenship
  • Favorite TV show: Farscape…….. or Star Trek. Both? Yes.
  • First fandom: I was thinking about this and I’m pretty sure it’s Star Trek, specifically Voyager. My brother and I would make comics about the dumb things on that show and post them somewhere hehe. 
  • Hobbies: Love writing, drawing, reading (or collecting books to read -o-), collecting rocks/coins/keychain critters, and playing video games. I do enjoy tinkering and such but I’m not very good at it.
  • Books that I’m currently reading: Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, Contact by Carl Sagan, Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey (redoing the Expanse series, I love it soooo much); also I love that the question is bookS cause they know I ain’t just reading one.
  • Favorite book: Too many categories of favourite:
    Sentimental Value: Lord of the Rings/Beowulf; my dad read these to me when I was an ankle biter. They mean a lot to me.
    Comfort Book: Halo: Fall of Reach/Halo: First Strike; loved these books, they’re fun and well written and I’m still a big fan of SPARTANs and the Halo universe.
    Books I’m Super Into Right Now: Leviathan Wakes (and the rest of the Expanse series); this whole series was such a breath of fresh air, shucking cliches and cheap writing in favour of a brilliant show of a possible future, interesting and plausible science, awesome respectful relationships and romance, rich characters and worldbuilding, and a respectful show of queer folk and non-typical lifestyles.
  • Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: There are these tiny bitter eggplants that Thai folk used liberally in their red and green curries. Now, I thought they were peas.

    They were not.

    And they were vile berries of pestilence and foot sweat.

Our cat Pinky recently had kittens and we’ve only discovered them yesterday! As we have two dogs in the house that don’t like cats, they are outside and well looked after in the garden and the barn. The black and white kitten is called Narvin and one of the other kittens is called Wolsey after Benny’s cat and third one still undecided. Dad wanted to name the third kitten after Miles Richardson but brother wouldn’t allow it xD

Mom Anon

@catandsomething asked:
Angry kittens turn into the sweetest little things when you manage to rub their belly. I guess it won’t be hard to do that to Benny-cat ;)

Mom Anon: now I can’t get the image of Anna asking Ben to lie down for a tummy rub out of my head. Especially his wtf face.

Anna:  Actual footage  :P