bennie siegel


Happy Birthday Benny Siegel

February 28th, 1906

“I had to run like hell for about ten blocks, carrying two bags full of small change, before the guy chasing us ran out of breath and quit. It might have been better if they’d caught me because after that I was game for anything”


ABOVE ALL REMEMBER THIS: that magic belongs as much to the heart as to the head and everything which is done, should be done from love or joy or righteous anger.

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Famous mobsters' signs
  • Aries: Joe Gallo, Vincent Gigante, Vincent Mangano, "Crazy Phil" Leonetti
  • Taurus: Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo, Tony Spilotro
  • Gemini: Henry Hill, Sam Giancana, Angelo Bruno
  • Cancer: Jimmy "The Gent" Burke, Meyer Lansky, Jack "Legs" Diamond, Paul Vario, Dean O'Banion, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll
  • Leo: Salvatore Maranzano, Dutch Schultz, "Big Paul" Castellano, "Longie" Zwillman, Bugs Moran, Carmine Persico
  • Virgo: Mickey Cohen, Carlo Gambino, Roy DeMeo, Joe Valachi
  • Libra: Albert Anastasia, Joe Profaci, Stefano Maggadino
  • Scorpio: John Gotti, Santo Trafficante Jr.
  • Sagittarius: Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis, Joe Colombo, Tommy Lucchese, Owney Madden
  • Capricorn: Arnold Rothstein, Joe Massaria, Al Capone, Joe Bonanno, "Big Joey" Massino
  • Aquarius: Frank Costello, Johnny Torrio, Frank Nitti, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Nucky Johnson, Tony Corallo, John Franzese
  • Pisces: Benny "Bugsy" Siegel, Carmine Galante, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Neil Dellacroce, Vito Rizzuto, "Little Nicky" Scarfo

Fallout Week 2014, Day 2-  Favorite Pairing/Relationship

Benny x Courier Six

Hello children, it’s time for a history lesson. 

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was a mobster who helped build Vegas, particularly the Flamingo, which still stands today.  Though he was described as being a charming lady’s man, he had a criminal record a mile long, including armed robbery, murder, and rape dating back to his teen years.  He started his career in New York, where he was invested in the nightlife and flaunted his money.  He later navigated to Vegas, where he took control of the Flamingo hotel and casino.

Now look at that gaudy coat.  Remind you of anybody?  Yep, Bugsy inspired New Vegas’ Benny Gecko, the charming Chairman who introduces himself by shooting the leading character in the face. 

But it doesn’t end there.

Not much is known about Virginia Hill, other than her romance with Bugsy.  She ran away from home at seventeen, took a job at the Chicago World’s Fair, and took an entry into organized crime. Her job?
Courier.  She’d personally deliver messages between mobs. 

Who knows how they met, though he probably didn’t shoot her like Benny did.  

So there you have it, the real life Benny and Courier.  


Gangsters in Pop Culture - Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel

  • “The Godfather” (1972) / Moe Greene- Alex Rocco
  • “Bugsy” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Warren Beatty
  • “Mobsters” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Richard Grieco
  • “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010) / Benny- Matthew Perry
  • “Mob City” (2014) / Ben Siegel- Edward Burns
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2010-2014) / Benny Siegel- Michael Zegen

Born February 28, 1906, Benjamin Siegel began life in the poor Lower East Side on Manhattan. Sometime in his early childhood, he joined up with friends and fellow mobsters, Meyer Lansky, Charlie Luciano, and Frank Costello to help establish the Syndicate mob of New York City. In his 20′s, he along with Red Levine, Lepke Buchalter, and Albert Anastasia founded Murder Inc, the infamous contract-killer gang operating all over the nation as the Syndicate grew. After establishing his own presence in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Siegel began his dream of building up the emerging gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada with the construction of the first luxury resort and casino on the Strip, the Pink Flamingo. He was murdered June 20, 1947 in Beverly Hills after the mob could no longer wait for him to pay back his debts for the Flamingo’s construction.