Ohmygosh. Soooooo I wanted to draw something ridiculous and cute for my boyfriend, so I drew him this. His favorite character from The Lego Movie is Benny. I like drawing stupid-cute stuff, and kitties— so I drew him a BennyKitty :3 BENNYKITTEH LIKES SPACESHIPS! :D

Don’t judge me lol :)

part one | part two

His life had turned into The Twilight Zone. 

He was a witch. A real, bonafide witch - the kind that sacrificed rabbits and called upon nature to make the magic flow. Benny Lafitte (who only fifteen minutes prior had been simply a bar owner) was his teacher. He had an annoying, albeit cute, cat Familiar going by the name, Castiel. 

“Are you okay, Dean?” Castiel asked, his head tilting to the side in concern. Benny had set them down in a booth to talk and relax… to allow Dean a moment to let this wrap around his head. “Because, if you’re not, I can maybe get you some coffee or hot chocolate… because, you know, alcohol is so bad for you… and since I’ve been watching you lately, I’m a tad concerned over your drinking habits, I think I can help you break the hab-." 

He slammed his fist down on the table, making the glass of water sitting there rattle. "I don't want your help,” he snarled. “I don’t want your help. I don’t want you. I don’t want any of this. I want to go back to my life! The way it was before you showed up!" 

Dean glared at Castiel, his green eyes daring the damn Familiar to challenge him. He was met with blue eyes full of hurt; it was worse than Sam’s puppy eyes. It was the puppy eyes on steroids but he wasn’t about to back down. Not now. 

"I’m just trying to help you,” Castiel said. 

“And I said that I don't want your help. Don’t make me say it again, you damn feline.” He pushed the water away from him; he didn’t want water, he needed six shots of whiskey and an aspirin. 

Castiel slumped in his seat. Dean could practically see his metaphorical ears and whiskers drooping. “I apologize, Dean." 

"Good. If you hadn’t picked me, none of this would have happened, and we’d both be a hell of a lot happier.” Dean glanced over at Benny; he was v with a customer but once that was over, the bigger man was making his way to their booth. 

“What’d you say to him now Dean?” Benny asked when he saw Cas slumped over like Dean had let the air out of him. 

“I told I didn’t want his help or him, I don’t want this-." 

"Dean!” Benny gasped, sinking down next to Castiel immediately. He wrapped an arm around Castiel, petting his dark hair, and speaking quietly into his ear. 

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part one

By morning Dean felt fairly convinced that he dreamt up the entire ‘Yer a wizard, Dean Winchester’ scenario. No sign of a cat and the sun was making his eyes want to bleed. He was hungover. 

“Jesus,” he muttered to the emptiness before slowly sitting up. October 25th at ten in the morning. It was too early for him still but at least he did not have to go into work until one today. He almost flopped back onto the bed but forced himself to get up and go to the door. 

When he opened it that was when he heard tell tale signs of someone being in the house. He stiffened and tiptoed down the hallway. Maybe Sam had let himself in again; sometimes that happened when Sam felt like popping in to make sure his older brother was indeed taking care of himself. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted back to his nose and he almost melted. Fucking Sam had probably come over to make him breakfast, which was nice but a bit creepy. Even for Sam. 

“Sam, I can make my own- Who the hell are you?”

There was a brunette - naked - man in his kitchen. His hair was sex tousled, and when he turned, Dean could see his eyes were an eerily familiar blue. He had an angular face and the body of a Greek god. “Hello,” he greeted in a deep, admittedly overly sexy, voice. 

“Who are you and why are you in my house?” he demanded, ready to spring for a knife but that would mean crossing paths with Naked Guy. “And why are you naked? Haven’t you heard of a washing machine, asshole?" 

The man looked sad, as if Dean had offended him. "Don’t you recognize me Dean? It’s Castiel." 


"Your Familiar. I’m in my true form right now. I figured you would want a more solid explanation." 

Dean gawked. He hadn’t been dreaming. "I wasn’t… I wasn’t dreaming last night?" 

"Well, I can’t be certain of that, I’m not exactly in your head-." 

"About you! You’re real. This is really happening.” Dean wandered over to the wall and began to lightly knock his forehead against it. “Wake up, wake up, wake up." 

"Dean! Please.” Castiel walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder, which Dean quickly maneuvered away from. “Please." 

"You’re a demon cat and now you’re a naked guy-." 

"Well, I don’t exactly have clothes at the moment but I can get some…” Castiel said slowly. “Oh, I don’t want to burn your eggs." 

Dean watched as Castiel walked over to finish cooking the breakfast on the stove, his head swimming, and heart racing. What the hell was happening? Witches weren't real. That was just some bullshit he had learned in ghost stories on Halloween (or some fucked up shit he saw on that crime channel he liked so much). 

"This can’t be real,” he whispered. 

“Oh, I assure you, it can.” Castiel plated up his food and placed it on the table, slowly sitting in a chair, looking adorably expectant. “I’m quite a good cook I’ve heard, please, sit, eat. I’ll explain everything. I swear." 

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