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My friend @magicalpostface has a nervotic breakdown because OWEN LOVES AMELIA, so this is for you, and all the others. I would also like to thank @dino-thoughts-opinion for being a sweet human being, and @owelia-omelia because she is a french goddess.

Be prepared for feels. Don’t tell me I have not warned you. It became massive.

22 weeks
“Owen, this house… It is Fantastic. I love it!”
Both Amelia and Owen had taken the day off in the hospital, so they could go hunting potential houses. They had found something almost as big as Meredith her house.
”There are three bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom, and one study, remaining from the previous owner of the house. Of course, it is up to you what the actual purpose of the room is going to be, but I think the both of you will like it.”
The estate agent took them through the entire house, and Owen could see Amelia adored it. There was a kitchen, a living room and dining room, and the place even had a weird, open room with view on the garden, what had apparently been used by the previous owner as a place to practice with his band. When the estate agent was done with his tour, he kept talking with Owen for a while, while Amelia looked through the window.
The house had a small drive lane for at least two cars, and all houses in the neighbourhood seemed very nice.
Unconsciously, she stroked her hands accros her small baby bump, and she could feel how her little girl responded, by kicking her mother. It made Amelia smile, even while she was happy and terrified both at the same moment.
She was scared to death she would be a horrible mother. There was this scratching feeling inside of her, that made her feel terrified about the possibility of losing the baby, that she would start using again, that Owen would leave her, or that she would mess it all up, like hurricane Amelia. 
When she dropped that thought… She could see Owen and herself, walking to the front door with the hand of their daughter in theirs, or how their daughter would play with possible little brothers or sisters, and how they would enjoy nice family moments in this house.
This house… She loved it. It was like a friggin billboard with “Amelia Shepherd her new place” on it.
”Hey babe… You looked like you were some place else.”
She felt Owen’s arm around her waist, and a small smile spread on her face.
”I just… I was picturing the three of us here, in this house. It felt like a dream.”
”It might not,” Owen replied. “The place is just reaching our budget. We could take it, if you want to. The estate agent said we could move in within a week, if we like to. The owner is planning on moving out this friday.”
The smile on Amelia her face turned into a grin, and when Owen saw her eyes started to sparkle, he knew their thoughts had been one and the same. He loved the place as well, and he didn’t know about Amelia, but he could really picture a life here with the two of them, and their unborn daughter.
”So I guess we were both thinking the same thing then,” Owen said. Amelia giggled, and kissed her fiancée. 
”I’ll go tell the man we have a deal, wait here.”
Owen made the appointment with the estate agent to sign the contracts on thursday, and a few minutes later, Amelia and Owen walked to their car, their hands enstrangled in each other.
”Can we get some chinese take-away before we head home?” She asked. “I feel like I really need some noodles.”
”Yesterday we had noodles, and the day before that,” Owen said. 
”So? I’m pregnant, be happy you didn’t had to encounter my morning sickness.”
”I still don’t understand how you managed to hide that from me anyway,” Owen asked when they got into the car. Amelia grinned, and put her seatbelt on.
”Last time I didn’t even realise I was pregnant until I was twenty weeks along, so- Oh.”
”What? What is it?” Owen asked. They had not driven away yet, so he turned the engine off again.
”Give me your hand.”
”Don’t be so stubborn.”
Amelia grabbed Owen his right hand, and placed it on her expanding abdomen. Amelia started to smile, but when he felt it, his smile became a grin.
”She… She’s kicking.”
”I know, right? It’s like kickboxing, but you can notice it now when you put your hand on my abdomen.”
Owen leaned from his side of the car to Amelia, to kiss her on her cheek.
”I love you. Both of you.”
”Let’s see if you’re still saying that when we’re going to fight about baby names,” Amelia grinned.

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