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The Top 5 Jens Lekman Non-Album Collaborations

I am not, by nature, the kind of person who likes to argue about someone’s opinion. But, back against a wall at a party, I would vehemently defend the rankings of the following list.  (Now all we need to do is throw the kind of party where Jens Lekman’s non-album collaborations are discussed in detail. Any takers? I’ll bring the hummus and pita chips.)

5. Benni Hemm Hemm: “Aldrei”’

“Aldrei” is a minimal track. It’s all about the heavenly harmonies created by the sound of two voices combining. (Oh you’re so ethereal Iceland/Jens.) 


4. The Concretes: “On the Radio”

Jens contributed barely-there vocals on The Concretes’ 2006 single, “On the Radio.” (He’s also listed as an ”Honorary Concrete” in the liner notes) So chances are that this barely counts as a collaboration. But it’s notable for two reasons:

1. It’s just a straight up well-written soft pop song that Jens had a (small) hand in.

2. I enjoy finding proof that people actually enjoy their job. One imagines that his time in the studio was more about hanging out with pals than money. 


3. New Buffalo: “Inside (The Corrections)”

Sally Seltmann (a.k.a. New Buffalo) sings with a fragile alto, leaving Jens’ baritone croon to carry the weight of this horn and percussion-based track. The two play well together—conjuring a late night, “one glass of red wine too many” vibe with a barely- concealed sense of melancholy. 


2. Montt Mardie: “Castle in The Sky”

If you love Jens (since you’re stuck with me this far, I can only assume that you do), you should check out fellow Swedish singer/songwriter/hopeless romantic Montt Mardie. His 2007 duet with Jens could have easily slotted into When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog. Two young boys, one young girl, a love triangle. Heartache knows no age. 


1. Tracey Thorn: “Yeah! Oh Yeah!”

“Do I drive you up the wall?/Do you dread every phone call?/Can you not stand me at all?” Tracey Thorn +Jens Lekman + The Magnetic Fields = romantic/pessimistic pay dirt.


Benni Hemm Hemm - Retaliate


Pido un minuto de su atención…

Quisiera dedicar un Post a mis queridos audífonos, los cuales están en las últimas…
Por eso, quisiera recordar algunas cosas que he pasado con ellos:

Las 10 canciones más escuchadas con los audífonos:

- Crystalline - Crystalline Single Version - Björk (119 reprod.)

- Aurora - Vespertine - Björk (69 reprod.)

- Sacrifice - Biophilia - Björk (68 reprod.)

- Beygja og Beygja - Benni Hemm Hemm - Benni Hemm Hemm (65 reprod.)

- Nothings - Summer Echoes - Sing Fang (62 reprod.)

- Virus - Virus Single Version - Björk (56 reprod.)

- I was Playing Drums - Magic Chairs - Efterklang (56 reprod.)

- Frosti - Vespertine - Björk (55 reprod.)

- Hidden Place - Vespertine - Björk (52 reprod.)

- Mutual Core - Biophilia - Björk (50 reprod.)
  (Recuento hecho el 29/05/12.)

Otro punto a destacar son la cantidad de canciones que escuche con estos audífonos… Son alrededor de 5071 reproducciones (aprox.).


Espero poder encontrar unos audífonos como estos… o simplemente poder repararlos…


Artist: Benni Hemm Hemm
Song: Retaliate
Album: Retaliate

I always like Benni Hemm Hemm’s pretty, quiet songs. They make me want to sit on a porch with coffee and watch the day go by.


Benni Hemm Hemm/Retaliate

“Walk along the river under trees
If you don’t make a sound in the dark
No one will hear and no one will see
Hold on and push the boat
Please be a part of this”

Representando a Islandia, viene Benni Hemm Hemm, con su sonido puro, absolutemente islandes (aunque hoy esta en Escocia UK), como nos ha acostumbrado Sigur Ros por ejemplo. La musica de su fundador y artista principal, y en su comienzo, tambien productor, Benedikt H. Hermannsson, es melancolica, pero no triste. Nos podemos relajar escuchando “Retaliate”, una canción que nos hace sentir el frio viento de la isla, y el paisaje de pampa y hielo. La banda nace en 2003, lanzando el EP “Summer Plate” solo en Islandia, luego en 2005 lanza el album “Benni Hemm Hemm”, esta vez en Islandia y Japon. Con 26 años, el artista deambula por la escena indie europea. Esperemos algun dia recibir en Chile a toda una delegacion de islandeses con sus guitarras acusticas y pianos. El video ilustrado y animado, acorde al estilo musical, simple, de colores frios, que no busca efectismos. Video hecho por Michael Kirkham y Vivien McDermid.


Sometimes I am bored and dull, and then I remember “the video”. You know da one. Bit disturbing red-stained pineapple craving, hahaha.


Had completely forgotten about Benni Hemm Hemm.


Yes, they do.