Still starting out on my main world so I thought I would quickly finish off this house, enjoy :)

Update 24th May 2012: Urm. Well. Apparently this post which was queued for publishing 3 days ago didn’t. Soooo here you go. A bit later than expected. I’m still getting all of my mods and stuff working for my main world and just getting started out wit all the boring start-game mining and stuff. I’m starting to build more complicated things though so expect some posts soon :)


Digging my mineshaft, keeping my self to myself then… FUUUU Ravine. Balls. Well, this calls for a bridge.

*15 minutes and about 3 trips back to my house later* Finally, that took much more effort than needed. Off to bed.

God damn it creeper, since when can you see me through walls? Perve. 

*Wakes up* What a glorious da-HOLY SHIT. Urm. Guess thats while their called creepers? :D

(Think most of my posts from now on are gona be little picture posts like this one, they will also be annotated (the pictures that is) cause it looks cool :) Let me know what you think and whether you like these picture posts or the old ‘more writing posts’ better. (Please say these cause they are easier to put together :D))


I realized earlier when I got the last post ready that I still have loads of random pictures left from my old world. So the next week or so will just be them. After that I will go back to uploading stuff of my current world. I might also keep them as draft copies for when I have no new content to upload and want to keep the stream of posts from drying up for too long (like the other week) So I hope you enjoy them :D