It’s snowing pretty dang heavily up here.  

Just for funsies, I wanted to see what the kitties would do with snow.  Our front porch is pretty safe for letting them out to explore a bit of weather. (I let them sniff around during rain storms sometimes without incident.)

So I figured, let’s see what the boys do, since they’ve never had a chance to experience snow.  I grab Butters first because he’s got the giant furry paws, and place him in the maybe 2 inches of snow right outside the door.  He looks at it a little funny, takes a few steps, then turns and heads back inside.  Not impressed, but not upset.

Then I go to grab Benny and do the same.  He freaks the fuck out.  Rather than darting back inside, he runs across the porch, jumps up onto the wall, and then starts running into the backyard.

I start swearing and cram on my hiking boots and run out the back door because I don’t want to have to chase him up into the woods.  Luckily he jumped down into a weird pit thing that’s next to the house and cornered himself there, just screaming his head off, so I was able to pick him up without a chase.

So, snow is a no go.  Lesson learned.

But here, have some polydactyl kitty prints.

anonymous asked:

Aww, that scene with Sans growling feebly while Grillby applied medicine to his head reminded me of my sister's dog! He's a rescue, and he will often do that, even when he knows we're just trying to help. The last incident where he ran through a field of burs was pretty much that moment right there <3

All the animals i’ve ever cared for did not like having medicine given XD It’s like, they are telling you how much they hate it, but they aren’t going to bite you over it. My cat Benny used to growl up a storm at the vet’s office, but never bit or scratched anyone,

Pretty much it’s vocal complaining and it’s an outlet for stress!