I found this rather wonderful build tutorial/guide on the Minecraft reddit the other day. It shows a pretty cool way to approach building on multiple levels on uneven terrain. I will have to try it on the server when Burnt finally gets back to me and gives me the IP again (updated to Windows 8 and did not save it anywhere, silly me :D)

Link to the imgur album :)


Still starting out on my main world so I thought I would quickly finish off this house, enjoy :)

Update 24th May 2012: Urm. Well. Apparently this post which was queued for publishing 3 days ago didn’t. Soooo here you go. A bit later than expected. I’m still getting all of my mods and stuff working for my main world and just getting started out wit all the boring start-game mining and stuff. I’m starting to build more complicated things though so expect some posts soon :)


I started messing around in a new single player and after a few mining trips and some building this is where I am up to. I am planning to change the rear dirt wall into hardened clay once I manage to mine some, I shall have to go spelunking in some of the ponds around my home tree. 

The new main menu that I have installed at the moment is one that is in development and can be found only on reddit at the moment I believe, the thread for that can be found here. It is currently in pretty heavy development and so is pretty buggy but it is manageable (plus it looks quite pretty!)

Just found this amazing IOS 7 UI design concept for OSX whilst catching up on my RSS feeds. I personally think it looks sleek, modern and eye catching. But most importantly of all is incredibly simple to use, which in my opinion is one of the most important features of a UI. 

(Click on the image to see more from this designer)

But that’s my opinion, what are your thoughts and feelings about it?

I’m just starting out on a new world, it’s going to be more industrialised than my last one; basically I’ve installed the Lasers Mod and Portal Gun to my list of installed mods, there will probably more added soon - I’m looking into rail mods like Railcraft and Steve’s Carts. 

If you have any suggestions for me like mods, maps, let’s plays or anything like that please let me know because I would like to do something that my readers would like to well, read about :D

I will get around to posting some more when this new world is properly up and running, which will probably be a few days because I just don’t have the motivation to play Minecraft at the moment and I also should be doing revision and homework as I have a batch of exams coming up soon. Science and Maths if you are wondering :)

Decided it was time to upgrade my Windows 7 to 64Bit. I checked and I’m pretty certain that my good old box is able to run it. It’s been upgraded a few times. Apparently just running 64Bit Java speeds up Minecraft a bit, it may also remove the problem I’ve had in the past of not being able to put another stick of RAM in my computer, I hope so anyways :)

It’s currently installing (Expanding Windows Files (67%)), I’m just hoping it works as my old Windows installation has been wiped (I’ve backed everything up though)

I’ll get back on Tumblr with another post (hopefully stating it worked, hopefully) But until then … Keep Crafting! :D

So I was watching some of Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlights and noticed a little beauty of a mod called ‘TerraFirmaCraft’. It is pretty much ‘Survival mode as it should have been’ as it says on the site. From what I’ve heard that is a pretty good way of describing it. The mod is a complete overhaul of Minecraft, even the old Minecraft traditions - ‘punching some wood’ is changed. You have to make a tool to do that. And to do that you need to get sticks. Sounds hard already? It is. That’s the point. 

The only downside is that the mod is still in beta development. As much as I want to play it I think I may have to wait. From what I’ve read on the forums it is stable, but changing massively from update to update. By this I mean changes with the terrain generation and such. A.K.A changes you have to make a new world to get. Not good. 

I’m gona keep tabs on the development of the mod and when it is more developed I will probably start a new world using it. But you’re (and I am) going to have to wait for that. I don’t have a clue how long but I hope soon. I’ve not had a proper challenge in Minecraft for a long time and I think it’s about time that changed.