bennett x caroline

Bonnie Bennett deserves so much Fucking better

On a more serious note,I think that the treatment of Bonnie’s character on the show is getting completely out of hand. Yes, we know she’s not a real person but the many of us who admire and relate to her are definitely VERY real. I am one of these people. I can relate to her being the quieter of the friend group despite not being a quiet person. I relate to her being overlooked because of bigger,louder personalities. I relate and admire her defensiveness,her goofy personality,her optimism,her determination and her loyalty. Bonnie has been made out to be the “not as pretty friend” of her friend group despite that not even remotely being the case (I mean have you seen Kat Graham? Stunning!) Caroline and Elena were and are fawned over constantly. Even Enzo, Bonnie’s one true love, liked Caroline first. And now the show,who have done this to Bonnie, are not only aware of it but are actually making jokes about it. “Bonnie literally always the bridesmaid” It’s not funny. Its sad. It’s unfair and it’s heartbreaking. For all the people like myself who are watching and have been watching for almost eight years now it’s heartbreaking.

Imagine- Having rough sex with Elijah and he tells you to call him daddy.

You whimpered in pleasure as you watched Elijah go down on you. His tongue licked at your folds while his Thumb played with your clit. “Gods Elijah!” You squeaked loudly as he hummed. He quickened his face drawing you closer to your orgasm. You grinded your hips into his face arching your back. Felling that all to familiar knot in your belly trying to squirm away you moaned loudly. Elijah help your hips down and went faster. “Oh! Elijah! I-I’m going to cum!” You yelled out only causing Elijah to go faster if that was even possible. “Elijah! Elijah!” You yelled Cumming all over Elijah’s face. You panted as he gave you one finally lick and he crawled over you trailing kisses over your stomach. “That was beautiful.” Elijah praised. You only turned red “Now since your have been a good girl You’ll get rewarded.” Without any warning he thrust into you and didn’t stop. His thrust hard bring you closer to your orgasm. You moaned his name and when he went even faster you scream his name. “Baby call me daddy.” He whispered in his ear slamming into you. You clawed his back and could feel yourself start to cum again. “Daddy! Can I cum?” You asked no you screamed loudly. “No!” He grunted back he could tell you were close when your walls clenched around his cock. This caused him to start to cum" okay baby cum.“ He told you “Daddy! Daddy!” You yelled cumming on his cock he thrust faster and spilled his seed into you. Both panting he rolled off of you to cuddle.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Masterlist

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Damon x Reader

Hello lovely people! So as you know I have written some imagines on Wattpad, but I decided to move them over to this blog. This one is really simple but I hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy the ones I do plan on posting. My laptop has been broken forever so I’m trying to get a new one. Please bear with me! But Request away! xoxo ___________________________________________

Nothing. I felt absolutely nothing. I mean it was cold outside, and it was dark but who cares? It felt great. No emotions clouding my judgement, no guilt for killing a person, just absolutely nothing.

Bright lights interrupted my satisfied thoughts of turning my humanity off. Dinner was here. Or maybe a late night snack. Who knows because I have no idea how many bodies I left behind.
I’m surprised I lost count cause I thought the Salvatore brothers would’ve caught up with me by now. They were so annoying and wouldn’t shut up about flipping my switch back on. But forgetting about the brothers, I heard the opening of a car door, the click of a woman’s heels, and then her annoying little voice. “Oh my gosh are you hurt?” she cried. I could hear her heartbeat racing at 100 miles per hour. The chick was nervous, yet I kept still and silent. Her voice rang out again, “Um stay there…?” A loss of words. “I’ll just um call for help!” She squeaked nervously before the sounds of her heels clicked back to her car.

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In the end of TVDS8
  • Elena: might be coming back
  • Stefan: paying for his stupidity (his story 1x01)
  • Damon: enjoying himself like good old Damon
  • Caroline: on her way to New Orleans
  • Bonenzo: happily ever..until death

Caroline: I’ve been a terrible friend. Look, I know that I’ve been distracted, but I am here for you always, no matter what else happens in my life. I am here for you whatever you need, even if it’s just to rage at me and scream at me.

Bonnie: None of this is your fault.

Caroline: Except I was so caught up in my own drama, I didn’t even realize what this was doing to you. I swear to you, we are going to save Enzo together, and then, we are going to go back to our normal, crazy, mutually-awesome lives.

A Little Help Please

Stefan x Reader
Requested! (@shirleyleylove) I hope you like it!!
So I’m going to try writing in third person. I want to experiment with this a little so I really hope everyone does like it!

“Call her,” Damon said to his brother in a serious tone locking his eyes on a panicked Stefan. Silas had slaughtered have the town of Mystic Falls including the mayor causing the Mikaelson’s and Salvatore’s to team up. With Bonnie on the other side, they didn’t have a witch. Silas had disappeared into thin air that day after a brutal battle. He had Tessa, his former lover and the most powerful witch, on his side, and together, they seemed unstoppable. However, they had one thing Silas and Tessa didn’t. Their friend Y/N, who wanted to stay out of the whole supernatural thing, was a banshee. She had discovered the mass murder in the town square, her voice shattering half the windows in Mystic Falls. After the incident, she was too scared she would hurt her friends. So, Y/N decided it would be best to lay low.

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Imagine you’re Jeremy and Elena’s little sister and you have a crush on Damon, who is dating Elena.

You loved your siblings, despite the fact you lived a dysfunctional life. I mean your older sister, Elena was a vampire. Your older brother Jeremy was a vampire hunter. You were just you, nothing extraordinary about you, besides the fact you always seemed to fall for all the wrong people. For example, your sisters boyfriend, Damon Salvatore.

He was gorgeous, black hair, blue eyes, funny. He is also a vampire. He was overall amazing and every time you were around him, you felt, lighter. You felt alive. You didn’t feel like you had everyone depending on you. You could be yourself. You didn’t dare utter a word of this to anyone. Not even Jeremy. No one needed to know, but you.

Damon always said hi to you, even in his worst moods. He talked to you about everything. You were close and you loved every single minute you spent with him. It was wrong of you to like him and you did feel guilty about it, but at the same time, you didn’t. It’s not like you were gonna steal him away from Elena.

So stydia has been cannon for 3 weeks & kai is back on the vampire diaries ...I honestly feel like I need to be sedated I just can't handle being so happy.

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2 types of shows I watch.
  • <p> <b>Beautiful cinnamon roll shows:</b> Good writing, characters are treated well, diverse cast, ships are in tact, I watch because I genuinely love.<p/><b>Trash bag, garbage, oil spill shows:</b> Bad writing; characters ooc and treated like shit (especially poc and women); not very diverse; ships are a mess; only watching because I'm in too deep and if I don't find out what happens at the end I will literally go mad.<p/></p>