benni hennessey

“I did wonder too, as Enya told me all about her worries, something she did often. Cats make excellent listeners and so my humans liked to spill all their sorrows to me. War was something so absolutely human - cats may fight too, but we got our shit together again fast too. Was there really a world war coming for us? And what would that entail? Hm….

I pondered on the question, while I watched Enya and her friend Benni playing video games and having fun together. Would their fun soon be cruelly stopped by reality?”



He’s such a little cutie, Benni. I can’t believe my little brother made him! You know, I’m really glad you brought him.

I didn’t really have a choice, my kid had to stay after school. And for the record, he gets handsomeness from my daughter’s side.

Well how can you be so sure!? My side makes cute kids too. Maybe one day one of my sisters will have a baby and we can compare.

Well what about Clement-

-interupts- NO! Shhhh. No. Don’t say that name…